Nina Stauffer On A Trampoline

October 29th, 2010

Yeah, that headline got your attention, didn’t it? (Joe’s waiting for the headline whiners to cry again how it’s misleading. Wha!) After having a few beers on this Friday night, Joe thought he’d bring you this pleasant time-waster from NFL cheerleaders on a trampoline, featuring lovely Bucs cheerleader Nina Stauffer. Enjoy.

13 Responses to “Nina Stauffer On A Trampoline”

  1. safety Says:

    Thanks Joe!

  2. Westcoastbucsfan Says:

    10 points for you Joe. Looks like the other cheerleaders were getting tired while Nina was doing back flips, haha.

  3. Pete 422 Says:

    Joe, I like how you think. I have an idea, maybe if they did some of that at home games, maybe they would sell more tickets? I dunno, just an idea.

  4. digitalone Says:

    Nina is the best talent they have since Rachel left to be a teacher. Nina can also ride a skateboard. Thanks Joe!

  5. portrichLou912 Says:

    You da Man! Joe

  6. Deputy Buc Says:

    God bless the guy who invented trampolines

  7. Joe Says:

    You are more than welcome gentlemen!

  8. Jonny Says:

    Was that “headline whiners” a shot at Steve White Joe?

  9. Tristan Berry Says:

    Rock on!

    Way to represent, Nina!

  10. Joe Says:


    Was that “headline whiners” a shot at Steve White Joe?

    Huh? Joe thinks the world of Steve. Not sure what you are getting at there.

    No, it’s a shot at the clowns who always cry Joe is misleading in headlines which is utter BS.

  11. Joe Says:

    Nina can also ride a skateboard.

    Joe cannot confirm this, but would love to have the opportunity to document it.

  12. KenBuc Says:

    Joe…you truly are…DA MAN!


    MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!