Saints-Bucs Preview

October 16th, 2010

Joe once again brings you Derek “Old School” Fournier, lord of, and his weekly Bucs game preview.

5 Responses to “Saints-Bucs Preview”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Great breakdown, as usual! I see Tampa winning too. Teams are said not to be blitzing Brees as much, and having success ?

  2. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    Brees is blitzed about 50% of the time (and his resultant QB rating is 88.2 vs 105.6 under no pressure). Compare that to Josh who is blitzed 75% of the time (and ends up at 72.8 versus 110.9)

    The Blitz works but you have to treat him like the vet he is. If you are gonna send pressure you better get home or roll coverage and try and trap him.

  3. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Great piece as always Derek….one thing that I hoping will make a big difference this games is special teams, without Reggie back there for them, they really don’t scare anyone.

    Im hoping that this new punter is at least average….that would be an upgrade over what we have had so far this season, our coverage teams have been playing great….hopefully we break out of our little slump and run one back for some decent field position.

    As far as the respect aspect, I’m kind of over it. Everygame we have won, it isnt that we won, its the other team lost the game. At this point, if it isnt bothering the players and they keep performing, I can live with it.

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    Steve White points out one thing in this game that may contradict Stylez “on again/off again” play. As bad as the Saints Tackles have been, the LT sets up for the outside rush, Stylez has NO inside move. This is not gonna bode well for Stylez if he isn’t willing to go inside sometimes.

    I think Stylez is gonna get shut down again this week. Pushed past the QB and fighting to get back into the play. I’d love to see more Price/McCoy this week, as they’ll really need the pressure up the middle to get Brees moving outside. That’s the only way Stylez will have any success. I think we’re gonna see more pressure from Bennett and Crowder than we do from Stylez.

    The reason I say Price/McCoy instead of Miller is I think it’s more important to have Price’s quickness inside to rush the QB than Millers stoutness to stop the run. I’m sure it’ll be a mix, but it’d be nice (if he’s healthy) to see Price play a significant amount.

    This will also be the week that, if Ruud is gonna step up and earn that contract next year, he’ll have to make some splash plays. He’ll be up against the seam routes and posts all day, and he’ll need to be making plays. If he can get a pick, he may earn that contract, but knocking passes down or chasing guys for tackles isn’t gonna cut it this week.

    We have a chance to win this game, a small chance, but still a chance. The team has a load of confidence right now. If they worked hard, and are prepared for the Saints, we can come out of this with a win.

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Here is one thing I read Derek, plus I saw it mentioned on NFL Network.

    “Thanks to this combination of personnel, scheme and aggressiveness, the Saints have led the NFL in total offense three of the past four seasons.

    This year, though, they’re ranked only 10th in total offense. And in for fantasy football enthusiasts the more glaring drop off is in their scoring, where their 19.8 points per game average ranks only 18th.

    Instead of an instant death by a firing squad of big-play bullets, defenses have elected to take their chances with a slower-but-just-as-lethal injection of short passes and runs.

    Defenses are playing soft zone coverages and rarely blitzing Brees, daring the Saints to beat them with runs and check-down passes, even more so with Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas sidelined. “