Bennett Is So Ready

December 15th, 2010

Former Bucs defensive end Steve White (1996-2001) has yet again graced the blogosphere with another manbeast of a post out of a Bucs game. Of course, this time it’s his take on Sunday’s messy win in Washington.

White churns out plenty on many aspects of the game, including a good look at the Redskins’ success in the running game.

But most intriguing to Joe was White’s look at Michael Bennett, who likely is the Bucs new undertackle with Gerald McCoy under the knife. It seems White is salivating to put the 25-year-old under his wing. Here’s an excerpt:

… If I could get that kid in the lab for a week or two I guarantee you I’d turn him into a monster. Basically I’d just teach him to unleash the beast that he already has shown he has in him and he would end up destroying people.

But since I don’t have that kind of contact with him let me write one piece of advice for him at the under tackle position in hopes that somehow some way he gets to see it.

When in doubt, haul ass!!!

One of the things that drove me crazy about McCoy here lately is that he started relying too heavily on inside moves. For one they rarely worked. For two he was basically running himself into a double team if the center had any awareness about him.

With the undertackle you want a guy that pierces the heart of the offensive line’s pass protection. That means a guy who is getting upfield and making the quarterback move in the pocket. It doesn’t always matter if the undertackle gets a hand on the quarterback or gets the sack. If he can get around the guard and make the quarterback feel him then more than likely he will give the other three defensive linemen an opportunity to get the sack or force the throw.

I’ve talked before about a natural game where the undertackle gets up field and the defensive end sees the quarterback stepping up and just falls back inside to make the sack. Well that will never happen if the undertackle is never trying to get around the corner on the guard. And so you end up with everyone just stuck on blocks and the only guy really having a legitimate shot at pressure being the backside end who could possibly have a one on one.

This is where Bennett can really shine though, especially against play action pass. If he can start back flying off the ball and getting up the field as an undertackle he will be able to help not only his fellow defensive lineman but the secondary tremendously.

And really, if he isn’t hauling ass and using his speed and quickness which are his best assets, what’s the use of having him in the game anyway?

Joe wonders whether Bennett will be wise enough in the offseason to seek out White’s sage wisdom. There’s more in White’s blog on the subject.

If Joe were a 25-year-old, third-year defensive end looking for a payday, and there was a savvy dude like White who knows the Bucs defense and was eager to help, you better believe Joe would be embracing the opportunity.

44 Responses to “Bennett Is So Ready”

  1. Pete 422 Says:

    Hey why not. Seek out Steve and get all the teaching you can. Bucs could bring Steve in for a few practice sessions. They let Sapp come in, why not Steve?

  2. Atrain WD40 Says:

    No offense to Steve but if he is such an expert explain why he had a total of 99 tackles and 11.5 sacks in his career? McCoy has a third of his tackles and over 30 percent of his sacks in a injury shortened rookie year. I mean I understand Sapps input but just because you played a couple of years in the nfl does not make you an expert.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe says:
    Joe wonders whether Bennett will be wise enough in the offseason to seek out White’s sage wisdom.

    Remove word number 4 “Bennett” and insert “Raheem”.

  4. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Why would a NFL head coach seek out the advice of a former marginal player? This is insane. Why not make Bucs former 2nd round pick Dexter Jackson your wide recievers coach.

  5. pbmbuc Says:

    Kind of a silly point Atrain WD40. I don’t believe Rod Marinelli ever played one down in the NFL but I sure would take his advise on how to play the D-line. So, why not Steve White’s advise. White may actually be implying that Bennett has more natural ability than he himself has therefore the mental part of the game could rally benefit him.

  6. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Rod Marinelli Had decades of Coaching experience. Steve white had 5-6 years of mediocre playing time. By all means seek out Marinelli’s advice, Hell hire him if you can but do not put Steve White on the same level!

  7. jvato24 Says:

    Atrain … Dude .. You sound foolish .. How many great coaches are Hall of Fame players ?? Freeman gives credit to Alex Van Pelt for being the biggest difference for him this season .. He was a career backup!!

    Sometimes when a guy doesnt have the explosive burst or all the talent they must learn every move, technique and trick possible to even put up decent stats

    Vince Lombardi played at Fordham University .. O-Line and D-Line .. played well .. But wasnt an all American .. How did that turn out ??

  8. OB Says:

    Let me see if I remember correctly, did Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, Tony Dungy, NE Partiots Coach ( I can’t spell his name), Casey Stengil, Tommy Lasorta, and all the other great coaches ever have a great playing record? You may have the ability and not know how and you may not have the ability and know how, the secret in winning in anything is putting them together and executing as a team. As you get older, you should know more but can do less, does anyone doubt that Rahem is becoming a great coach? How did he play, how did Mike Tomlin play, for that matter how did Jon Gruiden play?

  9. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Your right almost… Vince Lombardi spent decades as an assistant coach honing his skills prior to taking the reigns. So what team has called and offered Steve white a D-line coaching position? Where do you think he

  10. McBuc Says:

    No one is saying make Steve the D line coach right now! They are saying he may be able to help this dude out. Mike Singletary qwas one hell of an NFL player, but I sure am glad he is not coaching here today. Dungy was a decent NFL player, but he was a great NFL coach. Notice what Carlson says in his article today about Dilfer, he is a much better on TV than on the field…Hell, Jeff gives Dilfer crap about his play, but he outplayed Jeff for sure. Now jeff is a QB coach, I am not sure how good he is but I hear his school is yop knotch. Any one who plays as many years in the NFL as White is credible anyway…not too many people do.

  11. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Sorry Wifi dead zone… My point is this, Our D-line coach is horrible but Steves credentials don’t lead me to believe he is the right man either by far. These individuals you keep spewing out paid their dues by being assistant coaches for decades bgefore becoming great coaches. Paid they’re dues gentlemen. How many years coaching does Steve White have to date, What credentials does he posess that makes you think he is a great coach?

  12. Formerbuc Says:

    I think it’s a given that we all agree Todd Wash is the achilles heel that has plagued this defense. There’s a HUGE lack of fundamental technique being distributed at the DL position right now.

    I truly believe the activities director at Sun City Center has more football knowledge than Wash. (No offense Mr./Mrs. activities director of Sun City Center. If you can get old people moving, that’s the kind of person the Bucs are looking for!)

  13. jvato24 Says:

    The thing about Steve White is he comes from the school of Marinelli .. A Marinellu disciple .. The Bucs brought in Greg Lloyd as a TC assistant coach .. I just think Steve White would bring some good Juice to the team ..

    I tell you one thing … Nobody would be loafing at practice

    D-Coordinator – No .. DE assistant coach – YES

    Todd Wash does not have my confidence right now

  14. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Hey jvato24 has it about right. Bring Steve in at the bottom and learn how to coach then work his way up. Isn’t that what the truly grat ones did.

  15. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Oh and by the way, There have been 100 time the amount of failures as coaches than there has been successful coaches. Thats why they have to put the time in and do the work.

  16. Formerbuc Says:

    Raheem, its truly time to start lining up a replacement for the DL assistant coach position. I realize it’s probably the most difficult position to fill on your staff, but these young guys will not mature and grow until you make the tough decision.

    I’d strongly make a push for USC’s Ed Orgeron. Throw all kinds of money at him. Another play would be to go after Jim Washburn of Tennessee by giving him a DL/assistant coach title promotion. You’ve GOT to do something to help these young kids bro.

  17. McBuc Says:

    Atrain…Everyone is saying to have Steve come in as a consultant or a low level assistnt, not take over the defense or even the defensive line. I think we are all in agreement.

  18. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Formerbuc is right about both but Jim Washburn for sure as long as he does’nt come in and want to run his own D which includes alot of man to man

  19. jvato24 Says:

    I am no D-Line expert … But I did grow up watching Sapp and Culpepper wreak havoc .. Our D-Line lacks pass rush moves, counter moves and rely on the bull Rush a bit it seems

    There is Def talent on that D-Line now .. add a DE .. They need a bit of a maniac/Genius to come in and get them better

    That was Kiffins true talent .. finding unknowns from college that would become great assistant coaches and ultimately Head COaches

  20. McBuc Says:

    I could live with those guys former buc, but it does not always translate to the NFL. I think it is clear we need to do something. The play has improved in the last few games, I just wish whatever Morris says at half time he would start saying before the game. Why not make the adjuctments on the aside line while the offense is throwing a bomb on 3rd and inches?

  21. Formerbuc Says:

    jvato24, in earlier posts i inserted links to some college prospects i thought looked interesting. Ill try to find those links again for everyone. But your correct, Kiff had an eye for college coaching talent. God knows he was prob up at 2 AM finding them with all the coffee he drinks!

  22. jvato24 Says:

    One of the biggest traits I noticed about most about Previous Bucs assistant coaches has been .. 1. Passion 2. Fundamentalists to the core

    Do the little things right and everything else works better .. and Oh Yeah .. Hustle till your eyes go Blurry .. Every DOwn .. 60 minutes

    Todd Wash seems even keel .. I think a LB coach may be needed too

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    Steve is a student of the Game. The more years spent after playing are what shows the passion he still has for it. He wants to share that knowledge with young players. I promise you that Steve has far more experience with D lines than Wash does. You would have to an idiot WD40 or have a complete lack of understanding to not see that many if not all of Steve’s critiques have merit. He offers corrections to every play or technique he finds lacking. He will draw it up on the board, and he will reference other teams’ use of his plays, rush games, or techniques. He invokes the names of his favorite D linemen growing up and what made them great. Just because a player doesn’t maybe get the right breaks at the right times, or have the physical attributes to go along with their mental capabilities, it doesn’t make them incompetent to teach. And make no mistake WD40, every player that plays in the NFL has achieved some level of greatness or they never would have made it on to any roster.

    WD40, if your such a bad@ss, why don’t you take this discussion up with Steve on his blog. This really isn’t the place for a couch p_ssy to call a former NFL player “Marginal” and say his knowledge is lacking because he may not have been the best player to wear a Buc’s uniform. Steve has remained humble about his coaching ability, and never once said he should be a Bucs’ coach, but has offered numerous helpful hints, even it comes only in the form of reading his blogs. Many of us Season Ticket holders and otherwise have expressed this help that is available form Steve to 1 Buc place. If you think for a minute that someone over this isn’t reading Steve or Joe’s blogs at least from time to time, your a fool.

  24. Atrain WD40 Says:

    What kind of ass “BigMacAttack” makes this personal. Your exactly whats wrong with blogs. You can’t throw up a good argument based on merits so you attack the person. And for your information I did play 4 years of high school and 1 year of D2 coledge ball. My son Started on his high school team as an under tackle as a freshman this year after years of my coaching. What have you done lately Dumbass? Try being constructive and throw out these ” valid points.”

  25. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Remember this is still America and this is only my opinion if you don’t like it argue against it or ignore it don’t be so imature as to attack me personnaly.

  26. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Hey guys remember when Sapp, Chidi, B cup, Booger and Simeon played they played in front of one of the best linebacker and safety corps of all time. You schemed accordingly. If sapp left the A gap open on a straight up rush he had every confidence a linebacker or safety had his back.

    Some of this “advice ” may very well help McCoy or Bennett But has White sat in the defensive meetings. Has he direct info on the Dlines schemes for that game. This is all i’m asking. I have read his Blogs a couple of times and Don’t know if what he’s saying will or won’t help. Just my opinion that we need seasoned established coaches.

  27. d-money Says:

    Atrain WD40,

    Dude quit while you’re ahead. You usually have pretty good takes but this time you’re making yourself look silly.

    The majority of coaches in the league were “marginal players” as you call them. Heck some of them were never players in the NFL at all.

    Steve never said he wanted to be the Bucs DL coach he just gives his analysis of the players on his blog and said what advice he would give a young player.

  28. McBuc Says:

    Everyone has to start somewhere…why not let Steve start as a low level coach to help out the players and whoever the net DL coach is?

  29. jvato24 Says:

    Steve White played good football for us .. Just like Greg Spires .. Spires didnt have big numbers but was a Big part of our DeFense

    I dont think Atrain is throwing Steve under the Bus .. more opposed to him being a DLine coach or D coordinator

  30. Atrain WD40 Says:

    d-money I see your point and your right but there are thousands of people offering advice to these ” young players ” how do we know who is or should be giving it to them. I say merits or credentials. that was my whole and only point.

  31. oar Says:

    I find it funny, that you’re dogging Mr White’s abilities/advice on his “marginal play” in the NFL, while throwing out your “marginal play” in HS and college. Too funny! Heck you coached your son, (something many fathers do) so let’s listen to you. As for who would make a good/great coach, you sure know what you’re tallking about!?

  32. oar Says:

    d-money, jvato24, and McBuc,
    Totally agree with all said. I’d but that for a dollar!

  33. Atrain WD40 Says:

    jvato24 Thank you. I accept the opinion of others even if I don’t agree. I never said i would make a great coach in fact We won regionals several times but never sectionals or states so that makes me a mediocre coach at best. But I have seen the dedication real coaches have to their profession and give them their Due. Thats all I’m saying and in no way am I down on White just curious why everyone thinks he’s a guru just because he has a blog?

  34. oar Says:

    You obviously haven’t read many, if any, of Mr Whites imformative x’s and o’s blogs. If he can make sense and teach us fans more about the game, then I imagine he could do wonders with the players!

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    AWD40, sorry I called you a couch p_ssy. I was being sarcastic, and really didn’t mean to be so insulting. I was, I admit. You have clearly documented your expertise on the subject matter, so I stand corrected. The only thing I’m really good at is playing with myself, and I’m an all pro at that. As far as Steve’s blog it is all about the content in the text, not the blog itself. It sounds like many of us see and interpret it much differently than you do. Enjoy your time with the kid in football. It doesn’t last long. I’ve done it 3 times. That’s enough from me for now.

  36. Atrain WD40 Says:

    BigMacAttack Thank you. The first time my son took the field for his high school I almost exploded with pride. He has 47.5 tackles as a freshman so I am very proud. When I saw his first stats on maxpreps it hit home for sure.

  37. k1ngAdroc Says:

    Atrain WD40 – Get this great book called “Passing on the Game”. It will help you teach the fundamentals of the game to your son.

    The author played D1 in college, played 7 years in the NFL while being coached by and playing beside the very best talent in the League. This guy has spend more hours than he cares to admit in meeting rooms. Remember those days?

    This guy has a passion for the game and has pretty much seen it all. He can convey the nuances of the game in understandable and teachable format. He has worked with kids and coached on various levels over the years…. Oh, and he breaks down plays/players/positions and NFL game tape weekly.

    Like you, I played LB in D2 too. I have to say I value the insight of the guy you characterized as a “marginal” player with zero coaching experience… He hasn’t paid any dues? I disagree.

    Read it, might help you coach your son up and get him a scholarship(save u some of that college tuition $$, too).

  38. Atrain WD40 Says:

    k1ngAdroc Thank you I’ll look iy up online…. I really appreciate it! Scholarships are my goal for him. He also plays on the Baseball team and does shotput and discus for track.

  39. McBuc Says:

    Nicely stated Kingadroc. I read the authors blog regularly. I thing WD40 will love it too.

  40. jvato24 Says:

    Steve White will heavily break down the D-Line and we are hooked on it .. Do you think other fans in other cities would really give a damn ??

    Or is it just the way we have grown up watching Buc Football that makes the DLine breakdown so interesting ??

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    k1ngAdroc, priceless.

  42. Oahubuc Says:

    Marginal player? Yeah, a starting defensive end on one of the greatest defenses of all time. Nice.

  43. sgw94 Says:

    Not that it matters but I HAVE coached both on a high school and college level as well as tutoring college players getting ready for the draft for 3 years. I was once offered a job coaching the defensive line for a college team while I was still playing. I have also in the past helped mentor several young NFL defensive linemen I had the priviledge to come in contact with. I only stopped coaching because I needed to tend to some personal matters. But that doesnt mean anybody has to take my word for anything and I have said plenty of times before Im not interested in coaching for the Bucs nor do I believe they are interested in hiring me for that matter. Its just to correct the misinformation here.

  44. gitarlvr Says:

    Well…straight from the horses mouth. I guess this issue can be put to bed permanently.