BSPN And Josh Freeman

December 8th, 2010

There are few if any people in sports media Joe would love to take a cracked baseball bat to more than this Bill Simmons character. Joe has no idea who this guy knows (in the Biblical sense) among the Bristol Bolsheviks but Joe never got him, never understood him, never respected him. What exactly on this ADD-afflicted guy’s resume allows him to be raised to such a lofty position and be crammed down innocent American’s throats? Anyone can ramble screeds of thousands of words (for reasons unknown) always working in Karate Kid references in grotesque love letters to everything Boston and the most revolting and insulting of all sports, the non-basketball association. Joe cares more for the smelly deposit he dropped this morning while grooming himself than he does the aforementioned subjects. This schmuck represents everything — EVERYTHING! — Joe abhors about the Soviet Disney mice and is Exhibit-A why Joe has BSPN blocked on his DirecTV along with the NBA-TV, LOGO and every friggin’ shopping channel known to the free world, otherwise known as a colossal waste of electricity. Joe has learned this punk loves Josh Freeman, and apparently it is documented in this video. Joe refuses to watch/listen to it and is only posting it because Joe believes in providing Bucs fans Bucs content whether or not Joe likes it or agrees with it. Joe thinks more of Ted Simmons and would rather listen and watch Richard Simmons with his junk hanging out of his too-short shorts.

20 Responses to “BSPN And Josh Freeman”

  1. Sensiblebuc Says:

    C’mon Joe! Give the guy a chance! His pop culture references and blatant homerism is just like JBF on steroids. He’s a great writer and gets legit laughs out loud from me. Dude is talented.

    While it’s true he crapped on us early this year, he really came around after the Cincy game and has been on the Bandwagon ever since. He mentioned Freeman on one of his podcasts at least 10 times so he’s no Johnny Come Lately.

    Give him a chance Joe. Read his newest article/blog on the color purple. Hes an endearing guy.

  2. Sensiblebuc Says:

    Just checked the link you posted. This is the podcast I heard!

  3. bucfangvil Says:

    agree with sensiblebuc, joe this dude hates everything about espn you do, the only difference is that he’s popular so espn keeps him on the payroll. If there’s one thing about espn you shouldn’t hate its bill simmons. plus this is pretty old. this was way back in week 6.


    Is that Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin Sal talking to Simmons?

    I agree with you Joe, Simmons is an obnoxious, chowder-loving former water boy. But I love Adam Carolla’s daily podcast and he runs in that circle.

    To his defense, he has been touting Freeman for about a month now…

  5. Nick P Says:

    Lukewarm on Simmons… Gotcha.

  6. Joe Says:

    He’s a great writer

    Don’t get Joe started.

  7. Joe Says:

    joe this dude hates everything about espn you do.

    That’s patently inaccurate.

  8. Nick P Says:

    Say what you want about his writing(although I like it), but Simmons is a completely organic creation who cultivated a following of millions while being relegated to the dregs of Page 2. He stood out primarily based on his unique viewpoint of the average fan ( standard in our blogosphere world, but unique at the time), capitalized on the Boston sports scene of the past decade and busted his butt churning out almost daily columns from 2000-2002 (before he left to write for Kimmel, but still wrote weekly for espn). His Boston slant is frustrating sometimes being a Tampa fan, but he is almost always entertaining and usually has something to say that hasn’t been said yet. Reminds me of a certain Tampa football- themed blog..

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Joe, why don’t you tell us how you really feel!

  10. Aaron Says:

    I don’t get the hatred. Simmons follows no vanilla format and is by no means shoved down anyone’s throat by anyone. His podcast for instance, is definitely something that’s only for the tuned ear, and not dumbed down to typical BSPN mush. I do generally avoid the ones that are NBA related or purely pop-culture related, with the exception of the episode about the LOST finale. I’m not sure what Joe has to prove with such vitriolic public hatred of a guy who is generally well-liked among the type of folks known to visit this very website.

  11. Matt Says:

    I actually look forward to reading his articles every friday. The one last week about influencing your kids to like the sports teams you do was hilarious! Although he is DEF a homer when it comes to Boston (he admits to this) he does it in a way that is still objective. I’m a yankees fan and I even read his articles where he talks about how much he hates them! I love and read it several times a day but I think Joe is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off on this one. Other than that, keep up the otherwise good work, it is appreciated

  12. architek79 Says:

    Joe I have asked this many times, how does BSPN get away with such inaccurate journalism and analysis? The NFL doesn’t have publicists or personnel that oversee the public relation function? much like the government role in moderating businesses?

  13. brett Says:

    Cousin Sal is funny in this link and on the podcast they do together.

  14. oar Says:

    “I don’t get the hatred.
    ??????? It’s called OPINIONS people! People have them, usually they DIFFER!

    Like my pappy always said, opinions are like a–holes. Everybodies got one, just some are bigger than others!

  15. oar Says:

    oops!…. everybody’s got one….

  16. Nick P Says:

    Very true about the opinions thing ‘oar’, but a triple A pitcher shouldn’t hate David Price just because he’s in the majors. Simmons has the following and clout that Joe probably strives for himself. Just seems like he’s hating on the wrong target.

  17. No Koolaid Says:

    I hate the guy too. Google search for “simmons tropicana” and you will feel the same. He is a complete jackass and the only laughs he can get is at the expense of someone else.

  18. Chris Says:

    I love JoeBucsFan…the only other thing I read at work aside from Joe Bucs however is Bill Simmons.

    Maybe it’s a generation gap as I’m 25, but I share a lot of the same viewpoints as Simmons. He is immensely talented, and while it might appear he doesn’t have writing skills, his articles flow and are VERY entertaining. Not sure what it is you hate so much about him.

  19. Joe Says:


    Joe I have asked this many times, how does BSPN get away with such inaccurate journalism and analysis? The NFL doesn’t have publicists or personnel that oversee the public relation function? much like the government role in moderating businesses?

    A few things:

    1) Well, who is going to do what to BSPN? Joe shares your concern but it’s not like there is some journalistic governing body that will have the FCC pull Disney’s broadcast license, though that would really be cool.

    2) The Disney Mice actually have people that brainwashed that they must watch BSPN if they are sports fans. Joe suggests the less you watch/read BSPN the better. You won’t find a much bigger sports fan or more informed sports fan than Joe and he doesn’t watch one minute/read one word of their tripe.

    3) BSPN pays the NFL hundreds of millions of dollars. They are broadcast partners so unless BSPN really gets out of line (anyone remember “Playmakers?”) the NFL isn’t going to say a thing.

  20. Moronitron Says:

    @ a few things:

    1) Agreed.

    2) Completely agreed.

    3) I really liked “Playmakers.” Wish I could pick up a copy on DVD….

    Having said all that….I’m still a big Bill Simmons fan.

    I’m secretly hoping to myself you’ll read these posts your fans left and mutter under your breath ‘yup, these are my readers….’