How Would 10 Wins Change The Plan?

November 24th, 2010

"It's time to win it all."

Playoffs or not this season, if the Bucs notch 10 wins, the whole rebuilding plan and Mark Dominik’s approach has to change significantly moving forward.

Right? Joe thinks so.

This is the NFL. In Joe’s mind, you win 10 games with a young club and you better do everything to push your team over the top to the promised land the following season. You go for it. Especially since, as always, an injury or two to a franchise player could change everything..

The “lasting contender” stuff would have to go on the backburner.

Of course, Joe hopes the Bucs bring home the Lombardi trophy this season (a guy can fantasize about more than Rachel Watson), but Joe is giddy over the thought of the Bucs finishing strong and making a huge offseason push to bring in some established studs get the team over the top, in addition to 2011 draft picks.

Frankly, Joe believes that approach would bring back legions of bandwagon fans and get the home games back on TV.

41 Responses to “How Would 10 Wins Change The Plan?”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    You can’t deviate too much or you regress. Stay the course.

  2. nick Says:

    isn’t that what got us in the mess of the last 5 years?

  3. Slappy Says:

    The quote on the picture…Does that apply to the NFL or English Premier League titles?

  4. Pete 422 Says:

    It will be interesting what Mark Dominik’s plan is for positions such as MLB. It would be nice to get a seasoned DE who is a strong pass rusher, but if not, go the draft route (drawback = time & development). That is a huge need.

    Instead of rebuilding this year, the Bucs reloaded. If they get a DE in free agency, then maybe take the best player available in the first round of the draft?

  5. Buc You Says:

    Mark D seems to be a better bargain shopper, as if this is his very own fantasy football league.

    Let Mark find more practice squad guys, may every team start protecting their own or Mark will swoop in a bring em on home.

    Although some stud LBs and a CB couldn’t hurt.

  6. REALISTIC Says:

    Are you kidding? Winning 10 games this season is a very surprising and outstanding accomplishment. The have improved a lot more than I expected. But come on. They haven’t beaten any teams with a winning record much less an elite team. No way are they “one or two players” away from a championship. With the yo-yo effect of NFL scheduling the may not win six games against improved competition next year.

  7. sunrisejeff Says:

    Nothing wrong with bringing in a few free agents to help put the puzzle together but for the most part they should stick to what they are doing. Keep building this team for the long haul, draft smart, resign guys that deserve to be and cut bait with those who don’t.

  8. booty traps Says:

    Follow what Pittsburgh and New England do and we will be good to go. I have always liked there model!

  9. Gary Says:

    Thats exactly what i have been saying Joe. The plan has to change. Still build mainly through the draft but a key free agent or 2 will do wonders for us.

    Imagine if we had a beast like P. Willis as our MLB? That is a huge hole that I wish we didn’t fill with a rookie.

  10. Dave Says:

    What established studs? That is the problem. MOST that switch teams end up as busts or overpaid and outplayed.

    The way I see it they just need to draft a stud DE and LB and Safety. Everything else gets better with maturity and experience.

    It would be nice if they got another DE or LB in Free Agency, but I am not holding my breath.

    Basically, I am saying I do not think their plan needs to be put on hold, but they can help expedite it with a free agent or 2.

    Just remember all the people who wanted: Farve and Haynesworth and Moss etc…

  11. FBeast Says:

    What kind of ridiculous advice is that? If the plan is working, change the plan? Put the idea of building a lasting contender on the back burner?

    If we can win with a team loaded with young, home-grown talent, I say keep it going. You may sell a few tickets in the short run with a couple of high-profile FAs, but in the long run, the fans will rally more heavily around a dynasty-type team built with “our” players.

    If we can bring in one or two FAs in their prime to fill key areas of need, guys who can play at a high level for several more seasons after arriving here, great. But we shouldn’t start loading the roster with guys just because we think they might put us over the top for a Super Bowl run next season (if there is a next season). That kind of thinking led to the need for a rebuild in the first place.

  12. Chargedcbh Says:

    Very good point Joe! We are setting the standard for years to come. The only thing this team needs is a solid pass rusher, I wouldn’t start bringing in alot of free agents. This team is a family, you can let maybe 1 or 2 free agents in. I don’t want alot of outsiders coming in and getting in the heads of this young team. Those players built this! They are the foundation, be very careful who you might bring here…. At this point they have proven they can find talent, they can coach, so ALL of the teams needs can be found in the draft next year. Focus on the BIG PICTURE…..
    To many fans play Madden and think they know how to run a team…

  13. Buckeyebob Says:

    Don”t see MD doing anything in 2011 other than staying the course they have set in place. He is good at finding the bargains in the market place, but not spending $$ on FA. Stay with the plan and keep building this team block by block.

  14. nick Says:

    10 wins wont change the plan because 10 wins was never part of the original plan

  15. Patrick Says:

    Bringing in some established FA studs would probably get us some media attention for once.

  16. christopher Says:

    Gary, The Willis’ of the world don’t grow on trees, & usually ARE NOT free agents, as their team would lock them up. That said, he played like a beast his rookie year as well.

  17. jdouble Says:

    10 wins doesn’t change anything. This regina has a philosophy and it’s going to stay with it. I will guarantee you that we will not sign any free agents that r over 25 years old.

  18. jdouble Says:

    Okay maybe 26…

  19. Pete 422 Says:

    Wow, pretty much all in agreement here. I’m all for staying the course through the draft. I was looking at FA DE that will be coming up & nobody really knocked my socks off. The only thing that makes me nervous would be a rookie MLB, BUT, why not, we have a rookie #1 receiver.

    Not disrupting the chemistry is a great point. The Cowboys of the 90s were built through the draft and what made it work was the young players bought into Jimmy Johnson’s system.

  20. New Era Buc Says:

    Stay the course that is the lasting contender. If you don’t like what your seeing go cheer for Bruce Allen and his amazing redskins.

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:

    If they keep building through the draft, we will keep seeing a renewal of talent on the team. I still say that if there is no football next year, there will be no real free agency, except for undrafted free agents.

    No team in their right mind will pay an aging player to sit a year or more, hoping they stay in shape for the coming year.

    If the plan is working, why abandon it? Sure, we could dip into the FA pool and maybe tempporarily plug a whole that could help us to one championship…but staying the course another year will possibly seal the deal for multiple championships.

  22. Chargedcbh Says:

    Why do we care about media attention? Seriously, who cares if we are talked about on the NFL Network? I’d rather just keep winning and you’ll hear about us during the playoffs.

  23. BamBamBuc Says:

    Problem with bringing in free agents is that it takes playing time and growth away from young guys that need more experience. If you have young guys or have the ability to get what you need in the draft, go that route. If there’s nobody that really catches your eye in the draft, of course you can bring in a free agent or two.

    The other problem bringing in free agents (other than taking playing time away from young players) is that they often put dollar signs in the eyes of our young guys. Why stay with this team? Hit the market and you’ll hit the big payday. So what if you never win a Lombardi Trophy and get a ring, it’s all about the money….. Yeah, I’d rather have a group of guys that grows up together, wants to play together for years and looks for their dollars from their own team.

  24. gotbbucs Says:

    all you really have to do is look at where we’ve had success in the last few years. it’s bringing in free agent role players. guys like sean jones, ike hilliard, and jimmy wilkerson. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  25. Joe Says:


    Why do we care about media attention? Seriously, who cares if we are talked about on the NFL Network? I’d rather just keep winning and you’ll hear about us during the playoffs.

    You may be the first person to agree with Joe on this.

  26. Kenny Says:

    Couldn’t agree with Joe more. IF, big if, we win 10 games, then we have to go for it. Windows close fast in the NFL. The plan was always to get into free agency when the team was close to a Super Bowl. You’ll all be crying like babies if the Bucs wait for the perfect time and get injuries or can’t pay all these young guys when they grow up.

  27. gitarlvr Says:

    To people who don’t want to sign any free agents or think thats how this team got in trouble in the first place. Yes, GruAllen paid way too much money for a bunch of guys that were on the downside of their careers. Someone said there are no studs in free agency. Like everyone is either old or a bust and thats why they are a free agent. Not true. Last year was an example of there maybe not being a true superstar young free agent available on the defensive side. This year is different. 26 year old Lamarr Woodley is there for the taking. He is considered by some to be the best OLB in football, even better at this point than his teammate James Harrison. Pittsburgh has to let him test free agent waters because quite frankly they can’t afford him. They already gave a huge contract to one linebacker(Harrison) recently and have other more pressing needs to spend their cap money on. Woodley would be an example of getting a free agent at the top of their position who just entered their prime. He will command the biggest money of any backer in free agency and possibly the biggest money of any defensive free agent(im thinking except maybe Haloti Ngata). The bucs don’t need to run out and splurge on a bunch of free agents but they do need to pony up whatever it takes to sign one established star to this average linebacker core. The Bucs last defensive turnaround started with a free agent Steelers linebacker. It would be perfect symmetry if this one did too.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    It amazes me that everything I post, gets ignored. Then it’s posted again two weeks later,by someone else, and it’s the talk of the town. I agree Joe. If we make the playoffs this year, rebuild is done. Of course we keep adding thru the draft, but Tampa Is now a hot destination again. We add some Vet talent to fill holes, and drive for Superbowl

  29. George C. Costanza Says:

    Favre is in the last year of contract too!!

  30. BamBamBuc Says:


    There are NO free agents available yet. You’re assuming players will be free agents. There is no guarantee that the Steelers won’t re-sign Woodley before the free agent period begins. They don’t have to sign him during the season. They have into February to sign players after the season before they become free agents. Let’s wait and see who is available then. We also have until then to sign any of our own players whose contracts are running out. Some will be signed, some will be let go. There is the potential this year for more free agents available than in any year in the free agency era. But we won’t know until the 2010 season comes to a close after the Super Bowl.

  31. Kevin Says:

    Dance with who brought ya!

  32. bucyea Says:

    just when I was beginning to read again, you puke all over yourself.

  33. gotbbucs Says:

    The Steelers aren’t going to let Lamarr Woodley just walk out the door into free agency. At the very least he’ll get the franchise tag, unless by some miracle the players association gets restriction tags taken out of the new CBA. Either way, young players like that rarely ever hit the market.

  34. The White Tiger Says:

    @joe – I don’t think anything will cause a deviation from the plan.

    Besides, aren’t you implying that they need something they can’t get in the draft?

    What is missing? What would be a lower cost way of acquiring whatever talent we are missing, while also sidestepping any veteran attitude that would come along with a free-agent?

    I was not a fan of acquiring talent purely via the draft, but we’re two years in and other than a starting DE and some o-line depth…I’m at a loss for why we need to add any free-agents?

    Could be the kids are playing above their heads – but that might indicate coaching…

    I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I’m not sure why we need a free-agent?

  35. Architek79 Says:

    Joe, you counterpart (Florio) actually showed the Bucs some love in the latest 10-pack for Thanksgiving. It appears he doesn’t hate the franchise afterall. Wow, I cannot believe it…He said that we better be taken serious, can you believe it? I may show him some respect as a businessman and journalist but he is so slanted on his views it’s hard to follow him and his work. I’m just saying…

  36. Jerry Says:

    You build the team through the draft and fill in holes with free agency.

    However this will be a VERY large free agent market. There will be some very, very good names out there and YOUNG names out there. For some reason many people think every free agent is old. That’s not true.

    The Bucs also have some free agents that could hit the road. Trueblood, Joseph, and Ruud may go. We don’t have enough draft picks to replace everyone plus fix the problems. That’s why you need free agency to fill holes.

    You can’t be a young team forever. The team will age a year next year. The core that is being built will slowly get old as well. That’s life.

  37. Vince Says:

    Bandwagon fans are all ridiculous! Maybe we can turn some of them into true fans!

  38. BamBamBuc Says:


    It has the potential to be a VERY large free agent market next year. It is also possible most teams re-sign their players before free agency hits. Just like the young Bucs potentially could have had 2 wins this year, but took the other possible route of being contenders. We don’t know what will happen come March.

    One thing will be true, however, and that is that teams will concentrate on signing the best players back to their own team and the “bubble” players will hit the market. I think that will probably happen with Trueblood. He’s been a starter, but Lee is playing better. They’ll probably let Trueblood go. That means there will mostly be players (young or old) that are “middle of the pack” type guys. That may be better than what we have in some positions, and it may make sense to get some of those guys.

    Don’t count on it being a player “free for all” come March. There will be free agents, just like every year, but it’s not gonna be “highest spender wins”. Hold true to the plan, let the young guys play, draft new young guys to play, fill in with a couple free agents for competition, depth or to replace a substandard starter.

  39. Jerry Says:

    One of the biggest problems with this team right now is depth. And you really will have trouble fixing the problems with the draft, AND filling holes with the draft, AND adding depth with the draft.

    There just isnt enough draft picks for all that. We are a few injuries away from a complete disaster.

    I don’t understand what the problem is to bring in a few vets to temporarily fill a few glaring holes. It adds leadership and experience to a young team. Everyone is spooked about doing this because they say that is what Gruden did. No, he did not. He and Allen brought in LOTS of vets to fill every hole they had. Im talking about adding a few. Adding a big free agent LB as well as drafting one would be a huge boost to the defense. Because right now, Quincy Black and Barrett Ruud are just not cutting it. Those two are back-up material at best.

  40. gitarlvr Says:

    @BamBam- I did the research man. Pittsburgh is FOR A FACT letting Woodley hit free agency. Thats a fact.

  41. gitarlvr Says:

    Well let me qualify that. If there is a new CBA that doesn’t include the franchise tag then he will be an unrestricted free agent. He will simply command too much money for the Steelers to sink into there linebacker core after signing James Harrison to 50 million. They could keep him if they franchise him I suppose. Remember when the Bucs had to let Hardy Nickerson walk? The Steelers can’t tie up all their cap space in their linebacker core when they have other weaknesses they want to spend free agent money on. The franchise tag could very well go away in the new CBA. The point is they aren’t going to outright sign him to a new contract before free agency starts unless possibly they are able to franchise him.