BSPN Looks At Panthers-Bucs Game

November 15th, 2010

Jon Anik and Cris Carter break down the Bucs win over the Panthers in this BSPN video. Carter doesn’t think the Bucs are an elite team… yet. He explains why. Tell Joe what you think of Carter’s analysis.

6 Responses to “BSPN Looks At Panthers-Bucs Game”

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    I agree with it for the most part. I don’t consider the Bucs to be an elite team by any means but this year there doesnt seem to be ANY elite team in the NFC so who knows where this road will take us. One thing is certain we are an improved team and continue to show progress and as a fan thats all I can ask for.

  2. Ramon Says:

    He makes a decent point, but we also need to stop letting other teams pick us apart with the underneath passing game.

  3. DreadedBuc Says:

    We are close to being an elite team. I don’t agree with Cris Carter’s reasons, I think we would be an elite team if not for the defensive line. Until the defensive line becomes a problem for other teams we are close but no cigar. However we don’t need to be an elite team to win games and that what we are doing. The race to ten looks damn good right now. Go Bucs!!!

    Just imagine what this offense would be like with the 02 defense. We would be a powerhouse!!

  4. Luc Says:

    Not elite, but promising as heck! This season is but a building block for what should be many nice years ahead.

  5. architek79 Says:

    Very Accurate!

  6. Will the Beast Says:

    The Colts were worst against the run the year they won the superbowl stsat are for losers