Razing Arizona

October 31st, 2010

LeGarrette Blount celebration

Joe doesn’t think it’s a stretch to say LeGarrette Blount won the game for the Bucs.

Despite the Bucs getting four interceptions — four! — and two pick-sixes, the defense still gave up 27 points — to a couple of hacks like Max Hall and Derek Anderson of all people — which is absolutely mindblowing to Joe!

There is no way around it: Game ball to LeGarrette Blount.

The Bucs’ running game has been stagnant if not invisible with Cadillac Williams. But the more the Bucs have been given Blount the ball, the better the Bucs running game has become.

When’s the last time a Bucs running back has had such an impact in a win? It has been a while.

Damn, what a game Blount had. He had 22 carries on 120 yards and two touchdowns. Is there any doubt the Bucs would have won this game without him?

Joe doesn’t think so.

First there was that nifty move for a 15-yard touchdown. Dude looked really quick for a massively big guy. Then there was his game-clinching play.

Blount was running right, cut left, back right and decided to go all Renaldo Nehemiah on the Cardinals, hurdling a would-be tackler and racing 48 yards downfield.


Damn, that was beautiful.

Joe has written this before and will write it again: Blount is your starting running back. Cadillac is nothing more than a third-down back to be used in passing situations only.

Blount put to rest tonight any doubt who your starting running back is.

18 Responses to “Razing Arizona”

  1. scott Says:

    arizona was smoked by a blunt!

  2. jesse j Says:

    when blount jumped over that dude, wow! This guy blount has the goods. freeman, williams, blount, benn and winslow…not too bad to build on in the skilled positions.

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    blount is the kind of back that o-linemen love to block for. i would venture to guess that we wont lose many games if he can get his 20 carries.

  4. sensiblebuc Says:


    Blount absolutely, positively saved the day for us. There’s no doubt about that. He bounced back from an ugly-looking fumble/injury and delivered blow after blow after blow to the Cards defense…and he made your buddy Darnell Dockett look positively silly before breaking that 50 yard run to seal the game. Unbelievable find for Dom.

    Major kudos have to go out to Olie & Rah for keeping their composure and sticking to the gameplan. We made SO many mistakes. Nine penalties for 80 yards. A big muff by Sammie. A big scoop and score fumble off of Blount’s fumble. Big plays given up in the passing game by the defense. A Cards crowd that was in full throat and giving our offense fits in communication…but we overcame ALL of that, on the road and put the game away late. This team is unbelievable.

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tampa has BLOUNT, and he redeemed himself for that fumble. Tampa did it with 2 back up linemen too! It was a hard fought game, but we pulled it out. It truly was a team win, several stellar players for us. I have no nails left, but we won on the road.

  6. lakeland bob Says:

    Not bad for a can of tomatoes huh Eric?

  7. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    The one and only Blount object up the gut I can hear Gene Deckerhoff now he’s going to be a weapon of mass destruction

  8. lakeland bob Says:

    Apple-nice to see you back on the bandwagon.What’s it going to take to make Eric jump on board?

  9. Buc You Says:

    Blount is amazing. Even though Freeman is playing amazing, this Blount guy is EXACTLY what the Bucs offense needed.

    I still have issues with Raheems poor poor disciplined team, mistake prone defense. He is the bucs weakest link. He should just be retained as a cheerleader and nothing more.

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Buc You,

    You are truly comical dude. Please keep it coming, we are all enjoying laughing at you.

  11. Aldo Says:

    another no need for the next draft!!! and dont forget huggins next season!!!! we can be getting an amazing RB Core if we work well on them!!!

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lakeland Bob- don’t count on seeing Eric again! I really never figured out his reason, but he didn’t want to see this staff and team suceed. Blount is the Man! The amazing part is that we picked him up off someone else’s practice squad!!! Great back = for Free!! No draft picks, no trade, FREE!! And we still haven’t seen Bricoe or Carter!’ at some point this all reaches the point of unbelievable! How does a staff get this lucky with it’s draft picks and signings. This kind of turnaround and acquisition of talent is NOT normal! It’s amazing to watch . It’s like one of those old Sci Fy movies, where some science experiment starts growing at some insane rate. That’s what watching this team feels like this year

  13. lakeland bob Says:

    I hear you Capt.I thought Eric had more clas than that,I still think he’ll eventually come on board.He is the only hater that I consider a true die hard Buc fan.Dominick is a genious when it comes to finding unappreciated gems.

  14. Max Says:

    Joe, I bet you had been waiting all week to break out this headline!

  15. Joe Says:


    It crossed Joe’s mind when the Bucs went up 17.

  16. bucyea Says:

    as an oldtime nemisis, you’re EXACTLY right. Blount wom this game

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    BucyourselfRahDomtheracist- yeah, we all Know what you issues with Raheem are, and it has more ta do with your family’s inbreeding than it does with him! SILENCE town fool, we know all about you and your issues. We can’t fix them here, this is a Buccaneer Football post! You’re looking for a mental help post!

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lakeland Bob- I too always hoped Eric would hope on board, but everytime he seemed ta lean that way, he’d go back about something horrible and ridiculous. Still, we can hope.