Tons Of Highlights From Bucs’ Win

October 10th, 2010

Gerald McCoy 1010Wow, the good people of the NFL Network have uploaded bunches and bunches of highlights from the Bucs win at Cincinnati earlier today.

Of course ,Joe has them for you.

First are most of the highlights rolled into one video.

Cody Grimm puts the Bucs on the scoreboard.

Earnest Graham barrels downfield for 61 yards.

Graham also plowed into the endzone.

Aqib Talib picks off Carson Palmer.

Sabby saves the day with his late-game interception.

Mike Williams hauls in a pass from Josh Freeman for a touchdown.

Spurlock makes perhaps his best catch of his career.

Connor Barth gives the Bucs the win.

The Bucs defense was strong when it needed to be.

Freeman and Williams connect on a long pass.

More Bucs defense highlights.

Still more defensive plays by the Bucs.

Raheem Morris and Freeman talk about the Bucs’ win.

6 Responses to “Tons Of Highlights From Bucs’ Win”

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    That TD catch by Williams over the defender was just beautiful. Nice to have a guy on this team that will go up and just will the ball away from the defense.

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Spurlocks catch was incredible, and so was Williams, and that laser shot Josh threw to Winslow. One day our coaches will teach us how to better pick up a blitz, and then the NFL better watch out. Tampa has plenty of firepower, and will have it for years to come.
    The Bengals got BEAT, our turnovers kept them in this game.

  3. Mark Says:

    Why no Gene Deckerhoff highlight?

  4. sensiblebuc Says:

    Random observation: It was actually Biggers who tipped the ball to Sabby…looks like we have our new Donnie Abraham!

  5. bob Says:

    NICE with the Abraham reference. i have his jersey and wear it all the time. (although they’re used to it by now), my friends used to always ask me, “who the hell is that?” I’d just smile

    hope e.j. can become half as reliable as Abraham was

  6. Blackmagic00 Says:

    The confidence is extremely pleasing to watch. Even through the super bowl year you couldn’t watch every game and not wonder when we might choke. This team is so confident that if they can just keep it close till the fourth they win. I love that they’re a fourth quarter magician rather than a choke artist. And they have so many more years to perfect it all.