Mike Williams Arrested For DUI

November 19th, 2010

Mike Williams' mug shot after his arrest this morningNoooooo.

Bucs stud rookie receiver Mike Williams was locked up by authorities this morning after a 2:48 a.m. arrest for driving under the influence near the intersection of 301 and Causeway Blvd. in Brandon.

Here’s the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s report: While the report says Williams’ blood alcohol tests were below the legal limit (.065 & .061), Joe’s experience covering law enforcement tells him Williams could have failed field sobriety tests or the police suspect he was high on another substance. The report says “pending urine” but Joe is unsure whether Williams submitted to a pee test.

All that said, it is beyond Joe why a rich young football player wouldn’t take a limo in the wee hours after enjoying some hard-earned adult beverages.

Jeez. Joe’s partners at Paradise Worldwide Transportation will take anyone home in a limo in and around Hillsborough and Pinellas counties for only $69 one way, often cheaper than a cab.

Williams may be technically innocent of these charges, but it’s heinous judgment to be cruising around town just before 3 a.m. …Joe doesn’t care how fine the piece of ass might be.

Call for a ride.

70 Responses to “Mike Williams Arrested For DUI”

  1. big007hed Says:

    Bad call by Mike Will but if he was under the limit why take him to jail? I’ve heard Florida doesn’t play when it comes to Dui…… Hope he is found innocent but he needs to be home at that time.

  2. Jfgobucs Says:

    Please tell me ..he’s not out with those 2 Dumba$$’s
    T Jax and Stevens

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @big007hed — That’s the thing. If he fails field tests (walking in a straight line, speaking clearly, etc.), then they could still lock him up thinking he might be on something else. Or he and the cop had some words. Truth won’t come out for a while.

  4. Buc You Says:

    LMAO at JBF putting in a plug for their limo advitiser! Too funny.

    The conondrum with football is, you got a bunch of young 20 something kids with a lot of money just trying to live their lives. Why can’t they go to strip clubs, or night clubs or drive home a little buzzed like every other 20 something American?

    So what seems like a common theme for the NFL, its really just young kids growing up. So how does ANYONE train these younguns over and over to be smart? I mean the NFL one of the wealthier businesses in America can’t throw enough money at this issue: Teaching young kids not to be stupid.

    But I think Williams will be OK, afterall, Goodall just congratulated Michael Vick for making a comeback from jail. If the player is talented enough, then that will get many more chances. 🙂

    Say goodbye to rookie of the year and a big contract.

  5. Ash Says:

    That part of town is a hotspot for DUI checkpoints and cops looking to pull someone over. Get the heck out of Brandon MW

  6. -_- Says:

    Give Florio/PFT his credit…You didnt make scoop. How does it feel that he poached a story right in your turf, joe? Makes me wonder how connected you are in TB.

    This is very comical. First of all, Joe’s not claiming a scoop. Second, Joe posted his story about 8 minutes after Florio and Joe suspects they got the same tip.. Third, the local newspapers still don’t have anything. —Joe

  7. moore0316 Says:

    .065 is nothing. kid was probably tired from beatin up some chick’s how-do-you-do which makes all of our legs weak. they should tell these rooks to lawyer up when pulled over by tampa’s finest. DO NOT SUBMIT TO ANY TESTS! its called the fifth amendment. live it, love it, not guilty.

  8. Jimmie Says:

    Your absolutely right Joe! It is not worth it because i can tell you from personal experience myself when this happened to me back in july…the cost of it was pretty high, not just financially, but also to the cost of your peers (primarily friends and family). As well, this absolutely further states that if you are going to have fun after a well-derserved week and you have a little too much, call a cab or have a designated driver in place for it.

  9. Posey99 Says:

    no!!!! think they will suspend him from sundays game?

  10. Ash Says:

    Tip? You mean listening to 620? They had it 30 mins before anyone else

    You guys are cracking Joe up. This is not a scoop competition. Joe was listening to 620 give the report as he was typing up what is here and typing up the report on 620’s site at http://www.BucsCountry.com Joe is partners with 620.

  11. LaughingCat Says:


    Dungy and McKay would have immediately suspended him. Gruden and Allen would have brought a massive contract extension to Orient Road an hour later.

    Morriss and Dominik are somewhere in between that.

  12. Marc Says:


    That would be .065 and .061.

    .65 and the man would surley be dead.

    And another thing, maybe you need to create a post that tells THESE CRACKERS TO GET OFF MY BOY’S NUTS!!!!! And leave it up there a while!!

    F–k TPD!!! Leave 19 ALONE!!!!

  13. oar Says:

    Like Ricky Bobby always says: If you aint first, you’re last! LOL!

  14. oar Says:

    Really does it matter? If you really want to know the truth, Nostradamus was the first to “scoop” this news!

  15. Ray Says:

    0.65?! Daaaaamn that dude can party!

  16. Ash Says:

    No it doesnt and I could care less, Just trying to rile Joe up a bit

  17. oar Says:

    “F–k TPD!!! Leave 19 ALONE!!!!”
    Wow, really? I don’t even know where to begin……

  18. JDouble Says:

    Well this sucks.

    On the bright side he was below the legal limit so there’s a chance these charges are garbage and get dropped with no suspension.

    On the downside, what the he!! is mike going out driving around at 3 AM on a Thursday night before an away game? Pretty knucklehead thing to do. Right now every GM in the league is saying SEEEE!!! We knew he was trouble!!!

    Mike, like Blount, has to try even harder than anyone else to stay out of trouble. There is a microscope on them and people are just waiting for them to F up. Gotta do a better job at keeping himself out of bad situations….like driving around at 3AM.

  19. LaughingCat Says:

    The other GM’s might be saying that, but they all wish this troublemaker was catching passes wearing their colors. If a below-the-limit DUI is his first offense, I suggest Bucs security place a tight clamp on him now before he gets out of control.

    Mike just might use this as more fuel to prove others wrong.

  20. Marc Says:

    You can begin by throwing a brick at the next squad car you see!!!!

    Fk’em ALL!!!!!!

  21. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Woops! The toking Rah’s are at it again!

    First, a runk corner punches a cabby and gets suspended for a game this year;
    Second, a starting safety tests positive a third time for banned drugs;
    Third, a red zone tight end gets caught with a massive amount of marijuana clearly in excess of an amount for personal use – unless you are talking about T Jax;
    Fourth, Starting and budding star WR gets arrested at 2:48am on the day of travel to a west coast road game for suspicion of DUI with legal a b.a.c.;

    I wonder what that means guys? That the “influence” that he was under was not suspected to be alcohol geniuses.

    Real tight ship over there. Has any NFL team had 4 alcohol drug related arrests, suspensions and releases in just the first 9 games. Probably not.

    This is what happens when you put a buddy instead of a boss in charge! Sure the kids love it, but the boundary between boss and employee gets erased and this is what typically follows!!

  22. Dave Says:

    He should have gotten a ride, then there is no story. Just a young guy partying a little bit.

    Hopefully nothing comes of this and hopefully Raheem AND Freeman are at the jail right now scolding him.

  23. gruss222 Says:


    Way to show what an ignorant-want-to-be-thug-but-don’t-know-how dumb-ass piece of trash you are. “F-k TPD”. Causeway and US301 is no where near City of Tampa limits and TPD has nothing to do with Williams arrest.

    As to his arrest, at those test levels one would assume that something else had to have occurred at the scene that has not came out yet. The DUI case will surely become a reckless driving for lack of evidence. Hopefully Williams will gain the realization that he now lives under the world’s largest microscope with many, many predators-of-the-famous just waiting to pounce on any slightest off-line mistake!

    Chin up Mike. Get back in the straight line. This will pass. Take it as an extreme lesson at a very young age and never repeat the mistake again!

  24. sachanta Says:

    I just looked at the booking report. it shows he was arrested at 4:44AM and released at 8:04AM after posting bond.

  25. lightningbuc Says:

    The old adage always seems to rear it’s ugly head – “a leopard can’t change its spots”.

  26. bucfanjeff Says:

    Here’s the deal – he’s a professional athlete, alcohol in your body is poison – period. A couple drinks, ok, let’s hope it’s nothing too bad. I’m hoping all the attention he’s getting for his play isn’t giving him a big head. Let’s hope this ends quickly and quietly and he wasn’t on drugs.

  27. TruckerBuc Says:

    ‘Joes experience covering law enforcement tells him….’
    Are you kidding me? These statements keep me coming back. What laughs.

    Hate to kill your laugh, TruckerBuc, but Joe spent years doing just that for the Tampa Tribune. –Joe

  28. gatorsfan Says:

    according to espn he offered a urine test to prove he was innocent and hes going to start

  29. gatorsfan Says:

    adam schefter of espn*

  30. JDouble Says:

    lightningbuc Says:

    November 19th, 2010 at 10:08 am
    The old adage always seems to rear it’s ugly head – “a leopard can’t change its spots”.

    Well since Mike’s previous issues were academic and had nothing to do with alcohol….this statement makes zero sense.

  31. gatorsfan Says:


  32. Gary Says:

    Lets just hope it was just drinking! At those levels, either he can’t handle his liquor and was pulled over for bad driving; or (which I pray to God is not the case) he was on something else.

    Bucs please hire the best DUI lawyer in TB and put this incident behind him. Strike 1 MW, make sure there is never a strike 2.

  33. Gary Says:

    I hope your right gatorsfan… that would be great news!

  34. safety Says:

    Since we all have all of the information, we should feel secure in casting judgement.

    No, wait. We don’t have all of the facts, just some of them.
    And one of those facts was that his BAC was under the limit.

    Lets all buy a Jump To Conclusions Mat.

  35. gatorsfan Says:

    yeah we should wait till all the facts come out til we cast judgment on this young kid. he just needs better judgment but that comes with more maturity

  36. nick Says:

    Cops down here will arrest first and figure it out later when it comes to DUI. Its a joke. Good video tapes will usually get people off. His BAC was going down. He drank, waited and then drove. .08 isn’t that much to begin with. .065 is basically cold medicine

  37. Troxell8t8 Says:


    Not trying to be an a$$hole, Scheffter tweeted some interesting news on Williams.

  38. Joe Says:


    Got something from a different source coming. Hang on.

  39. Troxell8t8 Says:

    thanks Joe, never a dull moment.

  40. MTM Says:

    Attention: All Buc’s players the police in Florida look for athletes on the road. If you think they don’t pull your information. Before pulling you over. You are very naive. Police look for high profile arrests.
    That being said. If your an athlete, driving a high dollar ride, late at night. Be ready for it. WTFU

  41. MTM Says:

    Thank god LGB wasn’t in the car. Thats all the Bucs need. A rookie wide receiver pulled over, found under the influence with Blount in passenger seat.

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hope this gets cleared up, and Williams proves to be innocent. Really want this kid to succeed

  43. TBBucs47 Says:

    Adam Schefter tweeted that MW got pulled over for a speeding ticket and the cops were giving him a hard time so he volunteered a urine sample to prove his innocence.

  44. Buc You Says:

    So stop driving around town at 3 and 4 am then. Anybody driving around at that time of night is subject to being pulled over.

  45. lightningbuc Says:


    I never said alcohol. I meant troublemakers continue getting into trouble. His “academic” issues, as you describe them, were not getting a couple of D’s or F’s, but were because he CHEATED on tests and papers, and on numerous occasions. And he also had issues with being out late.


    I stand by my statement.

  46. eric Says:

    Not a wise choice at all by Mike. However, he is below the leagal limit. Therefore, unlike the previous comment he was smart for taking the test. A refusal guarantees an arrest and 90 day DL suspension.

    I fear, however, that this might not be the end of it if there is a urine sample. But, if that showed something it would be more problematic as far as league rules, not a DUI. Very hard to say when someone took a particular drug that shows up in a urine screen. THe NFL wouldn’t care when he took it, if he did.

    Likely result is a reduction to reckless driving and hopefully a wake up call for Mike, who was performing brilliantly IMO. Reckless included probation and community service, fines and court costs and the DUI School.

  47. d-money Says:

    Just last night I was driving and the car in front of me was “weaving” all over the road. I assumed that the driver was probably drunk so I stayed back from them. When I got up next to the car at a light it was a woman who had her face glued to her i-phone.

    Bad driving doesn’t always have to come from being drunk.

  48. oar Says:

    “Bad driving doesn’t always have to come from being drunk.”
    Well officer, it was a woman driver! LOL!

  49. eric Says:

    Joe doesn’t care how fine the piece of ass might be?

    C’mon man your not slipping that one past us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For example, Mrs. Garcia would be well worth a DUI rap IMO……………….

  50. Posey99 Says:

    Ok, they said ‘under the legal limit’ so did any alcohol show up at all? It takes about a beer depending on body weight and your over that limit. if there was nothing at all then the cops were messin with him and that would make sense that he would submit to a urine test. keep in mind that they dont post your arrest time until you are actually arrested. so if he was pulled over at 12:30 coming back from a late dinner, got pulled over, asked for license and registration, ask to step out of the vehicle, called in for backup, blew into a breathalizer, had to do field subriety test, prob searched the vehicle for drugs or alcohol THEN put in handcuffs (arrested).. that could literally take hours to get him booked into county jail

  51. TrueBlue Says:

    If memory serves me correctly you can be charged at anything above .05 if there’s other indications that impairment exists. .08 is prima-facie of DUI and no other evidence is required. It used to be this way, but it’s been awhile since I actually read the statute. Probably still is.

  52. Joe Says:

    For example, Mrs. Garcia would be well worth a DUI rap IMO

    Joe would allow his condo to be foreclosed for an intimate, sweaty, heavy-breathing, late into the night, bedsheet-thrashing session with Rachel Watson.

  53. admin Says:


    Keep in mind Joe’s putting himself in the shoes of an NFL player with naughty and fine women available at every turn. In that case, it’s not worth the DUI. …Of course, if it’s just Joe as he is today, then of course Joe takes the DUI. 😉

  54. Buc You Says:

    Maybe Raheem outlawed taking cabs home after the Talib incident. Because, of course, it was the cab drivers fault.

  55. moore0316 Says:


    you go ahead and GIVE the state evidence, the rest of you guys with a brain refuse to any tests (see 5th amendment) and you will have your dl back in a month and the charges dropped. too bad the great dui attorney Victor Pellegrino has passed. 19 could really use his advice.

  56. Frank Stueck Says:

    Taxi cabs Are a whole lot cheaper then your limo service by half the price.

  57. Joe Says:

    Taxi cabs Are a whole lot cheaper then your limo service by half the price.

    Depends where you are going. Shoot, just going from downtown St. Petersburg to Treasure Island will run you damned near $30.

  58. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    While most of us are saddened and disappointed in the events, there’s always got to be a douche bag that blames Raheem. You, Thomas, are that doucher. First of all, the Cincinnati Bengals would love to have only 4 arrests in a year. Second, Tanard Jackson was originally caught under Gruden’s watch, FYI. Jerramy Stevens has been inside a jail cell many times in his life, so that is ridiculous. Aqib Talib’s incident happened the beginning of LAST season, and he appears to have straightened out. And Mike Williams is guilty until proven innocent, because last I checked this is America.

    So by your claims, a boss is responsible for all his workers. So if one of my employees gets arrested, then it is because I’m not maintaining control? You are so stupid it’s emberassing.

  59. derf Says:

    I heard that Williams was going to take a taxi but then he remembered Talib’s problems of last year and decided to drive himself to stay out of the limelight!

  60. BigMacAttack Says:

    Can we please get Todd Wash a DUI or something to get him fired?

  61. Capt.Tim Says:

    Derf- Sile . . Hey , wait a minute, that was Funny!! How’d ya do it, Derf?

  62. Thomas2.1 Says:


    Are all of you employees routinely and randomly drug tested with positive tests leading to suspensions? Are your employees all young men 22-35 With a lot of money and outside influences. Yes mw is responsible but when problems persist leadership has a role.

  63. Vince Says:

    Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of more knucklehead decisions by him! He’s a fantastic athlete and a bonafide stud @ WR, but for some reason, knowing his background in college worries me.

  64. eric Says:


    Victor Pallegrino was a great attorney, I knew him very well. However, he would agree with me! If you did not drink much take the breath test. Also, the state is far less inclined to offer a reduction to reckless driving if you refused the breath test.

    And you are wrong about 30 days to get your license back. For a refusal you have a 90 day administrative suspension. You cannot drive during that period. Only after the 90 days can you get a hardship license.

    Now, if your drunk off your ass, heavens no do not take the breath test!

  65. eric Says:


    Thanks for the clarification!

  66. moore0316 Says:


    i stand corrected and i am in awe of your knowledge…

    well said. you know you some dui law! i hope the young man’s pee-pee comes back smelling like roses. hey…why don’t you represent #19!?


  67. oar Says:

    “i hope the young man’s pee-pee comes back smelling like roses.”
    No, cause then they can get him for smoking pot-pourii!

  68. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Exactly how many players have been suspended due to drug tests? By my count, it’s only been 1. Plus that one was first caught during the Gruden era anyway, so your point is irrelevant. Even if MW is caught with a little weed in his system, you think we are the only team that has players that smoke weed? You are pretty stupid if you think that. What does money have to do with anything? Poor people can’t drink or smoke weed?

    I suggest you really shut the hell up when you don’t know what you are talking about. Again, if you don’t like Raheem, fine, but blaming him for this is just plain wrong.

  69. BigMacAttack Says:

    Mike should not have put himself in this situation but………..

    Why did the Cop arrest him after he passed the breath test?
    Why do these cops always target the Bucs?
    Was he pulled because he was black and drives a nice Cadillac?
    I don’t usually play the race card but it seems to fit the TPD based on arrests.
    It is just as easy to swerve when sleepy as drunk.

    It would be nice to see the cop’s in car video of the driving and arrest.

  70. moore0316 Says:


    pot-pourii!? sir your mind works like an aluminum bear trap! that was great. ZING!