Black Friday Is On At

November 26th, 2010

Joe’s got a deal for you.

No catch. No BS.

Joe’s selling brand new white Reebok replica Josh Freeman jerseys.

They look just like the photo on the right. The price of $49 includes tax and shipping. All jerseys are new and will be shipped within two business days via certified mail to the address provided. Good luck finding this deal somewhere else. …Click below to buy.

Update: 7:51 a.m. – Very few left. Only in the sizes below. Check for more deals on a different player later.

Update: 11:02 a.m. – Sold out. Thank you. Check back later.

11 Responses to “Black Friday Is On At”

  1. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Happy to answer any questions in the comments, if there are any. Supplies are limited, and Joe will be monitoring inventory closely.

  2. Posey99 Says:

    Joe, any other deals on bucs gear? – not big on jerseys

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Posey99 – Just the jerseys right now. Joe’s testing the waters.

  4. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    awesome Joe, just ordered one

    I’ve wanted a white Josh Freeman jersey for a while now, this is way too convenient

    guess my black friday shopping is done

  5. Bucc Fan In Hawkeye Country Says:

    haha yup just got me one too thank ya Joe.

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Appreciate it fellas. Thank you.

  7. Deputy Buc Says:

    LOL… where’s the xx fat guy jersey option?! 🙁 What a steal though!

  8. Scott Says:

    Awesome deal, just got one for my son. Nice to finally (after just 30+ years) to have a QB whose jersey you want.

  9. Danbucsfan Says:

    Dang! That’s what I get for sleeping off my Thanksgiving celebration…ya snooze ya lose. I would have been all over that deal like gravy on turkey!

  10. @eric Says:

    How about getting Blount’s jersey out to everyone….dont forget about us bigger guys, XXL

  11. Tuggz Says:

    I would have been all over that if 1) I knew about it in time lol and 2) they were the home red jerseys. Oh well, sick deal though!