Benn Has Torn Knee Ligaments

December 27th, 2010

Raheem Morris was not specific at his noon news conference today, but he did say Arrelious Benn has torn knee ligaments and will go to injured reserve.

Joe hopes it’s not too ugly. Training camp starts in seven months.

Raheem said he’s most sad about all the great offseason work Benn with miss out on next year. Especially, Raheem said, since Benn is such a hard worker.

Benn finished the season with 25 catches, two touchdowns and 15.8 yards per catch. He made nine starts and was coming on big, but this is a major setback.

For a little perspective on Benn’s numbers, Maurice Stovall made seven starts in 2009, with 24 catches, one touchdown 15.3 yards per catch average.

Regarding Earnest Graham’s injury, Raheem said it was a shoulder deal and his status is questionable.

13 Responses to “Benn Has Torn Knee Ligaments”

  1. Guest#27 Says:

    The NFL should make everyone wear super flexible knee braces. Come up with a state of the art brace that lets the knee move in its natural range of motion yet impact resistant to the outside.

    Also, the NFL should come up with soft helmets with a foam exterior as well so the helmet to helmet collisions can be reduced.

  2. big007hed Says:

    Im upset by the time he is going to miss working with Josh and Mike Will to be a dynamic tandem…. If there is even a season

  3. simeon Says:

    This is a huge bummer. This guy has so much upside. Hopefully he will recover 100% and will get to take lots of reps with free before the next season starts, whenever that is.

    I hate to change the subject, but have a question for you Joe….Mcnabb. I’m guessing nobody is going to give up much for him, though his contract may have a lot to do with it, but what do you think of the bucs taking a look at Mcnabb, if the price is right (he gets cut?) as strictly a BACKUP, to Freeman? I look at this as having a very successful veteran to help with the development of Free(similar to Leftwich, but someone who was actually good in the league). Who knows how mcnabb would feel about this, maybe he wouldnt be into it, or half a$$ it, but i doubt any team is going to rush to have him start. I wouldnt want Free ever looking over his shoulder, but i think the expectations should be laid out to Mcnabb initially, Free is the franchise QB, you are a backup, and you fight Josh Johnson for 2nd string in camp.

  4. cjackson Says:

    with all of these injuries im exspecting josh freemans arm to just fall off next sunday with the luck were having

  5. d-money Says:


    Not in a million years.

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Simeon – No chance of the Bucs and McNabb. There are plenty of starting jobs out there for McNabb in 2011. Arizona and Frisco probably top the list of possibles. He’ll get paid again.

  7. Bucc Fan In Hawkeye Country Says:

    McNabbs not backing up anybody. Ur tellin me Seattle Arizona San Fran Miami Minnesota wouldnt be in a rush to start him?

  8. Pete 422 Says:

    Sammie Stroughter will step in most likely. I was watching Stovall on blocking and I still think he could play TE. I know some of you guys think I’m way off, but be worth a try.

  9. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Time to bring FB Rendrick Taylor up from the practice squad.

  10. jvato24 Says:


    By winning their ninth game on Sunday, the Bucs became the first team in the NFL since the 1970 merger to start 10 different rookies during the season and finish with a winning record

  11. Joe Says:


    Helps to read Joe:

  12. Tom Says:

    FWIW I was listening to the postgame report on the radio last night, where Raheem Morris was told that the Bucs were the first team in NFL history to start 10 different rookies and have a winning season.

    Poor Gannon, to think he did such great research and those evil radio people lifted that nugget for their postgame report the night prior. Bastards.

  13. Squadoosh1 Says:

    Even though Benns numbers were similiar to Stovalls last year, Benn is a rookie who seemed to be making splash plays every week as of late as he got more playing time and was more comfortable with the playbook. Stovall is a 4th or 5th year guy with little explosion compared with Benn and won’t be much more than a good special teams player for his career. Sucks that happened….lets hope we dont have any major injuries this week.