Bucs In Postseason Would “Cheat The Playoffs”

December 22nd, 2010

The Professor, John Clayton, of BSPN acknowledges he has heard from Bucs fans about his previous comments about what a sin it would be for the Bucs to make the playoffs. The loss to the rebuilding since 1957 Detroit Lions has only emboldened Clayton, who says in this BSPN video that if the Bucs somehow made the postseason in two weeks, that the feat would “cheat the playoffs.” No word on what Clayton feels about the Rams.

19 Responses to “Bucs In Postseason Would “Cheat The Playoffs””

  1. Ash Says:

    The Bucs in the playoffs makes a helluva lot more sense then a sub .500 NFC West team

  2. sunrisejeff Says:

    Ummm no. Winning your division at 7-9 and hosting a possible 12 win team is far more “cheating” the playoffs than going 10-6 as a WC and having to go the tough road through the playoffs imo.

  3. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    That little nerd cheats analyzing the NFL! BTW, what makes him a professor?

  4. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    All this schedule BS really blows me! It ain’t like the Bucs played NCAA Div II opponents. On any given Sun, Mon, or Thur., u can get ur azz handed

  5. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    A ll this schedule BS really blows me! It ain’t like the Bucs played NCAA Div II opponents. On any given Sun, Mon, or Thur., u can get ur azz handed to u by a lesser opponent. Ask NE & NO abt Cleveland!

  6. nick Says:

    Clayton: You just made the list buddy

  7. nick Says:

    I wonder how he felt when the 8-8 cardinals almost won the superbowl

  8. Chris Says:

    Joe, I was thinking the same thing. The national media is not ready for the buc’s to be good so they must not be good. I was watching fox pregame on sunday and not once but twice terry bradshaw metioned the bucs were “lucky” against the redskins. They don’t talk about the rams or the chiefs. The chiefs have had an easy schedule and they got blown out by a 3-10 bronco team but for some reason the bucs are holding a bullseye. The nfc west cheats the whole sport.

  9. OB Says:

    It is even more interesting that if we were in the NFC West, we would have already chinched our playoff spot since we have beaten, I believe, every team in it. So what is this idiot talking about?

  10. nick Says:

    If I ever punched a dude with glasses in the face, it would be this guy

  11. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Clayton needs to realize that with the exception of two games, the Falcons and the “Aints have played the same teams as the Bucs. In fact, the Aints lost to the Browns, where we won our game. This double standard is mind numbing sometime. What Clayton needs to ask is why is it that the Bucs beat the Aints in a tiebreaker? Maybe it is the Aints who are sneaking in the playoffs and not the Bucs.
    This is a sad commentary on how the national media covers its favorite teams.

  12. eric Says:

    Well, according to many in this town making the playoffs or winning the Division is no accomplishment anyway. So, what’s the diff?

  13. MVPFreeman Says:


    How dumb is Calayton.

    How would we ‘cheat the playoffs’ if we beat NO in week 17 and took their seed? It just dosent make sense.

    If the Green Bay Packers lose the rest of thier games, why would it make sense for GB to be in the playoffs?

    If the ‘New York Football Giants’ lose to the stinkin Vikings HOW WOULD THEY DESERVE A PLAYOFF BERTH?!?!?!


  14. Joe Says:




  15. BigMAcAttack Says:

    “cheat the playoffs.”

    Maybe Clayton should become an NFL Referee. Then he can cheat the the Bucs first hand with the rest of them. D-Bag

  16. Trax Says:

    Is he a relative of Michael Clayton…John Clayton is a lot like Michael…he dropped the ball on this one!

  17. PAPARICK Says:

    John Clayton? Is it just me or does he look like the banjo-playing fool in “Deliverance”? Face not made for TV. While you’re contemplating those lucky Bucs John, wipe that little spit ball off the corner of your mouth. I hope we make the playoffs and cheat the whole nation out of seeing some big market team. GO BUCS!

  18. Patrick Says:

    Bill Parcells: “You are what your record says you are.”

    Take it from a guy who’s a lot smarter than you are Clayton!

  19. Patrick Says:

    Of course he brings up the Bucs but leaves out the real frauds: the teams in the NFC West!!