Blount Is “Their Bread And Butter”

November 29th, 2010

In addition to former Bucs guard turned radio talking head Beckles, another longtime Buccaneer wants to see the Tampa Bay ride the horse that is LeGarrette Blount.

(Count Joe in that mix, too, sans the NFL playing experience.)

Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, co-host of The King David Show on 1010 AM, which always makes Joe think of the ancient Israeli leader, said the Bucs should have let Blount pound the rock more against the Ravens. He finished with 13 carries.

“Their bread and butter, if they’re going to make the playoffs, is LeGarrette Blount,” King said.

King went on to say he did not want to see the Bucs call more hurry up/up tempo offense against the Ravens, something Fox color analyst Tim Ryan was looking for as were many fans.

King explained the offensive line and receivers — and the quarterback — are too young and inexperienced to pull off everything a hurry-up offense entails for more than a few plays or beyond a late-game, comeback situation.

Joe really hasn’t seen any team take Blount’s game away. Greg Olson seems to be the only one that can stop him.

26 Responses to “Blount Is “Their Bread And Butter””

  1. Hunter Says:

    I agree, if we would have given him the ball more, we might have won more games, possibly 9-2???


    Come on, man. The buttered bread always comes after the Blount…

  3. Hunter Says:

    Despite what some people might say, the play-calling has been terrible on offense, the whole season (except for the Arizona game). Olsen needs to stop running the ball on the first two snaps of a set of downs when we don’t get much or anything on the first down run. Also, the time to take deep shots is on first or second and short, not third and 1 or 2 yards. Olsen, IMO, basically tries to warm the offense up in the first quarter or two. If he would call the first half like the second, we would have at maximum 2 losses. We also need to only do the scripted screen passes on first or second down, and not third. During the games, I just want to take the playbook away from Olsen, and call the plays myself. Better yet, let Freeman start calling more and more plays as he grows. WHAT DO YOU THINK JOE?

  4. gitarlvr Says:

    Its insane to say they should have ran the ball more down two scores in the fourth. They took over four freaking minutes off the clock on their 4th quarter TD drive which consisted of all passes. The problem is that they Greg Olson needs to stop throwing on first down early in games. And he needs to give Blount carries on both 1st and 2nd down in more sequences. Of course then everyone will be complaining that he needs to open up the offense more. You can’t win as an offensive coordinator in the NFL. No matter what you do you always get second guessed. Like people slamming Olson for throwing deep on 3rd and short. Guess what folks. The best time for any play is always when its least expected. Spurlock had his man burned on that one play. He gets paid to catch those balls. Olson can’t help it if his players don’t execute.

  5. Hunter Says:

    @gitarlvr: I’m talking about the whole season, not just Baltimore game….

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    Wow, those last two posts could not be more opposite of each other. It’s almost like you two planned that.

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    Oops, didn’t pay attention to the first part of gitarlvr’s post. Nevermind.

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    Anyways…I agree with your view gitarlvr. You have to give Blount plenty of work on early downs, especially early in the game. That opens up the entire passing game as the game progress’s.

  9. Hunter Says:

    I agree with gitarlvr as far as Blount on early downs, but it would be nice to take a longshot every once in a while on first down….

  10. Nano107 Says:

    I guess Sean King was watching another game maybe? The only time we moved the ball was during the no huddle. Sean Cmon Man!!! Olson sucks he called a horrible game. I agree though they need to run Blount!!!

  11. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Everytime the Bucs get a coule scores behind, which takes them away from the run (obviously), everyone blames the playcalling. Doesn’t make sense.

  12. Buc You Says:

    Joe said it best, the only one stopping our running game is Gregg Olson himself.

    So true.

    Greg, run Blount to stupid sh!t! Im not defending you anymore if you dont have the common sense to run Blount early and often.

  13. Buc You Says:

    Typo… Should have been ‘Greg Olson, run Blount you stupid sh!t!’

    One more moronic game like that on offense NOT using your best will give HGO the justification to revert back to FGO. And I’ll be all for it.

    Run Blount early and often Greg Olson!!!!!

  14. MTM Says:

    The Bucs have had a lot of success running the up tempo offense. Josh Freeman has won quite a few games now in the 4th quarter. So I don’t agree with King that the hurry up offense is just to confusing. Its more confusing when your 14pts down with 7:00 left. That I agree with.

    Everybody knows that Blount should get more carries. But the spots that Blount is trying to go through. Just aren’t open most of the time.
    I would like to see Blount turn it outside and get some receivers and tight ends involved in some down field blocking. Blount on the 2nd tier of the defense in very dangerous.

  15. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    @Buc You


    Man, it’s almost like Olsen was more intimidated by the Ravens D than our Offense was. When Blount finally started to get the ball in the 3rd, he was running over people. See LGB side-step Ray Lewis?? That was awesome.

    I’ll have to say that I’ve never seen a Bucs team play so physical. I remember when the Ravens, albeit much younger at the time, came down to Tampa and left with a 31 point goose egg victory and Chris Simms’ spleen. Even when we’ve been decent, since the Super Bowl year, we’ve always appeared soft when we played teams who are known to play physical.

    I remember Penn saying after the Steelers game how the Bucs held their own in the physical game much better than they held their own on the scoreboard. It’s nice to see us play with the big boys. Hopefully we can get some experience and not make those small mistakes/misses that killed us on Sunday.

  16. GODORES Says:

    To not use Blount more against the Ravens, especially when Freeman clearly was not on his game is beyond me. We had countless 3rd and shorts where Free just couldn’t connect with his receivers, why not hand it off to Blount and let him bulldoze his way for the first down? This was the first game where I really felt that Olson’s play calling could have been better. I hope he gets more involved against Atlanta. Ever since Blount has been inserted into the offense, he has done nothing but produce/open it up for other guys to step up and make plays.

  17. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    The problem is that Blount got 9 carries for 25 yards in the first half. That’s hard to continue in the second half when the D gives up a couple quick TDs. Blount was much more productive in the second half when he had 4 carries for 30 yards. Probably because Baltimore was making sure not to give up the big pass over the top, in order to protect their two-score lead.

  18. d-money Says:

    Shaun King knows more about football than i do but it seems to me that if you ran out of time to make a come back then going to a hurry up offense sooner probably would have been a good idea. Especially when they marched right down the field and scored. They had the Ravens on their heels. Had they done that at the begining of the 4th quarter that would have given some breathing room at the end of the game.

    When they got the ball at the begining of the 4th quarter there was no sense of urgency.

  19. Jonny Says:

    Ravens are a darn good run defense and if anything, we wasted several early downs by unnecessarily running the ball over them. Of course Freeman having an uncharacteristically bad day makes Olson look like the clown.

  20. Architek79 Says:

    Everyone has all of the answers but there is one Tampa Bay Bucs OOcoord, Greg Olsen, not you wanna be’s. Just enjoy the growth of team and get ready for a dog fight on Sunday.

  21. safety Says:

    Amen Architek.

  22. moore0316 Says:

    just tell the O to score more, its a simple game. right? on another note…S. King has really let himself go. dude looks like he ate W. Sapp.

  23. Buc You Says:

    When Olson abandons the Blount and goes with the shotgun and caddy pointing around in the first half then that is a big problem.

    The only time Olson was patient enough to stick with the run was when San Fran was getting shut out.

    Newsflash greg, you run when down by 7 early in the game.

  24. Bucworld Says:

    Yeah, running Blount 13 times a game will not cut it. He needs at least 20 touches. You can’t abandon the run just because the back does not break 20+ yards every other play. 3 to 6 yards a pop is more than enough. Let’s return to Buc ball and beat Atlanta this week.

  25. sunrisejeff Says:

    If the Bucs hadnt fell behind by two scores so earl I think you would have saw more of him. I expect a very short game this week because Blount and Turner will get fed early and often.

  26. oar Says:

    For someone that goes the every game, you don’t remember very well do you? Ravens shut us out 27-0 that first game of the season, not 31-0. Also, Simms started 3 games that year, so not sure how the Ravens took his spleen and he was still able to play? Carolina was the team that broke his spleen in game three of 2006.