Hayes Will Play Sunday, McCoy Needs Surgery

December 13th, 2010

Speaking at his noon news conference, Raheem Morris was asked whether Geno Hayes will play Sunday against the Lions.

Raheem answered affirmatively and said Hayes “will be here.” And Raheem said the Bucs will handle his arrest by waiting for a league response and investigate internally and subsequently respond.

Right now on the Bucs it seems that pushing a cop and acting like an idiot in public is not as serious as driving around with a bag of weed and something used to smoke it.

Raheem also said Gerald McCoy and his torn left bicep will need surgery.

The head coach heavily praised Michael Bennett’s second half work at defensive tackle handling the Redskins’ zone blocking, as Bennett picked up a lot of reps in McCoy’s absence.

12 Responses to “Hayes Will Play Sunday, McCoy Needs Surgery”

  1. gitarlvr Says:

    Maybe we should reserve judgement on this one. From the few facts that are out it seems to me that the police may have escalated this into something more than it had to be. I know there are plenty of cops who honestly desire to “protect and serve” but there are also quite a few that are nothing but wannabe nazi gestapo thugs who only become police officers because they have severe personality disorders wherein they get off by screwing with people and lording their authority over the public. Im not going to throw Geno under the bus until more facts come out on this one. It could be that Geno Hayes is a psychotic drunk or it could just as easily turn out to be a case of excessive force by the police department.

  2. TrueBlue Says:

    And it could be that Hayes needs to use his head for something other than a battering ram. There is too much at stake for his team, his fans and his community not to be cognizant of possible trouble when out on the town. He should have been prepared to deal with this in a way that wouldn’t put him in the spotlight.

  3. Buc You Says:

    rather than blaming the police for excessive force, how about finding Geno guilty for excessive stupidity?

  4. jvato24 Says:

    This is not good … Was reading a torn Bicep recovery message board and the majority of people say it takes 1 year to recover .. Even after 6 months when they can start lifting it is Much Much weaker than the other arm and painful ..

    Just a guess but Gerald McCoy will probably be very limited in any upper body workouts and even lower body workouts until atleast the regular season starts

  5. BucsFanNearSacTown Says:

    So much for him adding any upper body strength during the off season. Hmmm…how many torn tricep injuries has Faine had since he has been in the NFL? New term for a torn tricep…Faineitis. Of course it might be shortlived along with Faine most likely playing his last down with the Bucs. To expensive liability in my mind.

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How about we just wait and reserve judgement until all the details are out and the case is resolved. None of us know what really happened, so just let it play out. I know Buc You is on a crusade to crush anything and everything Buccaneer (and he may very well be right on this one), but we really don’t know anything yet. That’s all gitarlvr is saying, so don’t get your panties in a wad Buc You.

    Buc You is guilty of being an excessive jackass. The fact that you call our team “animals” puts you forever in that category. You should really think about saying things like that before you do it. I’m sure guys like Earnest Graham, Cadillac Williams, Josh Freeman, Ronde Barber, Sammie Stroughter, ,etc. would really appreciate you calling them an animal. You have stooped to a new low, even for you.

  7. jaytek74 Says:

    Joe said it best below

    “Right now on the Bucs it seems that pushing a cop and acting like an idiot in public is not as serious as driving around with a bag of weed and something used to smoke it.”

    I imagine it is not just within the Bucs but in our society. Assault, robbery etc is ok but get caught with some pot and you are gonna get locked up and have the key thrown away. So just so I understand, it is criminal to smoke a bowl and become a little complacent and or hungry, Oh but go ahead and legally buy a 1 Liter bottle of alcohol and drink it and see what that does to your attitude and possibly your life. I will never understand our laws. Yes in my life I have been stoned and drunk and laws aside, alcohol is far worse and more dangerous but I am glad our lawmakers have our safety as their first priority.

  8. gitarlvr Says:

    Like I said, the fact that Geno allegedly “pushed” a cop but is only charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct doesn’t jive. All im saying is that from the few facts that are out on this case it doesn’t seem to all add up neatly.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Exactly gitarlvr. It is so amazing to me that people are so quick to judge others before they know the real details of the situation. Trust me, if you assault an officer, it will not be a misdemeanor. He may well have been 100% wrong, but by the same token he may not have been. I am almost positive,however, that there is more to the story than any of us know. How would you feel if we suspended Geno Hayes, lose the game, miss out on the playoffs, and then we find out he was innnocent?

  10. McBuc Says:

    Jaytec…Lobiest…The alcohal industry does not want competition, so once again special interest groups make the laws so they can make more money.

  11. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Man, this is SO simple. When much is at stake, (including your job and the playoff hopes of dozens of other employees, teammates and fans):


    Right/Wrong? Drunk/Sober? Pushed a cop/Didn’t push a cop?

    Does not matter if you WERE NEVER THERE.

  12. McBuc Says:

    True Smitty…so true…