Bucs Stud LaGarrette Blount Speaks

October 31st, 2010

LeGarrette Blount 1031The star of the Bucs win is new fan favorite, bruising LeGarrette Blount.

After running through and running over the Cardinals, Blount had to time talk about the win on the Bucs radio network.

“Winning a football game is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if I had 22 carries for zero yards, as long as we have a win, I am fine with any performance I have.

“On my first touchdown run, I had big cutback land and I won the battle. The offensive line opened up huge gaps for me. They’ve been doing that the last few weeks for me.”

On his fumble which Arizona returned for a touchdown.

“I took a big hit and got a stinger. That’s all that happened. It was nothing like me getting hit and them stripping the ball. I got a stinger.

“Coach Raheem told me to take a few minutes and make sure I was OK and to do whatever the trainers told me to do, to make sure I didn’t have a concussion. I got back in two or three plays later.”

On his one-yard plunge for a touchdown:

“We got our defensive lineman in at fullback and we all manned up. It was best man wins. I won that battle.”

On his electric, Renaldo Nehemiah-like leaping 48-yard run which basically sealed the win:

“I just had to run to the left and I saw them so I cut back to the right and a defender came at me. I waited to see whether he was going to tackle me low and my first instinct was to jump over him. Me being 250, I can’t juke anyone and I am not going to try to run over someone who is about to take my legs out.

“Definitely, my instincts took over. I was never a hurdler. I never did hurdling in track. It was just football instincts.”

On the win:

“Like coach Raheem says, we all play 60 minutes. This is not a 30-minute game and you can’t take a half off. You have to play fast and you have to play hard and you have to play smart.”

16 Responses to “Bucs Stud LaGarrette Blount Speaks”

  1. sensiblebuc Says:

    All these young pups keep spitting out the same message: Play hard. Play fast. Play smart.

    Thanks Rah!

    *thumbs up*

  2. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Blount force!

  3. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    There’s some real reasons to start getting excited about this team…..

  4. Patrick Says:

    Man, 5-2!! Great win today!! Still, letting Arizona rally by that much was ridiculous and we can’t let that happen again!! Very exciting regardless of how we won!!

    The playoffs are looking pretty realistic now. But I think the NFC South might be the toughest division in football right now. With the Falcons and Saints both doing well, it’ll be tough to get in this year. Unless 3 teams from the NFC South make it, which is possible.

    GO STEELERS! Beat the Saints!

  5. Buc You Says:

    I don’t care who you are, you have to love Blount. With him in there giving Freeman breathing room, this offense is gonna be tough to stop. Him and Freeman are gonna keep disguising all of Raheems weaknesses on defense. And that is a HELL of a lot to ask for! If these guys can make Raheem appear to be a decent coach, at their young age, then I call that absolutely amazing.

    Who would have thought that the young team would be the ones bailing out Raheem?

  6. Patrick Says:

    Make Blount the #1 and make Graham the #2. They’re both hard runners!

    Continue to use Caddy as a receiver out of the backfield, as he has done pretty good in that area.

  7. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    @Buc you No one is bailing anyone out the defense made quite a few good plays 2day they just need to establish a pass rush. how do You come up with the conclusion that Raheem is a bad coach. He’s not getting beat on the field a few adjustments have been made this week no huge runs or long time consuming drives They played the game and won what do you want Dude

  8. Hunter Says:

    @Buc you: except for the Boise State player..lol

  9. lakeland bob Says:

    Hey dumb ass buc you-who do you think is responsible for drafting Freeman?The answer is Raheem dumb ass.

  10. New Era Buc Says:

    Only if the troll would leave. What at LOSER! Raheem Morris equals Josh Freeman moron.

  11. NorCalBucFan Says:

    Man who doesn’t believe in this team now….

    This team is young guys growing together and being winners !!!!

    Blount is an animal, and is the back that we need, I would love to get a true speedster, who can stay healthy, to back him up….

    But all in all we now have all the pieces to build a great team for years to come, now its time to hunt some Birds…the last time we saw them we almost won, took out Ryan and Turner, with a worse team !!!

    When I see this team in 3 weeks I wanna see a 7-2 team !!

  12. Joe Says:

    Joe’s going to write it again: Blount running like he did today is going to enable this offense to blow up.

    Previously, defenses didn’t have to worry about the run against the Bucs whatsoever. Now they do. That will open up the pass, that will take heat off of Williams/Winslow. If defenses shade the run and still double up on Williams/Winslow, that means Benn/Stroughter should be wide open.

    Book it Dano. (RIP)

    Blount (or any decent running back) was the missing link.

  13. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Blount is an absolute MAN-BEAST! What a powerful runner.

  14. BamBamBuc Says:

    Blount had the DBs for the Cards hurting. He punishes people. On his big run, Rhodes dove at his ankles rather than take him on, and he hurdled over him. The big play to Benn was also a play action to Blount, and Freeman had a load of time to get it downfield. Crazy how a punishing back like that can change a game in so many ways, sometimes when he doesn’t even touch the ball.

  15. Teflon Don Says:

    That run yesterday was sick! this kid is the truth sorry caddy love you as a person but the marriage at rb is over.. she’s divorcing you for the Blount man.

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe- you are, and were, absolutely right about the Rb situation. Blount has really opened this offense up!! Loved watching him yesterday, and those two looong passes to Williams and Benn were picture perfect. Not many NFL Qb’s could have made that throw that far. Just beautiful!!