Bucs Haven’t Beaten A Good Team

November 4th, 2010

Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com, the guy who predicted the Bucs would be completely putrid, has devoted an entire video to the state of the Bucs.

Joe suspects this will annoy many Bucs fans.

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    1. DieHard Bob Says:

      “Joe suspects this will annoy many Bucs fans.”
      Not if we don’t give him the satifaction of watching it. Go BUCS!!

    2. McBuc Says:

      Hey Florio…1987 Billy Joel called, he wants his hair back!

      The Falcons have beaten one good team as well, why a different standard. For that matter, the one good team they beat was the Saints…who have not beaten a good team either, unless of course we count the 5 – 2 Bucs.

    3. McBuc Says:

      Too bad I posted before I saw Diehardbobs post…right idea Bob.

    4. Jamie Says:

      I agreed with Florio when he said something like “The Bucs beat the teams they’re supposed to beat.” That’s exactly what the Bucs have done, and they’ve done it BETTER than teams like the Saints, who many pundits think are a better team than we are. (See Saints losses to the miserable Browns and the recently defeated Cardinals.)

      At the same time, it’s time to put up or shut up. Good teams also win games that they AREN’T supposed to win. We’ve gotta beat some of those teams, and the Falcons are the first in line.

    5. MichiganBucsFan Says:

      Actually McBuc, the Saints also beat the Steelers, who are a pretty darn good team.

      And it’s hard to argue with the guy, until the Bucs do beat a “good” team, they aren’t going to get or deserve to get elite team respect. So that leaves us with one thing to do.

      in the words of Raheem “The Dream” Morris, “Let’s go eat some bird!”

    6. KJ Says:

      Excuse me, but I am SO SICK of hearing this “we beat the teams we swere supposed to beat” crap. We we’re 3-13 last year. 3-13! So we were “supposed” to beat the Cardinals, Bengals, and Panthers on the road this year?! If that’s the case, then why were we underdogs in EVERY GAME. I’m not saying we’re an elite team or anything, not yet, but for goodness sake enough of this “we beat the teams we were suppsed to” stuff.

    7. MVPFreeman Says:

      Florio is an idiot. Everything he tries to say about the Bucs, almost the opposite ends up hapening. Thanks for the win Fkboy Florio!

    8. Jonny Says:

      Florio is a mo’fer.

    9. big007hed Says:

      Florio is a hack and is just like ESPN and goes with what is flashy….. I can’t stand Florio and his sorry excuse for reporting and his hair is worse than Kiper!!!!

    10. Bucworld Says:

      Amen KJ.
      I don’t here the same ” they didn’t beat nobody” excuse for Kansas City. Who did they beat that was elite? The only elite teams they played were Houston and Indianapolis(lost both), so why not make the same argument about them?

    11. BigMacAttack Says:

      I don’t disagree with Florio here. he is being realistic and openly issued a challenge to the Bucs. Raheem talked the talk and now it’s time to walk the walk. So far they have a done a good job of backing it up. It is time to beat one of the good teams. The Bucs are still 110% better than last year and one thing I like about this young team is that they don’t talk trash to the media, like Dockett and Roddy, guys who have either been beat up or who are about to get beat up. I think this game will be won or lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball. If we can control the line of scrimmage we can control the game, but then again, it could be another shoot out and all bets are off.

    12. McBuc Says:

      MI…You are right, I forgot about the Steelers losing to the Saints. So…they beat one good team other than the Bucs.

    13. Pete Dutcher Says:

      Florio is right.

      You guys may not like hearing it, but he is absolutely right in most of what he said.

      Look, the truth is no one is going to respect the Bucs until we start beating the tough teams. I’m happy with the wins, I really, really am.

      But in the end, these early wins are against teams that the Bucs are closely matched to as far as skill/experience level. Yes, we were underdogs in most of them, but we were still considered close.

      And you can bet, if we win this weekend, the story will not be about how good the Bucs are, but rather “Are the Falcons as good as everyone thought?”

      Because zero national media, especialt BSPN, want to give the Bucs any credit at all.

      Raheem making the claim that we are the best in the NFC isn’t what interests the media…seeing him proven wrong does. They WANT to see the Bucs fail. Why?

      Because Jon Gruden burned a LOT of bridges for the Bucs when he was coach here. So have the Glazers (such as the firing of Dungy). Last year was a complete embarrassment for the team and it’s coaching staff (let’s see, both Coordinators failed and got fired, Tanard got suspended for drugs, Talib smacked a cab driver and Trueblood got a reputation as a dirty player).

      So it doesn’t surprise me that media guys like Florio feel this way. It also does not surprise me that when he shows up on local sports talk…he says something totally different.

      And bottom line…the Bucs are not a good team right now. They are improving from game to game, but they are not there yet. But I’ll take the wins because when they do get good, the NFL better watch out.

      Until then, I really don’t care what Florio, King, Clayton or anyone else thinks. These are my Bucs, and I love them no matter how good they are. Shoot, I’d own them if I could.

      Now…players from another team? Espedcially the Falcons (Roddy White), I really hope the Bucs stuff him into the ground.

    14. Pete Dutcher Says:

      Let me add…most teams are caught off guard by the aggressiveness of the Bucs. Raheem said when he became head coach that he wanted to be a physical team…and that’s what he’s building here.

      It’s catching other teams off guard…and the refusal to quit is too.

    15. New Era Buc Says:

      I refuse to watch any of Florio’s crap. That guy sucks. What an embarrassment to the NFL

    16. McBuc Says:

      Gusy, The Atlanta fans feel that they do not get any respect either, and to an extent it is true. This game should be fun. Rivals, so who is better does not always come into play, two hungry teams both with something to prove. This is what football is all about. GO BUCS!

    17. KJ Says:

      How is a team that has won 5 consecutive road games in the NFL and is 5-2 not at a good team? I couldn’t disagree more. They are a good team. Period. It’s okay Tampa fans, you can say it. Good teams beat bad teams. Good teams take advantage of turnovers. Good teams win close games in the 4th quarter. I’m sorry but the Bucs ARE a good team. Not a great team… yet.

    18. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

      Not annoyed…

      We can beat the Falcons, [b]if we can stop their running game.[/b] No chance if we don’t… that’s are achilles heel.

      I sure hope Roddy keeps talking… this young team is eating it up. Coach Morris (I’m sure) is feeding them this foul-tasting bird this entire week.

      IMO – These two teams are more closely matched than anyone wants to admit. Win / Lose / Draw, this week is going to be proof of that.

      …Any given Sunday…

    19. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:


    20. Snook Says:

      I can’t wait to hear his excuse when the Bucs beat the MIGHTY Falcons on Sunday.

      Wish I could ask him how he figures the Falcons are so great. Three of their Five wins are against the SAME teams the Bucs have beaten. Their fourth win is against a lesser opponent (49ers; Bucs beat Rams). Other than the Saints game in which New Orleans (Garrett Hartley) GAVE that game away in OT, how are the Falcons considered SOOOOO much better than the Bucs?

      I’d love to hear his answer.

    21. McBuc Says:

      Snook…I agree with you, but for the sake of argument…he would say…point differential. As long as we win…WHO CARES! I am with you Snook, but that is the only valid answer I have seen on these sites, and I think it came from BamBam or BigMac, not really sure.

    22. Capt.Tim Says:

      I don’t ever listen to Florio. I’m to good to stoop that low. But I am surprised that he had time to post anything! He’s pretty tied up in that scandal involving him, a male prostitute, and the bartender in Charlotte. Guess he found time to break away from “K-Y Gate”. Good for him!

    23. JDouble Says:

      He comes off as a bit of a jerk, but I agree with everything he is saying. Right now, we are an over achieving team with lots of bad players and holes, especially on defense. If we can go into Atlanta and beat the Falcons, then everyone’s perception of the Bucs, including my own…will change.

      The greatest football minds in history will all tell you the same thing. To be a great football team you have to do two things well. Run the ball and stop the run. We might be able to run the ball now with Blount, but untill we prove we can run the ball consistantly and figure out how to stop the run, we will continue to be a fluke. It’s good that this young team is learning what it feels like to be winners, but the fact is these wins are flukey and if we don’t fix our D-line, we won’t be a real contender.

      We are still ahead of where everyone thought we’d be right now, but to ignore that our defense is horrible and argue that we should be considered a top team is ridiculous. Top teams are consistantly good at all aspects of the game. We are not.

    24. DreadedBuc Says:

      It’s not so much about what Florio says, it how he says it. Whenever he talks about the Bucs there is an obvious sense of hatred spewing out of his mouth. He does not want us to suceed because he talked all that garbage about us being dead last in the division and not winning 7 games in 3 seasons. Anyone that says anything that stupid is obviously not worth the time of day.

    25. SkookumSmitty Says:

      Well, if we had ‘blown out’ the teams we were supposed to beat, you guys might have a stronger point.

      I am very happy with the wins, and this is going to be a great game. Should the Bucs win, a whole lot of crow will be served next week.

    26. DreadedBuc Says:

      Our defense is not horrible. Last year our defense was horrible. This is not last years defense. Our D-line and linbackers are horrible at stopping the run and getting pressure but are still decent enough to assist with 3 2nd half shutouts. The defense is at the top of the league for getting turnovers. That is not a horrible defense that is a decent defense with potential.

    27. BucsFan66 Says:

      Absolutely right JDouble.

      Atlanta’s gameplan will be to run it down our throats and I’m afraid that Harvey Dahl and co. are going to have a field day against our undersized guys. Funny thing is, Roddy White’s been talking trash so much because he KNOWS he’s going to have a lot downfield opportunities once we start having to bring an extra guy up in the box to help out.

      It’s going to take alot of heart and toughness for us to pull this game out. I have confidence that we can do it, but we absolutely cannot afford any missed tackles in the run game otherwise it’s gonna get ugly.

      Go Bucs!

    28. superd Says:

      The problem with this whole thing is we wern’t supposed to beat all the teams we’ve beat. We were supposed to be 2 & 14 remember?