Play Of The Game? Not Cadillac Williams’ TD

October 26th, 2010

tim crowderWhen Bucs fans think of the play of the game in the Bucs win over the Saints, naturally they will point to Josh Freeman’s one-yard pass to Cadillac Williams for the winning touchdown.

Understandable, but eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune begs to differ. Rather, he suggests looking at defensive end Tim Crowder’s lone tackle.

There was slightly more than five minutes left in the game. Steven Jackson broke loose for the Rams and was headed to a first down as the Bucs expected a pass.

But no! Joe will let Crowder describe the rest, via Kaufman.

“I beat the tight end to the inside and managed to wrap Jackson up from behind,” Crowder said. “He could have easily gotten that first down on that play. I looked toward the sticks because I wasn’t sure if he had the first down, but he was way short and we were off the field.”

Jackson’s 7-yard gain forced the Rams to punt instead of taking a few more minutes off the clock, giving the Bucs time to march 81 yards in a 16-play drive that consumed 4:35.

“That was one of those plays where you might not think it’s that big at the time,” Crowder said. “Looking back, it was huge.”

Of course, that forced the Rams to punt and the Bucs took over in what would be the game-winning drive.

Often, it’s unnoticed plays that go a long way to winning a game. Joe’s good with Crowder putting up such microscopic numbers as long as the numbers he puts up result in such key plays.

12 Responses to “Play Of The Game? Not Cadillac Williams’ TD”

  1. nick Says:

    So this guy makes a tackle 7 yards down the field and its the play of the game. By that logic, shouldn’t Barrett Ruud be MVP?

  2. Joe Says:

    By that logic, shouldn’t Barrett Ruud be MVP?

    If Barrett Ruud makes key tackles to stop a drive, perhaps.

    Wake Joe when Ruud does.

  3. Gary Says:

    There were so many opportunities to make such game defining plays and we let Jackson ram it down our throats each time. I’m glad Crowder finally made one of those plays.

    Ruud tackles for us well but I cant help thinking what our D could be if we had a beast MLB. One with some size and power that can actually knock a RB backwards! What a thought, instead of being dragged 5 yds. downfield everytime.

  4. Joe Says:

    Two things on Ruud:

    1) Yes, in the Tampa-2, Ruud is not expected to be a run-stuffer, Ray Lewis/Jack Lambert/Ray Nitschke-like like linebacker. That’s because the will linebacker, such as a Derrick Brooks, is supposed to make the plays.

    This just in: Derrick Brooks retired after you cut him. Quincy Black is not Derrick Brooks. Therefore, a middle linebacker who stuffs the run is needed if not necessary. You know, it’s call “adjustments.”

    2) Ronde Barber has said many times the Bucs don’t play the Tampa-2 much at all any longer. Therefore, please see point No. 1.

  5. gitarlvr Says:

    Joe- You make a point, but what have Geno Hayes and Quincy Black done? Maybe you replace one or both of those guys before Ruud. Or maybe you just replace them all. None of them look like they will ever be close to pro-bowl status. I think the Bucs are just gonna tolerate all three of these guys till they can replace them.

  6. gitarlvr Says:

    and BTW Geno Hayes is weakside not Quincy Black

  7. McBuc Says:

    Why are you guys so quick to sell out young guys like Geno and Black? They are young on a young and learning team. Why not give them some time?

  8. gitarlvr Says:

    McBuc- Neither one of them are high round picks and both have been no better than average. Im not selling them out. They have performed to their draft status. I mean maybe give Geno the rest of this year to prove himself but Quincy Black has been around a while and he is what he is at this point. All three of the backers have been average. Every team needs at least one star guy in their backer core. They need to spend a high round pick on some kind of backer next year. It doesn’t matter which guy that draft pick replace cuz all three of the starting backers are pretty much exactly equal in their averageness.


    If anyone saw the play in question, Barrett Ruud almost cost us the game by playing soft and scared. Jackson was hitting the hole and it was Ruud’s gap. Ruud pitter pattered and was absolutely owned by Jackson’s spin move as Ruud ended up face first on the ground with a whiff and luckily for the Bucs, Crowder chased him down. Point is that any MLB with a pair would have made the play but as usual Ruud’s soft pussy way of playing MLB almost cost us. Yes people, the other teams game pla is to run right at Ruud. He is the weakness.

  10. BamBamBuc Says:

    Quincy Black didn’t play that bad…. He batted down a couple balls, and chased down Sam Bradford on another when he was flushed out by McCoy who also chased him down. I’ve seen Geno do better than he has lately. Used to be he’d crash the weak side and get tackles for loss. I haven’t seen that so much over the last 4 weeks or so (he did it quite a bit last year too). Ruud is the weakest link in the linebackers, and it’s hard to judge his play until the D-line starts getting penetration into the backfield (which I think we’ll start seeing more of now). I’ll reserve my judgement on ANY of our LBs until the end of the season.

  11. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    IMO, Black has played the best of the LBs this year. Geno has disappeared. Ruud is Ruud, can’t wait til he’s gone.

    If Ruud shared a cell with Bobby Carpenter, Barrett would sit when he pees…

  12. Larry Says:

    That play could have easily been a touchdown run with how late everyone reacted to the run.