Coaches Don’t Know How To Finish Games

December 7th, 2010

Raheem Morris 1207The Bucs had the game won. Had it! It was in the grasp of their sweaty palms.

But no. Matty Ice. He leads the Dixie Chicks on a late touchdown drive to beat the Bucs after the Bucs had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter.

A lot of fans are upset with Mo Stovall for not getting a tackle on a 102-yard touchdown return. But Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski doesn’t blame Stovall nor any of the Bucs players for the fourth quarter collapse.

Rather, Justin, the WDAE-AM 620 host of the critically-acclaimed “Blitz,” sometimes aired on Saturday afternoons, points the finger at the Bucs coaching staff in “What I Learned About The Bucs” on his blog at

I learned that the Bucs coaching staff does not know how to close out games yet. So much has been made of the players not closing this game out, but I was unsure about the coaching in the 2nd half that led to the Falcons come back. Obviously, the play that sticks out is 3rd and 20. I understand that the Bucs were in cover 2 and that is made to prevent plays like 3rd and 20, but enough with the 3 man rush. When you have a chance to step on a team’s collective throat, you do it! 3rd and 20 was a prime spot for an all out blitz. You force Ryan to throw the ball before his WRs can even get 20 yards down the field. Instead, you give Ryan all day to throw and he finds Roddy White open for a 24 yard gain. Inexcusable! Offensively, I respect the creativeness by Greg Olsen, but I thought the Bucs offense was starting to really get an attitude a couple games ago and with all this recent tricky stuff, I think they’ve lost that attitude. Those are just a couple of examples of how the coaching staff would’ve assisted their young team into closing this game out.

EXACTLY! The absolute last thing you want to do is give Matty Ice all the time in the world to sit back in the pocket and allow his receivers to get open and that’s just what the Bucs did.

Put pressure on the quarterback! When you are dealing with a dropback thrower like Matty Ice, this is simply elementary football. Going to a three-man front is basically a prevent defense and we know that prevent defenses prevent you from winning.

Playing not to lose often means you lose. The Bucs lost Sunday.

40 Responses to “Coaches Don’t Know How To Finish Games”

  1. the_buc_realist Says:

    I don’t think that in that situation that we can get pressure with a regular 4 man rush.

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Exactly, you all out blitz so there is no time to get the receivers 20 yards down the field.

  3. mikeck Says:

    Bucs close out games fine. Closed out Cinci, closed out Arizona, closed out Cleveland…We just couldnt close out a team that is better than we are and has a pro bowl QB and a pro bowl receiver. I think these analysts (not you Joe…your just the messenger) are all going a little overboard here with these articles of self flagelation. We lost because they are a better team…palyed better…they made plays and we didnt. We are not collapsing, we didnt hit a wall, etc. Now, if we lose to the Skins…we’ll see.

  4. Buc You Says:

    “Closed out Cinci, closed out Arizona, closed out Cleveland”


  5. Buc You Says:

    The Falcons sure knew how to shut down Freeman. and they did it by blitzing his arse. Remember the Intential Grounding call on Free that made him throw a boy tantrum??? That was due to Atlanta’s blitz.

    Of course, the Bucs don’t know how to blitz because they rarely blitz more than 1 man at a time.

  6. eric Says:

    The bucs season has been “closed out”.

    Wasting our time with Raheem – year two.

    Even wih the lamest schedule in recent history, still can’t get he job done.

  7. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Great points Justin, but the sheep will never objectively consider this as they are thrilled with the fact that we lost only by 4 points to the Falcons – these are the same sheep that said the season would not be judged by wins and losses but how “closely” we played teams.

    BTW – does it bother anyone else when you see our H.C. at International Mall with his players walking around with his pants hanging around his upper thighs showing his undershorts just like them? True story.

    Maybe I am old-fashioned but I didnt like it. I almost took a picture of this for JBF to see what the response would be but I felt that would be too paparazzi-ish for me.

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Look who’s here, it’s Eric and Buc You. I’m shocked! You two are really enjoying this loss, huh? You are so pathetic. We will see how much you enjoy Raheem next year, because he is not going anywhere.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thomas, nice to see you too. Glad you could join the party. So you almost had proof, but you don’t? That’s kind of like how you once almost scored with a lady, but didn’t. Funny, I’ve met him twice, even have pictures, but never saw that. Guess we should take your word though, because you are so trustworthy.

  10. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Well we know that Hawaiian you and your clones will love Raheem in year three regardless of whether the team makes the playoffs or not so long as they beat a few bad teams, only get embarrassed by two good teams, and lose closely to the others.

    Incidentally, is the team going to order banners for RayJay for Raheem’s fourth and third place finishes in the NFC South! How about for his probable 12 and 20 win loss record? Or for his 4 or 5 home wins over two regular seasons? Maybe his two bottom half finishes in the defensive standings. Lets celebrate that we werent 3-13 agains hurray!

  11. Dave Says:

    I disagree with a big blitz on 3rd & 20 but at the very least they needed to rush 4. Rushing 3 just does not work with this team.

    As far as losing their attitude, maybe by night punding the rock alot more in the second half, I think the injuries are taking a toll there.
    When Faine went out, they no longer ran well.

    They now have Penn at LT and NO ONE else in the same position on the O-Line that started the season. Not an excuse, just pointing out that it is taking a toll.

  12. eric Says:

    Wow, actually met he great Raheem Morris twice? Must have been like meeting Ghandi…………………was your hand trembling?

    Keep that picture, might be worth millions one day.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Actually Thomas, me and my clones will love this team and support them regardless. As long as I see improvement, I will support Raheem. The difference between between me and you is I have the ability to be objective. I see things the way they really are, not the way I want them to be.

    For the record, I never called for Gruden’s head. I didn’t particularly like him due to his smug personality, but I always respected him. I don’t have the desire to negatively affect a man (and all his other coaches) and his family because I don’t like him. Especially when coaches pour their heart and soul into their jobs, while we really have no clue about what is really going on.

    However, after it happened, it is time to move on. He is not coming back, and his replacement is doing a very good job in year two. No it is not good enough, but ultimately only one coach does good enough every year. But I refuse to sit here and post negativity like you three stooges. I’m not that kind of person, thank God. I don’t agree with a lot of things that he does, but that doesn’t mean I’m right, nor does it mean he is not doing a good job. No one is perfect, not even Lord Gruden. But trust me, Raheem knows more football than all of us combined. You should try to remember that sometimes.

  14. Theodore Says:

    Not blitzing is the right call. Why give WRs extra space? This notion that there wouldn’t be enough time is hogwash, blitzes get picked up all the time.

    The real problem was the CB coverage on White. The CB stopped back pedaling as if trying to stop a 10 yard completion, giving Ryan the lane to throw it. If the CB kept back pedaling into 15-20 yard space, the throw would have been too high or picked off.

  15. bucfanjeff Says:

    Let’s simplify this – get some DE’s.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s funny, Eric. Something tells me that if you ever met him you would shake his hand and congratulate him on the season. If you don’t have the balls to write on Steve White’s blog, you certainly don’t have the balls to say anything to Raheem’s face.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    Tommy .021,

    You’re such a tough guy, why didn’t you just tell him his britches bothered you? And, while you were at it, why didn’t you tell him how you feel about his coaching? Maybe it was because you were so enamored with his “undershorts” and “upper thighs”!

  18. jvato24 Says:

    The cryin little bitches complaining about Raheem are Pathetic. Deal with it he is the coach of the Bucs. The Bucs are 7-5 with the youngest team in the league.

  19. Ash Says:

    I remember this time last year a lot of the Raheem haters were wishing we had McDaniels over Raheem!! HAHA,

  20. brett Says:

    SG and cuz sal….on josh freeman

  21. derf Says:

    Wow it’s amazing how fast the boo birds come out with a 7-5 record.

    Let’s face it 7-9 is better than most people, myself included, felt the Bucs would be at the end of the season.

    So what gives?

    HOPE. Most of us, myself included, started to believe that the Bucs were better than they were. We started to believe that the Bucs could make the playoffs and possible win.

    As usual the Bucs let us down – hence the boo birds come out to ….boo….

  22. mikeck Says:

    Buc You Says:

    December 7th, 2010 at 2:47 pm
    “Closed out Cinci, closed out Arizona, closed out Cleveland”


    Well….we did…so whats your point? Man says we cant close games. I say we can, so long as the team isnt better than we are.

  23. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    @Hawaiian I did not see a place to post comments on White’s blog, please provide a link.

    Also, if just one coach is successful every year, 12 at least get to make the post-season, your boyfriend will not be one of those either.

    If I am not mistaken, Mc Daniels and Rah have a similar record an both have not yet made the playoffs. I concede that Rah has not been caught cheating, that is a terminable offense.

    Noone is saying that Rah is a bad person or that anyone hates him. He is a decent D. Coordinator and excellent D Backs coach. He is not fit to be a head coach yet, and I dont think that anything that he has (or hasnt done) yet proves anything. Taking a 3 win team to an 8 or 9 win team with the emergence of a franchise qb doesnt prove anything. Yes, the players like him. My kids love the babysitters that they view as their buddies and allow them to do what they want.

    Get over Gruden guys, he is gone. Nobody cares about him anymore, I ddn’t care that he was fired, only wanted a “credentialed” experienced head coach as the replacement. Instead we got “boy-cheap.” The history in Tampa is: if you dont make the playoffs consistently you are gone. That applied to Dungy, Gruden and should Rah. It may not be this year b/c the lockout is looming.

    But if this teams fails to make the playoffs three years in a row under a HC, he must be canned!

  24. JDouble Says:

    On the 3rd and 20 the Bucs weren’t in cover two, they were in the 3-3-5 prevent. So I quite reading right there. If you’re gonna rip on the coaches, atleast get your facts straight.

  25. JDouble Says:

    The play calling wasn’t bad. The Falcons were likely expecting alot of pressure and were expecting a short dump off. White got open and made a great catch in double coverage. Blame the two guys covering him…not the play calling.

  26. JDouble Says:

    Thomas 2.1….drop dead.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Just click on “comments” at the bottom of the post. Don’t post as anonymous, or he will delete you.

    How do you know he is not fit to be a head coach? That’s what I don’t get. What credentials do you have? If it’s just your opinion, fine. But you say it with such conviction (but only after a loss, lmao). “Taking a 3 win team to an 8 or 9 win team with the emergence of a franchise qb doesnt prove anything”. Uh, actually it proves quite a bit. So, are you saying it would only mean something if we DIDN’T have an emerging franchise QB? Please explain that logic, I really got to hear it. It’s not about the players liking him, it’s about the players putting everything out on the line for him (and this organization). Sorry buddy, but in the 2010 NFL, that’s the way it is. You may not like it, but it is reality. Ask Steve White how important that is. Raheem HAS that locker room (if you ever played sports you would understand that statement), and they are performing above their experience.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “But if this teams fails to make the playoffs three years in a row under a HC, he must be canned!”

    And if he does, then what? My guess is, you will disappear like you always do when we win. You always talk about how you are so concerned with how the rest of the league perceives us. Well, if we were to fire Raheem after this season, every media outlet in the country would be chastising our organization. He has been propped up in the media (correctly or incorrectly really doesn’t matter), and they would rip us a new one.

  29. feces Says:

    Apparently everyone’s forgotten…….our blitzes WEREN’T GETTING THERE! That would have been a horrible call.

    And the coaches didn’t cause Stovall to whiff on the kickoff return.

  30. Buc You Says:

    Having Rah as our head coach is exactly like having Shaun King or Chris Simms as our QB of the future. That’s the main problem.

    Sure he might become a middle of the road guy one day, who gives you 110%. But have a sub-ranked HC in the NFL when you have the 4th richest owners in the NFL doesn’t sit well. Perhaps that is the reason why no one wants to pay money to go to the game.

    But is Rah an elite coach? A top 10 coach? Hell no. He’s a Shaun King or a Chris Simms kind of guy.

  31. eric Says:

    More like Randy Hedberg or Parnell Dickerson.

  32. feces Says:

    He’s more like a Belichick/Walsh/Gibbs/Parcells/Lombardi/Chuck Noll kind of guy.

  33. BamBamBuc Says:

    I didn’t see Morris, Olsen and Bisaccia missing tackles on the kick return. Of course it’s a lot harder to make a tackle when you’re getting blocked in the back. I also didn’t see the coaches grabbing the shoulder pads and getting called for a horse collar tackle. The coaches weren’t dropping interceptions from Ryan or passes from Free. The coaches didn’t get injured and backup rookie coaches come in for them.

    I did see Matt Ryan make an absolutely perfect throw and Roddy White make an absolutely perfect catch on the sideline on a 3rd and 20 for a first down. We could have blitzed, with no guarantee of getting to Ryan and possibly giving up a bigger play. The coverage wasn’t bad, but that was likely the only way they get the first down in that scenario. Perfect pass, perfect catch.

  34. thomas 2.1 Says:


    it certainly doesnt take a rhodes scholar to understand that if a rookie qb struggles to a sub-50 qb rating during a 3 win season, and then matures significantly the next season into a top 15 or so qb that that alone can be responsible for some improvement in the win total.

    you sheep give rah all the credit for the increase in win total. where it rightfully goes is to freeman/williams and the weak schedule, and maybe a small growth defensively. anyone can coach the team to repeatedly miss the playoffs even with one of the weakest schedules in recent memory.

    the truth is rah is not going to be fired b/c of the lockout uncertainty, the gruden contract, and the fact that he took for an absurdly low salary (rumors are less than 1 mill and by far the lowest in the league and less than every major college coach in the state). How cheap he is gives him job security with thee glazerhouses – so relax.

    Just dont presume that young teams automatically win more games the next year, with a different schedules and some additions and subtractions, and some more hyper-stammering decision-making from “boy-cheap” – who knows?

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    By that same token, why do you think he matured? That is, in part, due to Raheem. They (the entire coaching staff, not just Raheem) has done a really good job preparing Freeman for this year. I suggest you look up the name Rick Mirer if you think it’s a lock he would have gotten better from year 1 to year 2.

    I have never heard anyone give Rah all the credit, yet I have never heard you give him ANY of the credit. That’s really all anyone expects. Give him the respect he deserves for helping us have a pretty good season. No coach in the NFL can win without good players, and no players can win without a coach. If the NE Patriots were to put me in charge of them tomorrow, they would lose out, no doubt about it. And by repeatedly miss the playoffs, I guess you mean 2 years (even though we are still not dead this year). I don’t see that as repeatedly, I suggest you re-evaluate your choice of words.

    The truth is, he’s not going to be fired regardless. He is doing a good job, and everyone but a few ignorant fans know it. If they wanted to get rid of him, they could because they have an option after this year without paying him his last 2, so again, I think you should check what you are saying. Don’t be surprised if he gets a big raise at the end of the year, which will shred holes in your theory. Trust me, they can find people to do the job for less.

    There is no presumptions from me, ever. I don’t take anything for granted in the NFL. You have never seen me predict a win against anyone, good or bad. I hope, but I don’t predict. If they regress, then you have a valid argument. But if they don’t, then maybe you should seriously consider learning how to STFU. Unless you want us to regress. Surely you wouldn’t want that, now would you?

  36. Buc You Says:

    Telling someone to STFU on a daily blog, that allows freedom of speech ( thanks Joe!) could possibly be the WORST comment of the season. Doesn’t that contradict the whole premise of leaving comments? I mean for an angry Hawaian who likes to argue and debate, telling someone to STFU is your rebuttal to an alternate perspective?

    I have seen the best and the worst all in one afternoon.

    In case you missed it, the best comment was a former Buc wondering why Raheem would keep running a defensive scheme that wasn’t producing successful results on a consistent basis.

    And the worst, a Hawaiian telling a commenter on a blog to stop commenting. The Nerve! 🙂

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Read and comprehend Buc You. That’s not what I said. Use that education.

  38. Joe Says:

    Telling someone to STFU on a daily blog, that allows freedom of speech ( thanks Joe!).

    You are welcome Buc You.

  39. Neal Says:

    Damn, BamBamBuc, that’s what I saw too.

    It was a great football game with a great atmosphere. We lost. It happens. I was proud to be a Buc fan.

  40. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    All due respect to Justin (who I like), our blitzing sucks (regularly) and the real problem was already pointed out by Steve White. The 3 man front licks crack right now. Coach trusts his secondary. When, in the past, we blitzed (2+ man) Ryan has (correctly) switched to a hot slant or other release route and we have given up big yardage. Coach was playing to what he felt was a strength but he hamstrung us by applying 0 pressure.

    As for the offense, the attitude would be the same if our execution was consistent. Trickeration is not the answer (IMO somewhat obviously as I am typing) but some GD discipline. Consistent blocking. Decisive running. Accurate throws and cleats that work. Josh took shots Sunday. They just did not work. No need to dust Wyche’s playbook off.