Beckles Says Fourth-Down Call Is “Ignorant”

November 8th, 2010

It’s the play fans will be talking about all week. Joe, of course, has written plenty already. Fourth-and-1 on the Falcons’ 2 yard line late in the game and the Bucs called a counter play with LeGarrette Blount getting rock.

We all know how it finished. Ugh.

No fan of what he saw, Ian Beckles, former Bucs offensive lineman and co-host of The Ron and Ian Show, on WDAE-AM 620, was going a bit wild this morning because the Bucs called a “counter.”

“I’m not going to question the call to run [with Blount versus Freeman on a quarterback sneak], but calling a misdirection, to me, when you need one yard is ignorant,” Beckles said.

Beckles said the call should have been to  just block straight up and let Blount pound it.

Beckles went on to say he doesn’t “know if he ever saw a softer team up front” on defense than the 2010 Bucs.

38 Responses to “Beckles Says Fourth-Down Call Is “Ignorant””

  1. Aldo Says:

    about the call i agree about theres other options to get the yard, i guess free pushing the middle would been enough to get it.

    talking about de front DLine, i will always say todd wash is hurting us in coaching, the front D looks damn soft, i exclude GMC cuz he is a rookie and NOBODY in that DLine is helping him, but roy miller is doing squat, and the DEs are non existent….. hire a ned DLine coach, give us some DEs and done

  2. architek79 Says:

    Can’t disagree but hopefully they can get better. It’s personnel too, Ruud is not the answer regardless of what people say.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Beckles has turned into a ratings grubbing, disloyal, uninformed, taking radio head since finally landing a real, if low paying,job. Sad! I used to respect Ian, although he had a mediocre, undistinguished pro career at best. He always competeted hard, and gave decent effort, although obviously not naturally it seems he has fallen into the “shock radio” technique that litters( and I mean litters!) the airwaves. Sorry guys, you ain’t all Howard Stern, Or Bubba!! Do a little work, be a lol bit of a homer once in a while! We are talking about “games”, right! You guys get this? We aren’t talking about national security, or the war on terroism! Jus “games”. No higher moral issues. No harm in supporting the home teams a Lil. No damn reason to pretend to be impartial. But endlessly bashing the home team gets you where that station and it’s Bozos get ya. Turned off permantly on my radio

  4. Gary Says:

    He is totally right on all fronts. The call was horrible. And the D-line is garbage… YET AGAIN!!!

    I am done excusing GMC for his pathetic play because he is a rookie. Even an average rookie DL would have stumbled into a few plays already! And lets not even get into Suh. I know we are all thinking it and praying it doesnt happen, but unless GMC gets a whole lot better he will be the biggest bust in our history.

    All this has to fall on Wash, get him out of there please!

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Aldo, agreed the run D looks soft. Part Is the unusual defenses we are running. I think we are getting a lot out of the rookie/1st year DT’s and DE in the run. It’s our invisible LB’s that bother me. Stopping the Run is their job! Soooo, where are they

  6. Aldo Says:

    capt tim, GMC usually gets bouble marked and thatsnot cuz they think hes a menace right now, is just they dont respect the DEs we got, our better DE is stylez and im sure he is just a good back up on at least 25 teams!!! im sure next season GMC will be stronger and maybe pricve without injuries and the little experience he got we can be way better but im sure we need a better DLine coach to get that talent in a better way, call me crazy but i will not be surprised if the bucs pick DE in the 2 first rounders!!!

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Saying the Bucs are “soft” up front, when your line is Rookies McCoy, Price, and Woods. and first year starters Miller,Moore, And Bennett. Only Vets are Crowder and White! Saying that group is soft isn’t observant, it’s ignorant! Of course they are soft. Buuuut, what happened to our linebackers? Really, Rudd Is the only Vet there. Hayes and Black had been here, but Gruden didn’t play them. Really, they ate 1st year starters also. But, the line is doing something right. We are 5 and 3 at the half way point! 10-6 works for me!

  8. Amar Says:

    Blount has the IQ of an orange

  9. d-money Says:


    I’m a pretty big kool aid drinker when it comes to this team but to say the D-line is “doing something right” is not very observant. They are soft. Yes they are young and they will learn but at this point they are soft. I don’t think I saw a tackle by a d-lineman in the entire first half.

    This team is 5-3 because of Josh Freeman , Mike Williams , K2 (and others on offense)as well as pretty great play from the DB’s. We are winning in spite of the D-line not because of them.

    That said I’m not too worried about it because I know they will improve as they learn. But at this point they are pretty soft.

  10. Ken Says:

    Was he never alerted that a counter was not called? Blount says they called a dive. He just didn’t do it.

  11. d-money Says:

    Amar has the IQ of an Apple.

  12. Anthony Says:

    i wouldn’d have minded the counter if caddy was in there, but how r you gunna fake a run to roy miller????? WTF a play action flip to k2 was the play call there

  13. Bubba Says:

    Beckles needs to pipe down and do his homework. According to Blount in an interview after the game, he was supposed to follow his blocker and go over the top. Instead, HE – BLOUNT – decided to bounce it outside.

    Wrong decision by a rookie.

    He will know better next time.

    To blame Olson etc. etc. etc. is less then intelligent.

  14. Amar Says:

    Anyone that has the word money in there name, you know is broke. LOL

  15. Aldo Says:

    cmon amar!!! thats not fair!!! why u say that?? did u know him??? have u ever test on him??? thats not neccesary, he is a rookie and i guess deserves this season to make mistakes, and for the record, is not like Spiller or best or mathews are having a good season, in my eyes, blount is as solid as their and even better

  16. bucnoleguy22 Says:

    GMC= the biggest bust in history..thats laughable..kid has played 8 games next to a bunch of school girls on the def line w one of the worst def end tandems in the league..please, guess u weren’t around for the gaines adams era (rip)…

  17. Tampa2 Says:

    Everyone keeps calling for Ruuds head. But 1) who is the leading tackler on the team?, and 2) Why are the opposing runners 7 yards deep within 3 seconds? You better be happy Ruud is back there to make a play!
    Freeman alone is the reason for the 5-3 record. All you have to do is think back each game at whom it was that made that comeback. Take Freeman out and what would the Bucs record be?
    Beckles is Right! And to go one further, compare this years defensive stats to last years defensive stats and ask why this year’s DC hasn’t been fired!
    All in all I commend the kids for staying in the game yesterday. They do have heart & determination. If you go by stats alone, they shouldn’t be winning at all. Alot of us thought that it would be a “beat-down” by the Falcons. But they hung in there and made it close. Atlanta’s defense is for real. It is not the vanilla defenses of the powderpuff teams that they have been making those come back wins against. That is what impressed me even though they didn’t make it this time.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Aldo, agree- looks like priorities are DE, Lb,S, and meybe Lg And RT, but O- line looks like it may have some answers! That would be great, and allow us to draft 2 DE in a row! I like the idea!

  19. Joe Says:


    The reason why people are down on Barrett Ruud is because the Bucs are terrible at defending the rush and Ruud is not a run stuffer. Even Ruud himself admits it.

  20. Chargedcbh Says:

    With ALL the problems this team has, we still had a shot to win the game. SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! ONCE again , this team was 3-13 last year! Did you guys predict the playoffs this year? NO! If you can’t see what is happening in front of you each Sunday then you guys REALLY don’t know football… Ian Beckles is a FOOL!! He is the same dick that kept saying we didn’t touch C. Palmer the entire game. We almost had 2 sacks in the first drive of that game. Anyway! this team is going to be awesome! You people do not know football if you can’t see this. Last year 1-7 this year 5-3 and your still complaining. IDIOTS!!!!!

  21. Amar Says:


    I like your passion and no I don’t know him…My comments are out of passion too, I’m very very upset and disappointed with this loss that was in our hands. I blame Blount out of anger but truthfully I know its not his fault.

    Our team is still in construction and the foundation is rock solid.

    But I do somewhat believe he has a low IQ based on listening to him speak and his behavior. He’s just one of those the need special attention and lots of guidance and we have the perfect people around him to help him, (i.e. Caddy, E.G., Raheem etc.). So i’m really not worried about it, we just can’t count on him in big time situations just yet.

  22. Aldo Says:

    is not complaining at all, when u got a chance to win, u take it, simple, we are not frustrated about the team or somethin like that, so take it easy chargedcbh, we lost a chance by a lil margin but the future is bright, now we need a better coaching on the DLine, we need to grab DE badly!!! an i insist, i would not be surprised if we pick 2 DE in 2 first rounds in next draft!!!

  23. eric Says:

    Everyone is focused on the one play. But perhaps not letting Atlanta move the ball in the first half like they were playing against a scout team would have been helpful also.

  24. Joe Says:

    But perhaps not letting Atlanta move the ball in the first half like they were playing against a scout team would have been helpful also.


  25. Bucnjim Says:

    Tampa2: If you think Ruud is playing well this season; I have to question #1 what games you’ve been watching and #2 what do actually know about football. I’ve seen Ruud get bitch slapped by FB’s, TE’s, RB’s, and even old ladies; never mind the tread marks the O lineman leave on his forehead. He is slow, soft, weak and can no longer cover down field. His leadership is very questionable and so is his ability to continue playing in the NFL. He really looks like a guy out there in high heals trying to make a tackle.

  26. Aldo Says:


    look man, i apreciate ur words, and i understand what ur saying, but let me tell u something, when u got marked by a punch more than ur playin, and suddenly he has all the media atention, is fair enough to say blount looks shocked, that guy is humble and i tryin to change all his mistakes, or at least looks more calm down, i understand the frustration, i was kinda sad about the game but when u see the big picture, team played with heart, they were close to win it, and i guess we get some respect from the media and of course other teams, sure we got many mistakes, and that needs to be fixed, some mistakes can be fixed adding game experience for example the blount case, some mistakes (i guess) needs to be fixed changing coaches, Todd Wash has enough talent and is not developing it….

    anyway, thx for the word amar, and calm down, blount is a good guy for us and is giving us hope for years to come

  27. Anthony Says:

    Ruud would be a better fit in a 3-4 system where he can just be a tackling machine and not need to make big plays. We need a bigger MLB who can help stuff the run, more tin the mold of beason or lofton. right now im missin shelton quarles. Dont think he got the respect he deserved

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    In the never ending town fool saga- Amar-= rahDomtheraracist! Lmao. I can’t believe this guy. Let’s see, Rahdomthebest, Javier in Wimoma, Buc you, Amar, plus a couple others he dumped right away, that I’ve forgotten. That’s funny! D-money, Who said the line was “doing something right”? I said to expect them to do anything but struggle was ignorant. Whole line is young.I did say they are doing “something right” due to the improved record, buy really, all that means is they are hiding our weakness at run stopping much better this year. All the DT’s will be better next year, except for Ryan Sims, who they are desperate to replace! The young’uns will be better, and expect either a top FA DE, or high draft pick! Actually, I expect both. And some LB’s who can Stuff the Run! Where’s Ervin Randle when ya need him. On yerrible teams, everyone feared running up the gut back then. Master of the dreaded ” crumple tackle”! Just collapsed RBs like an aluminum foil Sub in Deeep water. Ah, the good ole days!

  29. BucsFanNearSacTown Says:

    I havwe to ask….who is Barrett Ruud’s back up…Hayward? Is he worse? Why aren’t we at least giving him a shot? What’s the story on Watson. He looked pretty good on a few plays I saw. What position was he playing?

  30. gitarlvr Says:

    Watson was in for Quincy Black. Incidentally if you think Ruud is bad take a gander at Quincy Black. The guy has been completely invisible except for a pick last year against the Dolphins and his one sack against Carolina. He and Ruud both could use replacing. The only one I would keep is Geno Hayes who has elite speed for a linebacker, but at 223 lbs. he is too small to ever be an all around elite linebacker. There is no one in this backer core with the ability to be a star. Its time to draft one in the 1st round next year. Its been 15 years since the Bucs drafted Brooks in the 1st round.

  31. tcaviar Says:

    Stylez White beats his man most of the time he plays pretty well but the other side Kyle Moore is suspect. And GMC is getting double teamed on every play not because he is a bust! He is learning the postion and being slowed by his constant being moved around. They need to leave him in at his position for the whole game. And without Barret Rudd who calls our audibles and has been top 5 in the league in tackles for the last 4 years(check the stats) our D would fall to shame. Maybe if we payed the man he would play better. Also T Jack’s suspension is hurting our saftey play badly. He always helped with the run and new where to be on the field. Please bring in Sabby and cut Sean Jones. He is the softest strong saftey I’ve ever seen.

  32. BamBamBuc Says:

    eric Says:
    November 8th, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    Everyone is focused on the one play. But perhaps not letting Atlanta move the ball in the first half like they were playing against a scout team would have been helpful also.

    Yeah, we were down a WHOLE 3 points at the half (17-14). Man, that game was so far out of reach, it’s amazing they made it back in the second half to even have a CHANCE to win. Unbelievable that we could have taken the lead in the 4th with about 2 minutes left if we could have gained another yard.

    It had nothing to do with Freeman throwing an INT on the first possession of the 2nd Half to give the Falcons a short field for a TD. Had nothing to do with an early 4th quarter INT near mid-field when we’re down 6 and driving. It was all the poor defense in the first half letting them get that 3 point lead.

    I think the INT in the 3rd quarter was more devastating than the first half D. We were only down 3, and ended up down 10 because of that short field. Don’t give up that 7, and we’re running out the clock instead of needing a yard to come from behind.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Good God, people! We are 5-3! Wade Phillips or Brad Childress would kill for that record! It’s better than the Chargers, the SeaHawks, the Redskins, and the Broncos. There is absolutely no reason to panic. And starting calling for Sabby the Goat ta Start’! That’s just too much for the Haters or The Koolaide Krewe ta tolerate!! Lol! I’ll though that play on the goal line, downing that Punt, was pretty amazing!

  34. gitarlvr Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    I love the Ron & Ian show but here is something people need to know about it if they don’t already. The guys don’t do any research to prepare for their show. They freely admit that. It really is more of a FM radio type morning show with a sports slant. So to answer you Bubba, Beckles does not do any homework but he also doesn’t pretend to. Its an enjoyable show for what it is just don’t expect those guys to always know what the hell their talking about.

  35. Pete 422 Says:

    There is a difference between being soft and being inexperienced.

  36. Just Frank Says:

    They are really soft up front. Sorry. But it starts with 51 and it’s spreading like a virus.

  37. McBuc Says:

    That must be why Ians is a coach…Oh wait…

  38. McBuc Says:

    Tampa 2…I actually agree with some of your post…Ruud and Freeman anyway. That “powder puff” team Cleveland has beaten the Saints and the Pats. I beleive both of those teams are known for their strong offense. A win is a win, it was nice to hang with ATL, but a loss is a loss. We need to beat them in Tampa, and I say we will.