Chin Music Tuning Up

December 10th, 2010

As Joe sifts through the usual bizarre flow of e-mail in his inbox, Joe can’t help but notice there are more than a few fans tickled by the news on that Bill Cowher is talking about coaching again.

You’d think Rachel Watson just arrived at these readers’ homes in a thong demanding to play leap frog. 

Sure, Cowher was rumored to be under consideration to take Raheem Morris’ place following the 2009 season. But the guy clearly was never serious about coaching anywhere. And the Bucs are 7-5 with a roster on the rise. 

Like nearly every head coach in the NFL, Morris has detractors.

But despite being the frontrunner for Coach of the Year honors, Morris hasn’t been publicly assured of his job for next season and beyond. It’s been reported that Team Glazer holds a two-year option it can exercise to lock up Raheem through the 2012 season.

Joe wonders when that will happen.

35 Responses to “Chin Music Tuning Up”

  1. Travis Says:

    The Chin is not coming to Tampa, drop it already. Heem has a good nucleus of young talent that he wants to grow with. The chin prefers vet talet (see much of that around here)?

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Travis – Cowher enjoyed and prospered with plenty of young talent during his time. And he’s in love with Josh Freeman, so he’s said on NFL Radio, and there’s a pile of payroll money that could be spent around here. Tampa would have to be very attractive to him. …But there’s no reason Raheem would be out. Even with a total collapse he’s probably back, although it’s at least interesting that he hasn’t gotten the thumbs up to coach next year.

  3. Pete 422 Says:

    I just don’t see it. I remember when I was living in Buffalo and the Bills going into Pittsburgh (or them coming to our place) and kicking the Cowher led Steeler’s asses on a regular basis. “The chin” coached for 14 years in Pittsburgh, had 21 playoff games and won 12 of them. So he was 12-9 in the playoffs (4 of those wins were in one year when they won the Super Bowl), won 2 Conference Championships and 9 Division titles. Over all he had a .571 winning percentage. This is a successful coaching career, but hardly the second coming like some fans think he is.

    Based on the past two years, I see no reason to get rid of the current regime here in Tampa. They have drafted well and got the most out of their players. In my opinion, the future looks bright.

  4. d-money Says:

    Enough with the Cowher crap.

    No coach has ever won a Super bowl with two different teams.

    Its not a coincidence. They don’t have the same fire the second time around.

    If Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Ditka, Mike Holmgren and Goerge Siefert couldn’t do it why would we think that Cowher can?

  5. Joe Says:


    While you are correct, I’d hardly lump Mike Ditka and Goerge Siefert in that same group.

  6. oar Says:

    First Cowher’s overall winning percentage is .623 and ranks 22nd (in that category) out of all 153 coaches to coach in the NFL.
    Second your .571 is playoffs only and he ranks 28th out of 80 coaches to make the playoffs.
    Again, I mentioned yesterday, that his records aren’t deity material, but they aren’t satanic either!
    BTW I’m not one calling for him to coach us.

  7. oar Says:

    You should use this list, cause these head coaches made it twice with different teams, just didn’t win with both:
    Don Shula (Colts, Dolphins), Bill Parcells(Giants, Patriots), Mike Holgerm(Packers, Seahawks), Dick Vermil(Eagles, Rams), and for laughs you could add Tom Flores(Oakland Raiders, LA Raiders. 4 yrs apart) or Jon Gruden(Raiders, Bucs. Same year! LOL!!)

  8. d-money Says:


    I gotcha but the point is they never won it all with two teams.

    If the goal is to win Super Bowls then history suggests that you’re better off with a coach who hasn’t won the Super Bowl.

    My theory is that when they leave a team after giving their heart and soul to get to the Super Bowl its hard for them to recapture that same drive.

    Parcells was probably the most succesful the second and even third time around after winning it all but even he wasn’t the same coach as he was with the Giants.

  9. oar Says:

    I know and agree. I had gotten your point, just wanted to upgrade the list to coaches that had made it with two, but not won with them. 4 out of 153 all-time head coaches is less than 1% and even those couldn’t do it. Although, don’t forget some of the older better coaches only coached with one team their entire career, C Noll, C Knox, B Walsh, J Gibbs, C Lambeau, Halas, G Allen, P Brown, B Grant, etc.

  10. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Please, please, please santa. I will immediately buy 4 season tix in the club! I really dont mind if they keep rah-rah on as d backs coach. I think rah is excellent in that role.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Hey Thomas,
    There’s no such thing as Santa Claus!!!!!

  12. Nick2 Says:

    As good a job as Raheem as done I think Cowher would be a good fit here. I like Raheem but I like Cowher better. Its a win win for the Bucs and Joe is right Cowher gushed over Freeman and has to see the similarities between him and a young quarterback he did very well with named Big Ben. The fact that they now have Blount to pound the rock and Williams I know Cowher would like to coach the Bucs not a question in my mind. The question is do the Glazers want to keep the train rolling with Raheem or make a move like they did with Dungy and bring in another guy to generate excitement with the fan base. As good as Raheem has been he has not sold many tickets and Cowher would do that.

  13. oar Says:

    Come on, sure there is! He just doesn’t have pontoons on his sled to make it out there! LOL!

  14. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Cowher will sell tickets in Tampa, look at all the Steelers fans who showed up in Tampa Stadium. Looks like Urban Meyer in Denver to reunite with Tebow ?

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Or chimneys to go down, lol!

  16. Pete 422 Says:

    @oar: Point taken, but there is no evidence that Cowher would do any better than Raheem or for that matter is a more talented coach. Like I said in my earlier post, I don’t see how “The Chin” would make this team any better.

    These guys will run through a brick wall for Morris, so making a change would be foolish. Exciting players, continue winning and consumer confidence will produce sell outs once again.

    BTW, I never bought an NFL ticket (and I’ve bought a lot) because of who was coaching the team.

  17. oar Says:

    I hear ya!

  18. oar Says:

    Aloha! and GO BUCS!

  19. Pete 422 Says:

    Hire a quality coach and stick with him. That is what the Glazers seem to have done.

  20. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Dont worry sheep the glazers will never pay cowhers salary demands, particularly while still paying gru. One can wish however.

    This run through a brick wall stuff for rah is absurd. Mccoy wont run through a left guard for him. How about sabby, didnt see him running through Anything. Blount- he cant run through a defender in short yardage situations for him. These guys are paid a lot of money and have a lot riding on their film, you are clueless if you think they consciously choose to play hard for a coach

  21. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    I think they subconsciously play less disciplined and hard bc they view rah as their buddy and not their boss. Nobody wants their friend to be replaced by a disciplinarian leader. Reminds me of the giants they hated coughlin and then he directs them to a title, without tiki the baby who was working to get him fired

  22. Pete 422 Says:

    Thomas 2.1 you are entitled to your opinion, but what I see and hear tells me different.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    After making a pretty decent argument in a post yesterday, you just made possibly the 2 single dumbest posts I’ve ever read. I think (or should I say hope) you are just joking and really don’t believe the nonsense you just typed. You should never try to prove a point in anything by mentioning Sabby, just FYI. Wake me up when anybody leaves this team and becomes a success.

    You should really try to talk to a real athlete before you go around making assumptions on something you know nothing about. This isn’t pee wee football, and this isn’t the 70s. Times are much different, and not only the disciplinarian type coaches are successful. There’s more than one way to achieve success.

    I don’t know how in the world you say they play less disciplined when we are one of the least penalized teams in the league. I don’t get that. You can’t find one team in the NFL that doesn’t get an occassional personal foul penalty. It’s a violent, aggressive sport played at incredible speeds, it’s going to happen no matter who is coaching. In fact, the teams that are the most physical tend to be the ones who get the most personal foul penalties (Pittsburgh, Baltimore). I’d really love to see how you spin this one to fit in your twisted view of our team.

  24. MOBucs Says:

    @ Thomas… I typically don’t respond to your posts because you have obviously formed a view of Rah that will not change no matter how this team performs. It’s pointless to argue with you about that. But to say Morris doesn’t motivate his players and get 100% effort out of them is just plain false.

    For the youngest team in the NFL (led by Raheem) to be in the playoff picture this late in the year is nothing short of a miracle. We have not beaten a winning team yet, but are holding our own with some of the top teams in the league. This team is leaps and bounds further along than I would have ever imagined. I think if you are honest with yourself, you would agree. We have the 15th ranked defense (total yards allowed) in the league and this is the second year of a complete rebuilding process.

    Does Rah have some faults as a head coach? Sure he does. He has trouble managing the game clock and doesn’t have a great gameplan when playing with a lead. I will agree that he looked lost for most of last year, but that wasn’t his fault. He was thrust into a role that was completely foreign to him. He made some very boneheaded moves regarding OC and DC, but to his credit, he owned up to them and made changes. He is maturing as a head coach and is improving in all aspects. Even his interviews with the media have become much more coherent.

    You are entitled to your opinion about Raheem and may never change it. But to only point out his faults and never acknowledge the positives he’s brought to this team, it makes it very difficult to take you seriously. Thats the problem with people with agendas.

    Merry Christmas to all (even Thomas) and GO BUCS!!!

  25. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Discipline is not solely related to penalties. Gap integrity for example in run d. Sticking to the coverage assignment and not peeking in coverage d. Lane responsibilty on special teams, particularly late in games.

    Why cant we beat teams like the falcons; see above. Zero impressive wins in 2010, in part due to discipline issues.

  26. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Mobucs: you make some reasonable points. I cant argue with most.

    I only point out the negatives bc there are plently of sheep to always bang the positive drum – whether warranted or not.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    the problem thomas is that you are blinded by hatred for some unknown reason. this team is growing into something very special right before your eyes and you’re not able to enjoy it because all you can think about is how much you hate raheem.

  28. BamBamBuc Says:

    For Thomas, eric, Buc You, or any other that predicted less than 4 wins this season….

    Out of the 4 (or fewer) wins you predicted, which of those 4 were supposed to be against a team with a winning record?

    Many that actually looked at the schedule had us at around 6-10 to 8-8, meaning we shouldn’t be beating the teams we are now. I figure most preseason predictions had us losing 2 to the Saints and 2 to the Falcons. Losing to the Steelers and Ravens. Well, we’ve lost all of those (so far) and only have one against the Saints left to overcome the ridiculous preseason predictions that we would win any of those.

    Most had us losing to the Bengals and 49ers, we won those (regardless of sub-.500 records, they were both loaded with talent and supposed to be contending for their divisions). There were questions whether we could beat the Cardinals, even without Warner and we won that one. Most had us at 0-6 in the division losing both to Carolina’s “fierce” run game, and we won both of those.

    So, again, which teams did you think we’d get our 1 to 4 wins from? And, which teams have we beaten that you thought we’d lose to? There have to be at least a couple, since we’ve exceeded your preseason predictions.

  29. Joe Says:

    Merry Christmas to all (even Thomas) and GO BUCS!!!


  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Well, I guess you want Bisaccia fired too then, since he is basically “the man” on our wefense? Of course not, because I’m sure you only blame Raheem Morris right? After all, he is the head coach. However, things that we do well, like say developing our franchise QB, should not have the credit given to Raheem? Is that correct? Talk about a double standard! You can’t just pick and choose what you want to blame and give credit to Raheem for. It doesn’t work like that. Well, then again I guess it does for you.

  31. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Thanks joe. Freeman is on his way to being good, i think that he is talented and that has nothing to do with rah rah.

    Whoever drafted free deserves credit. I like bisaccia but think that even he would say cutting sabby the same week u lose grimm hurt the coverage teams. Not sure who made that decision.

    I give rah credit for developing talib, t jax and for taking this job before being ready and giving his best effort. Rah is a good kid, just not nfl hc material.

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Okay, fine. Let me know when you get that GM job that you are so qualified for. I just hope it’s not for the Bucs.

  33. Rican Says:

    We spanked the falcons all around Ray-Jay till the 10:30 minute marker in the 4rth quarter. Weems is my new most hated player lol. The Falcons ONLY chance of winning that game was to get a ST TD and their prayer was answered. Anyone who saw the game saw how well we played hence the reason the media STILL only talks about how much better we are getting. I only wish that Weems would of just stepped out of bounds! Everyone would be singing a different tune.

  34. gotbbucs Says:

    so after two years with a stripped down roster you can already tell that morris isn’t nfl head coaching material? give me a break thomas. he’s developing young talent and winning games, all while learning on the job. gruden never developed one player.

  35. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Ask the 2002 super bowl team’s offense of new castoffs and rejects like: Pittman, mccardell, jurevicious, McDaniel, christy, brad Johnson and even brad Johnson about developing players and a brand new offense of unfamiliar parts of the course of a season.

    Also ask rich Gannon about his career after being coached by Gannon. Player development isn’t limited to rookies.

    Remember, Taliban, Ruud, black, t jax, styles, ronde were all gru and monte era players. On offense, Graham, and Joseph, caddy all gru players.

    But I could care less about gru, the drafts were poor and somewhat unlucky, ie sears, caddy etc