Trueblood Hates Torture

November 9th, 2010

It seems Jeremy Trueblood will be back at practice tomorrow and is on track to take back his starting job against Carolina on Sunday, so reports Joey Johnston and Anwar Richardson in a tag team effort on

Trueblood, who messed up his knee late in the Rams-Bucs game, says he’s agonized about not playing.

“It’s been torture,” Trueblood said. “The worst part about this is staying home on Saturday night knowing the guys in the team hotel are getting ready to play on Sunday. I’m looking forward to this week.”

Now Joe is sure Trueblood had a few bucks saved up to actually stay in the team hotel with his fellow Bucs. Why endure “torture” at home when you can hang out with the guys? Perhaps he wasn’t allowed. 

Speaking of torture, Joe hopes Trueblood doesn’t block anyone in the back two seconds after LeGarrette Blount blows past him this weekend.

7 Responses to “Trueblood Hates Torture”

  1. notorious_BUC Says:

    It was torture watching a sub play better than he could.

  2. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    For all the bitchin, moanin, and complainin in the offseason about Oline depth – apparently we know nothing and we actually have some.

    for that, I’m grateful. (getting close to Thanksgiving ya know.)

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Not a rocket surgeon. Actually, they signed depth After player cuts. Larsen, Carter, Hardman,and Barker are all new to the team, and most signed after Camp started. But you are right, looks like we actually have found some real O-line talent. I too am grateful!

  4. Amar Says:


  5. Jamie Says:

    I liked Carter in the draft, but I’d like to know how he could hold up at guard. But I guess Larsen’s been doing well? Haven’t heard much about him so I guess no news is good news.

  6. Buc You Says:

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  7. Culverhouse Blazer 808 Says:

    I hate torture too. False starts, illegal blocks and personal fouls are like waterboarding to me early on a Sunday morning. I hope this little timeout has caused him to reflect.