Building With Youth Paying Off

December 4th, 2010
"I wasn't the guy who picked Sabby, Mr. Glazer."

"There's no way I would have wasted a second round pick on Sabby, Mr. Glazer."

Last year when rock star general manager Mark Dominik took over the Bucs and announced the Bucs were going to build through the draft and restock with youth, Bucs fans as a whole howled with outrage.

Less than two years later, it is evident Dominik knows what he’s doing.

In a recent story ranking the best rookies of the 2010 NFL season, Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc., writing for BSPN, the Bucs are well-represented.

The No. 4 rookie, per Williamson, is Bucs receiver Mike Williams. No. 9 is LeGarrette Blount. No. 10 is Gerald McCoy.

That’s not counting seventh-round pick safety Cody Grimm who was clearly an emerging star, and wide receiver Arrelious Benn, who is beginning to shine.

Yeah, Bucs fans were so unnerved last year the very ground beneath the CITS shook with all the personnel changes. But it’s clear now Dominik’s plan is very much on target.

28 Responses to “Building With Youth Paying Off”

  1. gatorsfan Says:

    the updated list has mccoy at 7 but blount was taken off

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    Bucs fans as a whole howled in outrage??? Really? I thought for sure that I, and a few other fans on here, were pretty well ok with the youth movement.

  3. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    The Object will show and prove!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and why the hell is Bradford getting all the press has he connected on a pass beond 25 yards yet this year. He has won rookie of the week twice hows does that happen

  4. RustyRhino Says:

    No Outrage here either. Glad to see it Happen truthfully.
    we have now taken a large %( not sure how much ) of the entire 2011 draft class and undrafted FA. We are looking hungry and playing together better every week. WOW !!! It is very exciting to be a fan!!


    Guys, I’m sure there were plenty of people on that welcomed the youth movement, myself included. But, I think Joe is referring to the Sunday morning paper-readers that don’t necessarily keep up with the team with such passion. I heard many of laymen (is that correct, Joe? or does it stay layman?) question cutting those vets, which, to any knowledgeable Bucs fan, was no surprise.

  6. New Era Buc Says:

    Lovin the youth movement

  7. Posey99 Says:

    I’m buying a mark dominik jersey

  8. Dave Says:

    ALOT of people like the youth movement, myself included. Many of us just didn’t ike how some of the vets were tossed aside. Personally, I had no problem with dumping any of them except BROOKS. That was the travesty; the way that was handled.

    I also undestand that the youth movement has alot to do with the Glazers financial issues. Regardless, I like the youth movement even though I was not too sure about Freeman and Ben at the beginning. Freeman has made a complete believer out of me and Ben is starting to as well.

    They need one more good draft with a DE and another LB and some line depth.

    I was starting to push for a safety, but I think Asante, Lynch, Jones, and Grimm can get it done in the long term.

    It has been exciting to watch and I am very optimistic that they can pull uut an upset over Atlanta tomorrow. All depends on the D-Line play.

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    this team is such a breathe of fresh air compared to the nursing home residents gruden was trotting out there the last 4 or 5 years. the young guys still have alot of room to grow and that to me is really exciting..

  10. Buc You Says:

    I am tired of all these ads JBF has signed up for. Everything keeps getting in the way now, hidden plugins… This site has become an ad machine, a nuisance.

    Movin on to greener pastures. Enjoy the ad fest for as long as you can. I have had enough.

    See ya.

  11. Jake Says:

    Hey Einstein aka Buc You, all these ads are what keep you from having to dig in your pocket to read the stories that you seem to enjoy since you comment on the vast majority of them.

  12. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I just switched from Vista to Windows 7, and went out to 1080 on my widescreen monitor.
    IS it just me, or does it seem as if the text area of JBF got smaller, and the ads got bigger ?
    I have to agree with BucYou, the ads have become annoying, some even invasive! I was trying to post something, and my mouse pointer accidentally rolled over an ad. OMG …
    I am one who actually reads the ads, my favorite is attorney Fran Haasch (I think she’s pretty), and then Mugs.

    Joe works hard, and deserves to get paid, but Joe must remember it is CONTENT that brings and keeps us and the search engines here. By adjusting the ad area to be as big as the content area, it sends a message to the search engines that the Ad’s on JBF are just as important as the Content!

    Advertising on JBF is effective. I just suggested a person call Attorney Fran Haasch because I see her small ad on JBF consistently for months. Her ad is tasteful, and I could look at it, or not look at it, if I wanted. Now, I feel I am being forced to look at the ads, and I feel the way BucYou feels, although I doubt I will leave because of it.

  13. christopher Says:

    @Dave—I understand your Brooks feelings, because I think to this day that’s probably 30% why the fans still are pissed & won’t show up—but Brooks was such a prideful guy, how else do you let him know he’s done? He wasn’t picked up by anybody, yet STILL didn’t retire until well over a year after he was cut. I guess there might have been a better way, but he would’ve wanted to be part of the team, i.e., starting—& the Bucs just couldn’t do that anymore.

  14. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree Christopher, many fans are pissed about HOW it was done.

  15. Ash Says:

    I mean its simple if you think about like this. When has a team established it’s core through free agency and draft around that to fill holes? NEVER, Allen/Gruden didnt draft enough core guys so Dominick had to start there before adding free agents. Why bring in a 30 year old free agent before the season? So he can be 33 or 34 when this team hits its prime? They are doing right for sure

  16. Eric S Says:

    I never minded the youth movement. I just have a problem that they could have filled some holes with some free agents. A pass rushing DE would have a made a world of difference on this team. Getting another LB would have helped as well. It just doesn’t have to be all one way or the other. I strongly dislike what the Glazers have done the last few years. I don’t trust them. When the CBA gets squared away, does anyone actually believe 100% that the Glazers would fork over some cash to make the team strong. I certainly don’t.

  17. Joe Says:

    Apple Roof Cleaning:

    Joe has not changed the layout of his site in any way, shape or form.

  18. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Then it is MY layout that is flawed. The site looks fine to me now, but did not yesterday.
    I forgot that before I came to JBF, I hit my scroll and control key on another site.
    THAT”S what was making the ads look so big. Sorry about that Joe.

  19. Scott Says:

    Let’s also not forget that not only are the picks panning out but no one Dom cut has had much of an impact elsewhere. I honestly thought the building through the draft was just another way of saying cheap, but they do seem to be making all the right moves.

  20. McBuc Says:

    Thank you Joe, the ads are not even close to being as annoying as Buc You and his ramblings.

  21. gitarlvr Says:

    Thank you for inadvertently driving Buc You away Joe. Although somehow I doubt he will follow through….sigh. As to the rookies thing- Pro football focus has even has McCoy listed ahead of Suh for ROY. They say McCoy is more consistent against both the run and the pass and that when is not making big plays he kind of sucks a lot of the time.

  22. gitarlvr Says:

    Im sorry I meant they said Suh kind of sucks outside of his big plays.

  23. gatorsfan Says:

    well once the CBA is finished the glazers will have to spend because there is a payroll minimum that theyll have to reach

  24. Eric S Says:

    Yes I realize there will probably be a payroll minimum. But will the Bucs sit at the bottom like they have for many years now or will they try to sign some high market players? The ’02 SB team certainly would not have won without the Bucs spending some money through free agency.

  25. Jiminy Chritmas Says:

    I too am drinking the fountain of youth koolaid. How they did the youth movement was low. We released future hall of famer D Brooks like he was worthless. His roster spot went to Crowell.

  26. MOBucs Says:

    With the surprising success of this team, the owners’ true colors will come to light in the offseason. We are at the point where adding a couple big name vets could put us over the top. If the Glazers do not spend some money this upcoming offseason, the “cheap” label will be well deserved.

  27. Lucas Jackson Says:

    MOBucs is exactly right.

  28. RustyRhino Says:

    Why bring in big $ Vet players? And if they don’t that makes the owners “cheap”… how? In looking at the crew of the 2010 Buccaneers we have a lot of good young players, Captains of their college teams, players who work to get better because they don’t know any other way. So lets say we bring in a “vet” who has great skills but poor practice & locker-room attitudes. What would this prove to bring in a “vet” and have him turn the locker-room into a viper pit. Just who’s responsibility would that be?
    We could have had Fat Albert and there where “fans” who said the owners where cheap because they dint offer enough $$$$ to get him… what if we had gotten him and he is playing for us how he plays for the Redskins.(when he plays) I wonder what the talk about Cheap owners would have been then….