Enough With The Late Shots On Freeman

November 7th, 2010

The zebras are really pissing off Joe.

It seems week after week that Josh Freeman scrambles, lines up a slide and gets into the slide, and then proceeds to clocked by some cornerback flying across the middle. And the zebras ridiculously won’t throw their flags.

Freeman then gets up to complain to no avail. It happened again in Atlanta today. The zebras are clearly prejudiced against Freeman because of his size.

What the hell has to happen for the zebras to throw the flag? Mark Dominik, if he’s not already, really needs to start pounding Roger Goodell’s phone to get the word out. Put together a video and send 100 copies to New York.

Joe would absolutely love to see Freeman fake a slide and then tuck the ball and behead one of these late-hitters with his shoulder.

It won’t happen (maybe?), but it would send a ferocious message to the rest of the league and the zebras.

7 Responses to “Enough With The Late Shots On Freeman”

  1. Hunter Says:

    The refs were killing us all game, it was ridiculous!!!!


    Joe, this has happened every game this season.

    It makes me especially sick to my stomach when I see the Refs extend the Colts’ drive late in the fourth quarter because Trent Cole barely scraped the back of Manning’s helmet in an attempt to strip the ball.

    If you’re gonna protect players, PROTECT ALL OF THEM. Too many b***s*** hits on Freeman.

  3. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Absolutely agree. I saw the one on Payton and just went crazy. Where are our calls. Freeman takes crap from every team and doesn’t even cry about it. F the refs.

  4. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Free did get one call though. It was awesome. There needs to be more though.

  5. Eric S Says:

    This is not just happening to the Bucs. I watched the Phins game as well and Henne got drilled 2 or 3 times after he slid. Maybe the refs are just not throwing a flag unless it is so late that they have to call it.

  6. gitarlvr Says:

    I like the Freeman laying a defender out idea Joe. But seriously I have to believe Mark Dominik is already planning on making that call to Goodell.

  7. JDouble Says:

    Just one of the many bad calls/non-calls against us today.