Old Man Ronde Barber Still Going Strong

October 31st, 2010

Today, old man Ronde Barber played his 200th game in the NFL, all with the Bucs. And the dude is still getting the job done.

Last week it was his fearless play at the line of scrimmage that helped contain Steven Jackson and help give the Bucs a win.

He was getting the job done today again when the Bucs secondary picked off four interceptions. Amazing.

Barber was giddy but seemed almost uncomfortable on the Bucs radio network talking about his career and the Bucs win.

“I relish being part of this team even more,” Barber said of the winning. It’s nice to be on a team like this. The guys appreciate what I have done. They give me grief but they respect what I’ve done and it’s mutual.

“We knew we would have an opportunity [to get interceptions] because [Arizona] struggles at quarterback. We didn’t think we would have four interceptions though, but we would have opportunities.

“[Aqib] Talib thought we would get three and that he would have two.”

2 Responses to “Old Man Ronde Barber Still Going Strong”

  1. @eric Says:

    Pro Bowl Season for this Hall of Fame Bound DB.

  2. TrueBlue Says:

    Wouldn’t you like to clone that kind of class.