Mike Williams: Josh Freeman Is “Our Guy”

October 10th, 2010

Mike Williams 1010Bucs stud rookie wide receiver Mike Williams spoke on the Bucs radio network about his impressive score late in the game.

On his touchdown where he wrestled with a defender:

“We came through with the exact same things in practice. It was just like practice. [Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman] gave me a chance to make a play and I made the play.”

“Free just trusted me. He gave me the go route and threw the ball up to let me go up and get it.

“We know we can win. We know we have the players in place. We just have to execute and that’s what we did.

“Josh is a great quarterback. He showed we [the Bucs] again why he was drafted. He’s our guy.”

17 Responses to “Mike Williams: Josh Freeman Is “Our Guy””

  1. Sensiblebuc Says:

    I noticed that Gene made the same mistake Joe but Spurlock is the one who made the catch that set up Barth’s game winner not Mike Williams.

  2. troxell8t8 Says:

    Freeman has been money in the 4th quarter throughout his career. His maturity and growth have been fun to watch. As a Bucs fan, you just start to get the feeling with Freeman the Bucs have a chance at victory each week.

  3. Blackmagic00 Says:

    I can’t imagine if we didn’t get #5. He has really made a lot of experts eat crow.

  4. Blackmagic00 Says:

    And JJ is a great career backup.

  5. Pete 422 Says:

    3-1 with the Saints coming to town. Division games are always “winnable” then we have the Rams coming to town? We need to “run & stop the run” better, but I’m excited.

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Yes, Tampa has the talent to win, but we had 2 weeks to prepare for the Bengals Blitz.
    Our coaching for blitz p/u must get better, or we are going to lose Freeman to injury.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Spurlock is playing well at WR, but it’s time to let Sammy or Preston return kicks. Spurlock has been very tentative and has really fallen off since preseason.

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    this should be really fun watching this tandem of freeman and williams for years to come.

  9. JDouble Says:

    Among rookies, Mike Williams is 1st with 3 TDs, 1st with 4 catches of 20+ yards, 3rd with 19 catches total, and 3rd with 284 yards. Good stuff.

    He also leads rookies with two fumbles. Hope that crap isn’t habit forming.

  10. Danbucsfan Says:

    I am a little bit pissed off!! Watching the NFL network tonight, they covered the game afterward pretty well, but instead of focusing on the turn-around season that the Bucs have had so far, they spent several minutes pondering how the Bengals could turn their season around and recover from this loss!! Typical NFL network coverage!!

  11. Danbucsfan Says:

    One of the three teams we beat last year was the Saints…I will be looking for tickets to this game!!

  12. JDouble Says:

    Saints will be pissed off and looking to rebound from the Arizona loss. I think we will see thier best game next week. If we get a pass rush we will be fine, but if not Brees will destroy us.

  13. tcaviar Says:

    I agree with BigMacAttack let’s get some young speed out there on special teams maybe Kareem Huggins?

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    If Jones and Faine are back, we beat the Saints. But we Can’t have Sabby in our secondary and beat that passing game. Hopefully Jones is ok.Saints are very up and down this year. We alwYs play well against them.

  15. JDouble Says:

    I predict the Sabby hate will be back in full effect after we play New Orleans.

  16. JDouble Says:

    The same people who wanted to crusify Grimm last week becuase of one bad play, are the same people that think Sabby might not be so bad all the sudden because of one pick.

    Just because he didn’t drop a pass that was deflected directly into his open arms, doesn’t make him any better. He was his same horrible self for the entire game. I’d rather see Lynch than Sabby or Jones. We saw what hppens to Sabby last year when we have no pass rush…do really need a reminder at home against the Saints?

  17. JDouble Says:

    The sad thing I’m sure Sabby thinks he had a great game.