Earnest Graham Out For Sunday

December 29th, 2010

The Bucs won’t be in good hands Sunday with “Insurance Graham,” as Raheem Morris nicknamed the Bucs’ starting fullback before the 2010 season kicked off.

Earnest Graham is injured and is won’t play in New Orleans, said Mark Dominik speaking tonight on WDAE-AM 620. Graham wore a neck brace in street clothes at practice today.

Graham finished the season playing 12 games (not the best insurance) with 20 rushes for 99 yards and one touchdown. He caught 16 balls for 130 yards and a TD.

Of course, Joe’s hoping for a playoff miracle, but it seems Graham is done for the season.

Joe expects Graham to return next season. Although he’s missed 13 games over the past three seasons, Graham’s versatility makes him too valuable to toss away.

15 Responses to “Earnest Graham Out For Sunday”

  1. Dew Says:

    I really don’t think he will be back next year. But I love the guy.

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    If he’s gonna be out, why don’t they put him on IR and bring up a guy like Rendrick Taylor? I guess they’re still considering the possibility of the playoffs, which they do have an outside chance at, but with Graham wearing a neck brace I don’t think he’d be back even if we did play in the wild card round. Just figuring it might be time for the “next guy up”.

  3. Brad Says:

    Why does every injury we have become season ending. Other teams get players banged up and come back at some point. Something doesn’t seem right. I guess it be that our guys are playing as hard as they can on every play but someone needs to look at our training program. I dont think I’ve ever seen such a string of injuries resulting in IR.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Yeah, really the injuries are getting ridiculous. This has been going on for years! Why can’t our players stay healthy?

    I agree with Brad. The training program needs to be looked at closely. This was always happening through the Gruden era and now it’s going on through the Raheem era.

  5. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    The season is over it’s not like there are ten games left unless some sort of miracle happens this sunday this is the last game the Buccaneers play this year. A great showing to say the least tons of players hit the I.R. list and those who replced them from Cody Grim to Preston Parket gave it all they had and were productive. How can you train a guy to prevent a broken ankle when a three hundred pound man falls on your anke it tends to break regardlass of the training if you take a direct hit to your knee more than likely your end up with an injured knee. So as far as training goes I wouldn’t put these injuries in training

  6. Gavster Says:

    Btw off topic joe but if the bucs win can we chat until the bucs are out of the playoffs?

  7. Hunter Says:

    @JOE: Do you know what level of alternates Freeman, K2, and Penn are for the Pro Bowl???

  8. Joe Says:


    @JOE: Do you know what level of alternates Freeman, K2, and Penn are for the Pro Bowl???

    No idea. Wasn’t aware there was a “level of alternates.”


    Before you guys go hashing up conspiracy theories about the injuries, check out the Injured Reserve List @ http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/injuries/pup

    It’s a dangerous sport. You’ll see that there are many teams that have lost just as many players, if not more, than the Bucs.

  10. Hunter Says:

    There are levels, because Aaron Rodgers is a first level which means he’s ahead of Freeman.

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    HGO – checked out that list, and you’re right… all teams suffer injuries, some more players than the Bucs. But how many do you see on that list that have as many starters out? I think I counted 4 for Indy. Most of those players are backups and special teamers. A lot of those teams may have less depth now than before, but they’ve still got their starters playing. The Lions have a heck of a list, but the only two big names are Stafford and Vanden Bosch.

    We’ve got two starting O-linemen (Faine/Joseph), our #1 draft choice (GMC), #2 draft chocie (Price), #3 draft choice (Benn), starting SLB (Black), starting CB (Talib), starting FS and backup (Jackson/Grimm) and starting FB (not on IR, but out, Graham). I won’t even count Kyle Moore, who was a starter but I didn’t think he was worthy of starting.

    Big difference. Find any other team on that list that lost 8 starters of their 22 (9 if you include Moore), plus key backups at DT and FS.

  12. Joe Says:


    There are levels, because Aaron Rodgers is a first level which means he’s ahead of Freeman.

    Joe has to be honest. The past 24 hours is the most Joe has spent thinking about the Pro Bowl in maybe a decade. 🙂

  13. Larry Says:

    Hey Bam Bam…. Lions only have 2 big names on IR? How about Cherilus, Alphonso Smith, Jason Hanson, Kevin Smith, Zack Follett, Devries and Dizon? May not be household names in Tampa but all are starters and are sorely missed by the Lions for sure.

  14. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    I’m sure we’re leading in starters, but starters have a better chance of getting injured than guys who don’t play. I’m not gonna argue with you. It sucks losing starters every game. But we are the YOUNGEST team in the NFL. 22 year old kids can’t take the beating that guys, 25 – 32, can take. I’m just saying that it’s a typical “fan” response to go on a witch hunt, asking for Kurtis Shultz’s head (our S & C coach).

    The average male doesn’t stop maturing until about 25.

    (even later for Mr. Lucky and Buc You)

  15. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I think the season ending injury rate is related to how hard the Bucs are playing.