Saints Are “Much Less Of A Threat”

October 14th, 2010

Three Saints beat writers gathered and churned out a very intelligent video take on the Saints-Bucs game.

Among the highlights, these guys explain why the Saints are “much less of a threat and “aren’t going to forget” about the crushing loss to the Bucs in New Orleans last December.

  • Saints Black and Gold Report Video vs. Tampa Bay
  • 12 Responses to “Saints Are “Much Less Of A Threat””

    1. Travis Says:

      dude on the left is a massive homer, guy in the middle is a realist, and guy on the right is a pessimistic saints fan.

      I just think Brees is going to come out angry and shred us, without much help from a rushing attack

      28-17 Saints

      But look for us to come back strong after that game angry and could possibly go on a 4 game win streak following against the Rams, Cards, Falcons, and Kittys.

    2. JDouble Says:

      Nice show. Wish the Bucs had a weekly 20-30 minute video analasyst like this.

    3. BigMacAttack Says:

      They pretty much beat the hell out of the Saints. I like the 24-20 pick Bucs to win. I think that is very realistic. The Saints are a MORE TALENTED & experienced team, but are they better? I don’t think so. They are having some issues on offense with missing weapons. I think the Bucs have a good shot to steal another one as the underdogs, yet again. Go Bucs!

    4. Pete 422 Says:

      This isn’t a must win for the Bucs, but this is a game they certainly can win. Looking at the next 4 games a win this week would be HUGE, because as Travis pointed out, those are teams the Bucs can beat.

    5. JDouble Says:

      I think with Zuttah in at center we will not have a very good day on offense. Zuttah might pick it up and get better after a few weeks, but I just don’t feel good about this Sunday. The chemistry bewteen center and QB is very important.

      I think the bottom line for this one is our D-line will either find a pass rush this week, or we will end up being a rebound game for the Saints and suffer a clobbering defeat.

      I’ll predict that if the Saints score 27 or more points…we lose.

    6. Architek79 Says:

      I enjoyed the show overall and it was faily balanced. To predict or state that the Saints are as dominant as the Steelers is a fallacy, even from the kicking game and down, the Saints are a average team right now (no disrespect). I have said it and I will say it again, we have the prime opportunity to catch a wounded dog while he is down coming into Tampa on Sunday. Also I would like to respond to the Homer on the left, no sellout does not have 100% to do with the team winning right now in the Tampa area. Some people don’t see the Bucs as a neccesity to spend their money on in a bear market. What does that have to do with the Bucs being a young opportunistic team. I am like the Saints player interviewed, say what you want about fraud and quality wins but the film doesn’t lie. The Bucs loss to a surperior Steelers team that does that to other teams also, so what it was a measuring stick but I wouldn’t go out on a limb and say the Saints clobber the Bucs. The Bucs are a lot better than AZ I tell you that.

    7. Architek79 Says:

      Bucs win 23 – 16 with a 4th quarter drive to validate that they should be at respected.

    8. Bucnjim Says:

      They should have brought up the fact that the Bucs match up great against pass first teams. Always have and probably always will. The Tampa 2.5 is designed to take away the big play and force teams that pass to dink and dunk down the field. Sometimes Brees is patient enough to do this and sometimes he gets that Favre itchy trigger finger that gets him into trouble. Teams that can’t run have a much harder time against the Bucs than teams like the Steelers who just beat up our undersized team. If the Bucs can find that lost running game then they will take this game 24-21. If the running game stays where it is and we can’t control the clock a little the Saints win 27-14.

    9. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

      Great post Bucnjim. The Saints Tackles are as bad as our tackles have been which means we should have a Stylez G sighting and the Crowder/Bennett side (or McCoy in the 3-3-5) should get pressure.

      I think the game should be a good one predicated on our continuing to make small improvements. Gotta watch the middle of the field as Brees has been tearing that up so underneath coverage (Ruud) better be solid and safety play will be critical.

    10. booty traps Says:


      That guy is a bigger HOMER than me. This will be a great game to watch either way. Our secondary is playing great football which plays into the Saints passing attack perfectly.

      Idont know if well win but were certainly gonna not make it easy for them either. We are a decent football team and so far we have been able to captalize on the other teams mistake and that makes ANY team dangerous.

      We just have to eliminate any big plays from the passing game keep everything short and in front. They can drive down the filed all they want as long as they get 3 points we should be in the game.

      Bend but dont brake!!

      GO D!!

    11. booty traps Says:

      err….. break



    12. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

      I hate to say this, but these weirdo’s are hurting, compared to our Tampa Media.
      I had a hard time watching them.