Bucs Move Ahead Of Packers

December 12th, 2010

Things change on a dime in the NFL, and now the Packers are on the outside of the Wild Card chase looking in.

The Packers lost in Detroit today are now tied with Tampa Bay at 8-5, but the Bucs have three conference losses and the Packers have four, which gives the Bucs the tiebreaker edge.

Green Bay, with Aaron Rodgers hurt, now has a road game in New England and home games against the Giants and Chicago to close the season. They’re all but done.

11 Responses to “Bucs Move Ahead Of Packers”

  1. josh Says:

    Geez joe your counting out the pack already. Anything can happen. We have to worry about the Giants though.

  2. josh Says:

    If only The vikes could beat the G MEN

  3. RustyRhino Says:

    Ugly Win is still a W good play by our D in second half

  4. Brad Says:

    Joe what is the status on Mccoy. Come on.. your supposed to be the man with the inside scoop.

  5. Patrick Says:

    I’m very pleased with the win, but the hell was going on in the final seconds of that game? How did the Redskins get 2 fourth downs??

  6. ChallengerDeep Says:

    If Rodgers is out for long, they’re in trouble.

  7. ChallengerDeep Says:

    Yea, someone needs to break out the DVR and see what happened with those fourth downs. The official explanation seems to be that the first down got another first down, but I remember it being at least a yard short.

  8. gitarlvr Says:

    This Rodgers second concussion this season. He didnt miss a game the first time. Second one of the season tho and I guarantee there is no way doctors let him play next week if not at least a two week sit out.

  9. Patrick Says:

    49ers need to beat the Seahawks, Rams need to beat the Saints and the Vikings need to beat the Giants.

    The team we really need to root against is the Giants because we’ll be fighting with them for that final wild card spot.

    Breaking News: There is a good chance that Brett Favre will not be starting tomorrow. Maybe the Vikings have a chance!

  10. 5downtd Says:

    Okay, after looking at it, Skins had a pass to make it 2nd and 1, a incomplete fade, and run for a loss of 3, and a dropped pass in the back of the endzone, then the Moss td

  11. ChallengerDeep Says:

    Saints are already up 14-0 on the Rams. H. Long raised an interesting possibility on the post-game show. If the Saints win out, maybe they secure the wild card and rest their starters in the last game? Doesn’t sound likely but interesting.