November 15th, 2010

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It’s a bit too premature to talk playoffs but that hasn’t stopped Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports to write about playoffs, specifically the Bucs in the playoffs.

Robinson wrote late last night that the win over the Panthers puts the Bucs in the playoff chase.

After Sunday’s win over the Carolina Panthers, you look at the schedule and start to see some wild-card potential for this team. Could they still win the NFC South? Absolutely. Do I think it will happen? No. Not with the Buccaneers’ wins all coming at the hands of teams that have losing records. But when you look at the schedule, the road games against the Ravens and New Orleans Saints and the home tilt against the Atlanta Falcons look the toughest. Everything else is very soft. Sitting at 6-3, 10-6 is within reach, and so is the postseason.

Well, here’s Joe’s take on this: Sure, the Bucs mathematically are in the playoff hunt but that loss to the Dixie Chicks hurt and may come back to haunt the Bucs.

Had the Bucs beat the Dixie Chicks, Joe thinks playoffs would very much be in play. Now, the Bucs must win the games they should win. We all know that there are upsets in the No Freaking Logic league.

This is not to say the Bucs cannot make the playoffs, but it’s a tightrope walk. There cannot be any slip-ups. The Bucs cannot be upset and it may take a win over New Orleans to ensure a playoff berth.

Surely the Bucs should get to nine wins. Joe thinks 10 wins is reachable. It may take 11 wins to get to the postseason.

50 Responses to “Playoffs?”

  1. Travis Says:

    “It may take 11 wins to get to the postseason.”

    Not in the NFC

  2. Gary Says:

    Think 10 should do it. We need to take care of the teams that we should beat and i think we can take 1 from the saints or falcons.

    I’m honestly worried about the niners. I go to a friends house to bucs games because he has sunday ticket so i get to see them play each weekend. Gore is going to run through us like a hot knife through butter! And Troy Smith looked good yesterday.

    If we can beat the niners, then I would say playoffs are definetly in play.

  3. Amar Says:


    I couldn’t agree more but you left out what Vernon Davis is going to do to Ruud and Grimm.

    I expect a big offensive day from both clubs and hopefully we are the ones that come out on top AND FINALLY GET A GOD DANG VICTORY IN SAN FRAN! sheesh…

    I won’t be able to attend this game because im out of the country but every time I go to a Bucs game in San Fran we always lose.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    49ers are tougher than their record. We have to play our ‘A’ game for sure. It won’t be easy. They are a lot like us, but with a better defense and Frank Gore. We can’t sack the QB and a mobile Troy Smith will only be harder.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    Playoffs or not, I would call this season HUGELY Successful. The potential for the team is crazy high, sky’s the limit. I have said before that I would rather be wrong and win than be right and lose. I am so glad that my initial thoughts of Raheem, Dominick & Freeman were just flat out wrong. At the time they seemed like good assessments of sub par coaching & decisions, but now I feel like an idiot for some of my earlier comments after Chucky was released, and I loved(still do) Chucky. We’ll see how the remainder of the games play out, but this team may be 2 or 3 players away from a championship next season. I hope Tanard comes back because he is one of the best at what he does.

    Our biggest competition at this point is the Eagles. We need the Skins to beat them tonight. We need to beat the skins and either beat ATL or Saints once. Maybe the Bucs are reading SGW’s Blog, but thay aren’t taking all of his ideas yet, but I think they have worked on a few. San Fran lost their LT, Kicker is hurt, and a Guard is also injured. We need to win this game.

    I hope the Falcons game in 3 weeks sells out or close. We need mega boo coo fans in the stands to give our team an edge. We were loud yesterday as usual, but if we can get another 20,000 loud mouths cheering we can be a serious 12’th man against ATL and push for the win.

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!

  6. Jerry Says:

    There are a lot of 6-3 and 5-4 teams right now. No gurantee that 10 wins will get you in.

    Next 3 games are not easy. 49ers are tough. They were winning against both the Saints and Falcons late in the 4th and lost in the final minutes. And we won’t be able to stop Frank Gore.

    Ravens will be very tough. And the Falcons game is no picnic.

    Lose 2 out of those 3 and the Bucs will have to win out to have a chance at the post-season.

  7. Gary Says:

    I realize I’m being greedy looking for a playoff berth considering what i hoped for in preseason, but honestly even if we end up 9-7 missing the playoffs I would be so proud of this team.

    If we can finish this year strong and the Glazers prove “money will never be an issue” in FA, then revamp this horrible D and we would be sick next year!

  8. bucfan Says:

    This season has been awesome, and our record is a place where it needs to be for a playoff spot, but i do not see it happening, even if we have 10 wins.

    Assuming Giants, Packers, Falcons, Seahawks are in, we are fighting the saints, eagles and bears for 2 spots. Redskins are 500 and play us, that’s not too far out. I see us 1 team out. There are lot of division games late season though, hopefully these teams beat up on each other and make some space for us in the playoffs.

  9. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    On the one hand, this team is 6-3…..we have to be talking playoffs. I don’t really think it’s premature at all. Plus, who would have thought we’d be in this spot in wk 9. I just think we should be enjoying where we are right now…..if we aren’t going to get excited now, when the hell will we?

    On the other…..I can’t really say that I’m expecting playoffs. This is a young team, and with the 4 preseason games the rookies are reaching the amount of games they’re used to playing. I wouldn’t be shocked to see some of these kids hit the wall (especially GMC given that he’s in the trenches).

    All that being said, this really is an exciting team and they’ve been proving all of us wrong since wk 1…..A win this Sunday would be huge

  10. tj Says:

    Really really have to appluad Raheem and his staff he is the Coach of the year. He has more players that should still be in collage than anyone in th NfL starting, he has more players from waivers and practice squads. Raheem will never hear me second guess him again

  11. Dave Says:

    I try to stay very positive because it is such a young team and I don’t realistically expect much from them until 1-2 years from now.

    That said, I do not see them making the playoffs.
    Schedule and the result I see:

    @ SF — LOSS (tough to go to the West coast, especially for a young team that can not stop the run. Everyone they faces goes for 100+, Frank Gore will murder them.

    @ Baltimore — LOSS

    ATL — LOSS (could be close, but ATL is getting better and better and might be the best in the NFC)

    @Wash — WIN
    Detroit — WIN
    Seattle –WIN
    @NO –LOSS

    Anything is possible, but to get to 10 they would NEED to beat SF and it is much tougher than people think

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Playoffs is a nice thought, just to get their feet wet, but isn’t a goal of mine. It would be great, but they won’t go to far with out Defensive help. just to be thinking playoffs at week 10, means they’ve accomplished their goal for the year. Improvement, confidence, talent, and absolute crazy potential for the next few years. I’m amped up over this team, it’s coaches, and it’s ownership. We are truly building a “lasting contender”. And I was skeptical after last year. Not anymore! Front seat on the Bandwagon, drinking Koolaide by the gallon- only thing more exciting than watching the Bucs this year, is thinking about how good they’ll be next year. The NFL damn well better not strike! It’ll be stealing a year from the Buc Dynasty!

  13. Teflon Don Says:

    49ers starting LT is out for 4-6 weeks they start two other rookies on the line.. hopefully we can win that matchup in the trenches and shut gore down a lil bit.. hard to say that after letting Mike Goodson run for a bill but then again lets not forget how good the panthers o-line is. Hopefully we take advantage of them missing their LT maybe styles will have a break out game?? We’ll see on sunday

  14. Chargedcbh Says:

    Unlike the majority of so called Buc fans, I think we will get to the playoffs. Do you people REALLY know football? How many teams are NOT going to the playoffs that you thought would? Look at the standings people, it is VERY possible. Believe me no team would want to play the Bucs in the playoffs. To sit there and say this game is a win, this one is a loss. How do you know? You didn’t think we would be 6-3, right? I really have to stop reading this post!!!!!!! I said at the begining of the year, playoffs! A trip to the NFC Championship game would NOT suprise me, it really wouldn’t.

  15. Dew Says:

    Joe, I read somewhere that Aqib could very well be fined or suspended for piling on head first at the end of yesterday’s game. Any chance you can get the hit on video so we can see it again? I was at the game so really didn’t even see it. Thanks.

  16. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Gentlemen: The team is a surprising 6-3 which 60+% of the time = playoffs. The schedule would have been tougher if they non-division games consisted of the SEC East. So, they have a probably 50/50 shot of winning 10 and being there at the end in a very unusual NFL year. I desperately want them to make it, and even though I can’t stand Rah as the HC he will have earned another year, even though the prior two coaches were fired after winning seasons.

    With that said, the real question is: will anyone show up for a playoff game if the fighting rah rah’s make it? I am not sure. A large majority, north of Capt Tim and Jimbuc, believe that this team is not worth investing in yet and almost all of that has to do with the Glazerhouses and their decision to go cheap with an inexperienced, unqualified H.C.

    To sell tix these days, you need more than a feel good story of a stuttering, feel-good story HC and a bunch of young-over achievers. You need big names, stars (except for a budding one in Free), this team has none. I think the real story this year, is how this community – historically (at least for the last 15 years) a strong supporter of this team, doesnt care – and the economy is a b.s. excuse – Bufalo at 1-8 and Carolina at 1-8 outdraw us at home – the economy has hit those communities too.




  17. astrobuc Says:

    Anyone have a link to game . I can’t find it on thx

  18. JDouble Says:

    I think the 49ers are alot better than their record, and thier new QB has lit a fire that has the whole team motivated. They can still win thier division, so I think we have a very tough game this weekend. I hope we pull it out, but I have a feeling it will be a tough game that we either pull out at the very end or lose.

  19. Buc You Says:

    “… would rather be wrong and win than be right and lose.”

    I hate being wrong! 🙂

    Now I will continue my curse and put it in reverse.

    The Bucs WILL make the play offs.
    The Bucs WILL win 10-11 games.
    The Glazers WILL give Rah a loooooong term deal.

    🙂 Will I be right this time????

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas, you really don’t have a clue, do you?

    Buc You, Buc You. LOL

  21. Chargedcbh Says:

    Thomas SHUT YOUR STUPID ASS mouth!!! All these little jabs at Raheem, you are truly an idiot!! Who would want to be coach? You don’t like him why? Because he took a team that finished 3-13 and now there looking at getting into the playoffs? Is that why? Or maybe b/c he drafted Josh Bust in Waiting Freeman? Or is it he just makes you look stupid? Bring in a stud HC?
    Sometimes it’s best to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and erase all doubt….

  22. gitarlvr Says:

    Thats the thing about the games you SHOULD win crap. The Bucs probably will lose to one of the softies left on their schedule. They will also probably pull an upset in one of the remaining games against the “good” teams. Not always beating the teams you SHOULD beat works for the Ravens, Saints, and Falcons too.

  23. gitarlvr Says:

    And as far as the 49ers go, sure Frank Gore will probably get over a hundred yards, but it won’t matter. Their defense sucks too and this will not be the team that stops the Josh Freeman express.

  24. JDouble Says:

    Thier defense is 20th against the pass, 10th against the run, and 16th overall. 12th in sacks….I wouldn’t say they suck. Not a top ten defense, but a solid group. I hope we can score 24+ points on them, cause that is what it’s going to take.

  25. JDouble Says:

    While they are 10th againt the run and have only given up 4 rushing TDs this year….they are 20th against the pass, have given up 13 passing TDs and have only 8 INTs….I have a feeling we’ll be throwing quite a bit next week.

  26. Raheem Morris Says:

    @ Thomas. What’s the problem? I haven’t talked to your sister in weeks. or is it your hidden agenda?

  27. Buc You Says:

    The amazing thing about the Bucs offense:

    1) They have a surefire brusing back that can run over any NFL linebacker or Safety, a full concerted effort needs to be in place to stop Blount.
    2) This Gives Freeman even more time to throw.
    3) When the Bucs do have to throw, they now all of a sudden have one of the better 3rd down backs, as their top draft pick years ago, Caddy, is now a top tier 3rd down back. He is a great pass blocker, quick enough to pick up diverse blitzes and can be considered a top tier scat back (talent wise).
    4) They drafted two WRs who have speed and size and are dynamic enough to make open field plays… they are coming into their own now.
    5) Michael Spurlock. This guy, this guy has become the Earnest Graham of the Bucs WR corps. He is a jack of all trades (and even used to be a QB). He is a beast on special teams and is even a strong, fast, physical WR. I really like what he brings. He is my vote for unsung hero among the stars.
    6) Josh Freeman. I’m not gonna lie, didn’t like the draft pick, but the guy is showing up and getting it done on 3rd down and late in the game when it counts. He also is a big, strong QB that can hit WRs in stride, 15-20 yds down field like it’s nobody’s business. Again, he is big and strong enough to fire a timing route on a line 15-20 yards downfield. A 15-20 yard slant? That’s Peyton Manning stuff right there. So yeah, much better improvement over passed Tampa Bay QBs. That and I don’t think he’s color blind (See Vinny T.).

    Because of the Bucs dynamic offense, they have a real chance to be in every game, or even force a shoot out themselves.

    So in that regard, they have a real chance to win every game.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    Where is Buc You? And what have you done with him?

  29. Joe Says:


    The Bucs game against the Panthers will be free for another day Joe believes.

  30. Mr. Lucky Says:

    If the Bucs win on the West coast against a resurgent 49ers team the playoff talk will increase.

  31. astrobuc Says:

    Thanks Joe, I followed the link, but you need password. I’ve watched the other blacked out games there and had no problems.
    Today, they have not provided free link. I need to e-mail NFL.
    Has anyone watched game today, or am I last person not to watch (il)legal streams?

  32. thomas 2.1 Says:

    Yes Mr. Lucky playoff talk increase, but ticket sales wont.

    All of you emotionall little girls who are slobbering over Rah fail to accept one thing: the NFL is entertainment meant to generate TV revenue and sell tickets to games – the NFL prioritizes the live-game experience hence Blackouts for non-sellouts.

    The general public (not most of you, particularly the anti-Gruden faction) doesn’t get interested and invested until there is some legitimate excitement surrounding the team. Many times that has more to do with name-recognition of coaches and players than anything else – this team is grossly lacking in that respect.

    Why did this team have perpetual sellouts from day 1 in RayJay until Rah took over? The economy dipped before Rah tookover, that stadium is now about half-full for these games – that is sad and a joke.

    Yes, so far they have been a feel-good story b/c of their schedule and a qb who I, and most, undervalued. But a Cowher would sell the place out almost immediately. Rah-Rah well you see what excitement he brings – more empty seats than filled, blackouts, and overall community apathy.

    I got a call from a buddy of mine who was always a huge buc fan and attended all home games around 2:30 this Sunday – I said “what are you doing I thought you would be at the game” he said no – I dont even know who they are playing, its not on tv so we went down to the beach. That is what many folks are doing b/c they just dont buy into this regime regardless of record. And beating Carolina, St Louis, Arizona, Cincy etc doesnt prove much or enough!!

    Dont get mad at me – there are about 30,000 of us staying home “going to the beach or watching the Phins game” and not buying this Rah-Rah campaign.

    And stop slobbering over GMC, everytime he ties his shoes correctly one of you homers is screaming that he will be the next Suh or something. OK – he got his hands on two passes while being stone blocked – great. How about tackling a qb once this season? Is that too much to ask? I think it would be very hard for anyone to play 9 games as a starting D lineman and not get 1 sack.

  33. Cannon Says:

    Thomas, you have to be the strangest “fan” I have ever witnessed.

  34. passthebuc Says:

    This discussion should not be taking place at this point in time. If it is taking place outside the locker room it is taking place inside the locker room and in the players heads. That is a recipe for disaster.

  35. New Era Buc Says:

    Man your life must suck. That’s was some funny stuff. Unreal. That’s to bad because these are some exciting times. Being able to watch this young team grow together is going to be a fun ride. Rah as proven to be a master motivator coaching all these kids to great start and Dominik finding all these young gems from around the league and draft.

  36. Pete 422 Says:

    Playoffs? You wanna talk about playoffs?

    I think 10 wins gets us in and I think the win Sunday. I think it will be close, but a win.

  37. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Thomas disagree with your FACTS. The stadium was pretty empty in 2008 during the 0-4 Gruden swoon.

    FACT – Head coaches don’t sell tickets

    FACT – Winning teams and good match-ups sell tickets.

    I agree that the current Bucs players have not reached out to the community. There is no emotional bond with any of the current Bucs and the community.

    Sure there is Caddy and his remarkable comeback but he hasn’t produced on the field.

    During the 1998-2008 sell out decade you had:
    1. The A-train Allstot
    2. Derek Brooks
    3. Bad boy Sapp
    4. Joe Jeraviscous (I never understood how he got so popular)
    5. Warren Dunn
    6. John Lynch

    What did these guys have in common?

    A. They appeared on highlight reels often
    B. The fans related to them and there was an ’emotional’ bond.

    The current crop of Bucs? Not a lot of emotional connection with the fans with the exception of Freeman.

  38. BamBamBuc Says:

    It took a couple years for fans to build that bond with the players on the mid to late 90’s.

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    That is a ridiculous bunch of bullcrap. Just because the economy hasn’t hit you and your 3 friends doesn’t mean it hasn’t hit the rest. I don’t live in Florida, but a lot of my family and friends do, and every single one of them has been devastated by this economy. My dad is about a month away from having his house foreclosed. I have several friends who have regrettably had to lose their season tickets because they just can’t afford it, and it kills them. So don’t give me that BS about people aren’t going to the game because of the coaches or players. And as correctly pointed out by Mr. Lucky, it was not full during Gruden’s last year. Fans aren’t going because they either can’t afford it, or they are too stupid to see a good thing (I wonder which category you fall in).

  40. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Strange to see someone get things EXACTLY backwards:

    thomas 2.1 Says:

    November 15th, 2010 at 8:30 pm
    “the NFL prioritizes the live-game experience hence Blackouts for non-sellouts”

    Thomas 2.1 — the NFL prioritizes television over live games, that is part of the reason the game attendance is down. The blackout was a small concession to owners so that they would agree to the real source of the money for the NFL: television.

    Geez, you should be able to see how the game has changed to accomodate TV. It certainly has not changed to accomodate live play. When was the last time you saw a live game? As yourself: why were the teams standing around on the field doing nothing? One word: commercial. TV rules the NFL Thomas 2.1, sorry.

  41. Squadoosh1 Says:

    I think everyone stopped listening to Thomas and the rest of the shmoes five or six weeks ago. You guys (shmoes) have literally been wrong about almost everything to date……

  42. BamBamBuc Says:

    Why is it when talking about the Bucs and playoff chances, people only look at the Bucs schedule? I just got done looking at the main threats to a playoff spot for the Bucs and there is a REAL chance we make it. Both the Eagles and Giants have 4 division games left (2 against each other), they also face either the Bears or Packers. As for the Bears and Packers, they don’t have a cake walk either. Another possible thing that’s in our favor is that Atlanta plays both the Saints and the Packers in their dome. If the Falcons win those, they’ll win the division and hurt our opponents for a playoff spot. If they lose those games, we have a chance to pass them up and play them once more at home. All 6 teams (Bears, Packers, Eagles, Giants, Saints, Falcons) that are a real threat to a Bucs playoff appearance have a chance to knock off our (and their) biggest threats.

  43. Joe Says:


    Why is it when talking about the Bucs and playoff chances, people only look at the Bucs schedule?

    Um, because if you don’t take care of business first, it doesn’t matter what the other guys do.

  44. BamBamBuc Says:


    Um, because if you don’t take care of business first, it doesn’t matter what the other guys do.

    I’m not talking about the team. I’m talking about the fans. If we’re projecting whether the team has a chance at the playoffs and only look at our schedule, how do we know if we need 9, 10 or 11 wins? Are we just guessing the other teams will get to 12-4? Looking at the potential playoff teams schedules, we have the easiest route to get there.

    Now, I don’t want the team thinking that way. They need to take one game at a time and not be thinking playoffs at all right now. Beat the 49ers first. Then the Ravens, the Falcons, Redskins, Lions, Seahawks and Saints. Yeah, then they can think about the playoffs.

  45. RustyRhino Says:

    BamBamBam, Nice first post.

    Playoffs? Good and Bad.
    Good- Experience for young team
    Bad- more play-film for teams to breakdown of our young team.

    I hope we do make it and do well… But any way you look at it we have to play each game one at a time. So no need to look past the Niners this week.

    Focus on what is in front of you.

  46. RustyRhino Says:

    BigMackAttack Good first Post as well.

  47. Joe Says:


    You answered your own question.

    Fans, like the Bucs should, concern themselves with what the Bucs control. It’s pointless to look and study other team’s records and schedules if you ignore your own team’s schedule/results.

    If the Bucs don’t win, it doesn’t matter what other teams do.

  48. BamBamBuc Says:

    Is that what’s happened??? People ignoring our schedule? My goodness, and I though all I was hearing was how we’ll be 8-8, 9-7, 10-6 and miss the playoffs, 10-6 and make the playoffs, 11-5. While all those analysis are fine (from a fans perspective), it’s impossible to predict the playoff implications without also looking at the other contenders.

    Of course my first and foremost issues is to watch the Bucs each week, cheer for them and hope for the win. But when playoff talk is involved (from a fan perspective), it should also take a look at the other contenders chances to guage where our chances lie.

  49. JDouble Says:

    After watching the Eagles put up 59 points last night, I’m not sure if i want the Bucs to make the playoffs. A blow out beat down in the post season could linger and fester all off season and really hurt this young team’s psyche. I think 10 wins and not making the play offs might actually be better for us long term. I know that sounds retarded.

  50. sunrisejeff Says:

    Playoff talk sure is nice this time of year instead of talking about the first overall pick in the upcoming draft lol. I’m with most on here though that this San Fran game is going to be a tough one to win. I think if we can establish a run game and avoid the turnovers we can win though.