“It Started Having A Negative Effect”

October 5th, 2010

Reading Geno Hayes’ take on the impact of crazy numbers of Steelers fans in the house last week, Joe got a vibe that the Bucs might not have been mentally prepared for the hostile-at-times environment that sadly enveloped them on their home turf.

NFL.com buries a blog on its website for each team, and the talented Jenna Laine writes most of the Bucs coverage. And she had an extended postgame chat with Hayes.

While Hayes said the mistakes on defense are correctable, he added that the most discouraging part of the loss was seeing Raymond James turn into Heinz Field, mimicking a Super Bowl celebration from two years ago.

“Once the game started going into their hands, it started having a negative effect because now they’re getting into the game, and they’re loud like they’re at home, and really making our offense have to hurry in there and be loud with their checks, [Hayes said]. So it was kind of hard towards the end of the game.”

“That’s amazing right there, to sit back and watch another team that’s actually in your house but it’s like their house, ya know? It’s kinda tough.”

In the NFL.com post, Laine reported that more than half the crowd was black-and-gold clad Steelers fans.

Joe wonders why Hayes gave the comments he did. One would think Raheem Morris would have thoroughly prepared the Bucs for a road game, complete with piped in crowd noise during practice and more.

Of course, Hayes is only one Buccaneers player giving one opinion. But was the team unprepared for what met them out of the tunnel?

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  1. Goon Says:

    I know me and alot of people were at the game, maybe you should not worry so much about taking people on a charter bus out of the local area to watch the games. I know probally the whole bucs staff and players would agree. Just saying, maybe you should try to do something similar to the blackout tour and give people ride to the games and prep food so there is no need to pay for the expensive overpriced food at the game and support the bucs at ray jay.

    Hey Goon, you’re being an ass. Joe’s not worried about taking people out of town. It’s called a promotion for those dedicated Bucs fans that can’t afford to make it to a game, or can’t physically handle the experience and still enjoy it. Why Joe’s pretty certain those at One Buc Palace are smart enough to realize that. As for organizing a tailgate and group tickets event, Joe actually sat down with two major businesses on that and felt it out through various channels. Sadly, there wasn’t enough interest because of the expense.

  2. nick Says:

    One would think Raheem Morris would have thoroughly prepared the Bucs for a road game, complete with piped in crowd noise during practice and more.

    ================In our own stadium? C’mon man! One would say start winning and product on the field and spend money, but this also happened a few years ago in a playoff game against the Giants. Very Sad

  3. Richie Says:

    what gets overlooked is all the fans who didn’t go to the game because they knew they’d be dealing with Steelers fans. Sorry, but that’s not how I want to spend my $100. It’s depressing and annoying.

  4. james from dunedin Says:

    Until the Bucs put a coupe of ten win seasons back to back its not going to change the “Negative Effect” anytime soon.


    Trust me Geno, the most discouraging part of the Steelers’ loss HAPPENED ON THE FIELD, NOT IN THE STANDS…

  6. JDouble Says:

    I’d disagree FIRE GREG OLSEN. Watching our young 2-0 team go thru a tough loss with Ramond James full of Steeler fans was the worse part for me. What foks don’t seem to get, is that our blackout situation is an indictment of our fans, not our team. What more could they have done? They were 2-0 with one more togo before the bye week…and they got zero support. Tampa Bay doesn’t deserve a play off team.

  7. McBuc Says:

    FGO, tru enought, but from the young players point of view, your home field taken over by Steeler’s fans was disheartening.

  8. JDouble Says:

    Fans that only support thier team when they are great, are not actually fans. Most folks in Tampa don’t seem to realize this.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    First off there was only maybe 20K Giants fans, but easily 30K Steeler fans last week. It’s the most opposing fans I’ve seen at any game ever. I was at both games and agree with Geno. It was crazy. Having said that, the Giants fans were louder, more passionate, and more fun. I had a large group around me and we all got drunk together, laughed and had a good time, even though Chuckie screwed up the game when he quit running the ball. These guys couldn’t believe it either. It was like Chuckie was paid to lose the game. I do believe the Bucs problem now is more the Economy than the Team Quality. It is happening to the Rays and Lightning. The Glazers have the ability to do something about it but so far have chosen not to. People as a whole in Tampa metro can’t afford it and that’s the bottom line. Unfortunately those fans are also being penalized for it, and that’s sad. NASCAR has an even worse problem because they have made rules and cars that suck on top of withering ticket sales. At least the Hillbillies that run NASCAR are smart enough to still televise it and not alienate the rest of their fan base. Ultimately I think these blackouts, with the last one being self imposed(because it was packed) will prove to have an adverse effect on the Bucs as well as other teams in the same boat. They should probably feel lucky that the 40K of us that are there are still willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get there. Right now though, that’s probably as good as it gets. Glazers, feel lucky, pull your heads out of yer arses and televise the games.

  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    JDouble, you are correct, I was at the Steelers Tampa Game, it was horrible. The first time Tampa got the ball, the Steelers linebacker raised his arms for support. The whole stadium erupted FOR the Steelers.

  11. eric Says:

    Frankly I think the poor attendance is based on a spolied fan base. Folks expected that Super Bowl Team to just rock on forever, and then bitched and moaned with Division Titles and winning seasons. Only a “Super Bowl run” would do. Were not like a Greenbay or Cleveland who have bona fide pro football lovers and live and die with their team every Sunday no matter what.

    Then again I saw a full Jag stadium Sunday and a big win vs. Colts. What does their owner know that ours doesn’t? Jags have a mediocre team at best. Perhaps they adjusted better with the bad economy?

  12. jesse j Says:

    I agree with Goon 1000%. Joe, either you have the same mentality that keeps the bulk of america from voting or you actually think you running a for profit charity. Both of which suck as a school of thought. Quick side bar, I live over on the right side of the state in South Florida and I can assure you you the economy doesnt keep this fan base from supporting their mediocre dolphins.

    Jesse J. What planet are you on? The Blackout Tour was born from the fact that many Bucs fans would not be able to afford to go to the game. Therefore, Joe put together an alternative — for $24.95 to meet the demand. What freaking mentality are you talking about? Heck, Joe votes. Joe even ran for a significant public office in 2008. The only “school of thought” on the blackout bus was meeting a need in the Bucs community. You can fool yourself all you want, but there are fans who are completely incapable of going to a game and have not interest in watching an unauthorized feed online. –Joe

  13. RahDomDaBest Says:


    Fire Raheem!!!!

  14. eric Says:

    Excellent suggestion!

  15. eric Says:

    One clarification:

    Are we playing a “grown man” team this week?

    I hope not, we seem to struggle against those.

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    In over 30 years as a Buc fan, the steelers game was one of the worst moments. Yes, that was a reflection on the Bay area Fans- not the team. But I still believe the economy is the biggest problem. I also still believe local businesses are not doing their part to support both the Bucs and the Rays! But no matter who has to step up, we should never allow our stadium to be home field for the opposing team!! All the bad press this community is getting over Fan support will lead to an economic impact eventually. Of I had large business interest in the Bay Area, I would take a vested intrest in how the area Is being potraited nationally. Bad publicity isn’t free, you pay for it AFTER it’s done it’s work!!

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    Sorry Joe, but I agree with some of the others on here. I can’t fathom getting on a bus or van or whatever it is and riding 5 hours round trip to watch a football game on TV. I think the economy excuse is getting a bit worn out – all NFL cities are experiencing difficult economies. I realize there are some that truly can’t afford it, but I’ve read of people on here talking about their high def 70 inch plasma, surround sound with the directv football package blah blah blah. All things that I don’t have, but I do have Bucs tickets! It is so embarrassing having to sit in my stadium and be drowned out by opposing fans. How disheartening to guys like Geno Hayes knowing your city isn’t even behind you.

  18. bucfan Says:

    How are we 7.5 point dogs? Didn’t cincy just lose to cleveland? Cincy most overrated team in league.

  19. eric Says:

    Cincy may not sell out either………………..

  20. Joe Says:

    jesse j:

    Do you honestly believe Joe and his 29 Bucs fans/passengers on the Blackout Tour are preventing the Bucs from selling out the CITS? Really?

  21. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    LightningBuc – Really? You can’t fathom it. Ok. Fathom this. It’s Thursday and payday doesn’t come until next week. There’s a Bucs game on Sunday and you have $120 to get you through another week. You wouldn’t take a $24.95 trip to see the Bucs with other diehard fans and enjoy a free beer and a free plate of wings? You’d spend twice that and more to go to the game? It shouldn’t be so hard to understand why there’s interest in heading out of town to see a blacked out game.

  22. d-money Says:

    “There’s a Bucs game on Sunday and you have $120 to get you through another week”

    Joe I’m not going to beat you up but about the blackout tour cause I think it’s probably a fun time. But if I only had $120 I would listen on the radio.

  23. McBuc Says:

    Joe…I am all for the tour. I probably will not join you, the radio on my porch works just fine for me. I beleive you said you are not making money of of the tour, so I do not see some motive behind doint it. I think it is a great way to get like minded fans out to a great location. Now, I do not buy that the people on the bus are broke and down to their last $120.00, if so they should be listening on the radio like me…Keep the bus going until the ray J starts selling out again.

  24. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Sucks to be a Bucs Player.

    Buc Fans (in general) are not supporting you and you really can’t say too much about it and remain politically correct.

    Keep winning guys, people will ‘mysteriously’ find the money in the ‘down economy’ and support you soon enough.

    Go Bucs.

  25. jesse j Says:

    Joe, the bus only fitting 29 people is not the point. Just like the mind set “my one vote wont really make a difference”. Its a community of shared beliefs, in which you are a part of and actually profit from. How well will joebucsfan do in LA? Look, you can attack me all you want with the “what planet are you from” nonsense or i’m “only fooling myself”. But, truth be told, you are the one fooling yourself into thinking you are doing a public service. Ehm, Earth is the planet I’m from. Havent been asked that since third grade, not sure if I was supposed to answer or not. Another quick side bar. Joe, i actually like this site, I’m on it about everyday. Just dont agree with the tour.

  26. McBuc Says:

    Joe, you should poll the people on the bus…How many were season ticket holders last year? I would bet none of them were. People who love football live love it live, there are others that love to watch it on TV. One does not make the other a greater fan.

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Isn’t That idiot RahDomtheRacist banned! I thought he was banned after pissing Steve White off with his Black hating agenda!

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    I mean, Jesus! He doesn’t post anything but “fire Raheem”! Look at his post here- do we really need him? He’s pretty much defined himself well enough!

  29. lightningbuc Says:

    I’m sure all the “economically challenged” people on the tour ONLY drink the one beer and eat the one plate of wings that is included and then don’t tip the waitress. Give me a break! There are $40 tickets available on Ticketmaster for all games. And the $25 parking is only if you want to park right next to the stadium. I’ve been parking for free in a doctors office across from the Checkers on MLK for 12 years and the lot only fills half up. And then I go to Checkers and eat for a few bucks before going in. Look, I give the Bucs and the Glazers a lot of crap for how they run this team, but you have to be willing to put your money where your mouth is, and the “fans” for this team have to rank at the bottom of the NFL, just like they do for the Rays and Lightning.

  30. lightningbuc Says:


    If what you say is true, then where are the other 25,000 “fans” who used to love to watch the Bucs live when they were good?

  31. Joe Says:

    Joe, you should poll the people on the bus…How many were season ticket holders last year? I would bet none of them were. People who love football live love it live, there are others that love to watch it on TV. One does not make the other a greater fan.


  32. Richie Says:


    That $40 ticket at Ticketmaster is really like $47 with the service charge and it’s the worst seat in the house. Sorry dude, but I can’t walk from MLK with my dad after stuffing fast food in my face and then climb all those stairs, and then do the fuc*n water fountain at the stadium doesn’t cut it. Then haul back to the car.

    The market should suport the team. There are no excuses when you look at what’s going on elsewhere. We bought the half-season plan with one preseason game. Joe’s blackout bus is a pretty decent option. I could get by very nicely for $20 at Lee Roy Selmons and $25 to get there.

  33. Bucnjim Says:

    Lightning Buc,
    You seem like an intelligent guy; why don’t you get this. These 30,000 Steeler fans didn’t jump on a plane and come down here; they live here in Tampa. Along with Packer fans, Giant fans, Bears fans, Patriot fans etc..etc…I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it for people who just don’t get it. The Tampa Bay area is a huge melting pot of people from all over the country. Some give up there home teams and start rooting for the local (Bucs, Lightning, Rays), but most people continue their support for their origional teams. Look at how many Packers & Bears fans used to be here when we played in that division. There is no other NFL team who faces these demographic challenges except maybe the Chargers. People who live in Cleveland and Green Bay it’s safe to say are not from Tampa.

  34. jesse j Says:

    Bucnjim, that is just not accurate. Maybe 10-15 years ago that excuse could have held water, there has been a few generations born and raised in the Tampa area since then. The same should be said for Miami Fans if you want to talk displaced fanbases. A lot of the population here (south florida) has summer homes in the northeast. Miami still sells out their mediocre team. We bucs fans are just a poor fan base as a whole. Its hard to swallow but its reality. And to not get my fancard pulled I drive over for at least 4 games a year, and the pittsburgh game was just disgraceful.

  35. lightningbuc Says:


    I realize that. My point is 5 years ago the stadium was sold out to 65,000 season tickets with a waiting list. Now they only have 35-40,000. Where’d everyone go? Off the bandwagon, that’s where!

  36. Bucnjim Says:

    Fans from all teams want to be associated with a winner. That’s why the Rays have sold out their playoff games, but couldn’t get 15,000 to show up for the final few games.

    13 years ago my origional seats were $38 and now they are $89 in the 3rd level. When I was single there was no problem! Now that I have a family it creates all types of financial difficulties. I was a 19 year season ticket holder so I think I’ve been more than supportive to the team.

    For years and years Miami had trouble selling out both the Dolphins and the Hurricane’s. Even back when Dan Marino was playing they had problems.

  37. McBuc Says:

    Lightning…I am not disagreeing with the fan base here, but I do not think the tour bus is full of would be ticket buyers. The problem is, when the Bucs were winning most of those so called Steeler’s fans a couple Sundays ago were the same people wearing Bucs colors in the 90s. I find that people in this area back our teams when they are winning, at least in football. I was born and raised her, so I have seen it since the 70s. Miami is not the same, they have been around allot longer. I feel the kids today may make a difference. I have friends that have lived here their entire life that root for the Steelers, Patriots, Green Bay, JETS, Giants, etc. Some of them have never even been to the city there father backed in the early 70s, but still root for that team. I also know a bunch of Bucs fans that have suddenly reverted to their Miami team of whenever. I guess I agree with you and Joe…

  38. eric Says:

    Bucs fans have had to endure a lot. losing, losing, losing in the Culverhouse years. But lets not forget it was the voters of Hillsborough County that allowed that CITS to be built. And that vote occurred before the winning started. And the Glazers demanded those seat licenses also.

    Sold that place out for 12 years straight until this year.

    We are coming off one of the most horrific seasons in bucs history. Ownership spent no money in FA. The winningnest coach in history was fired and a no-name assistant was hired. The best and perhaps the most popular player in bucs history was unceremoniously and arrogantly released.

    That new regime is 5-15 so far. Is it really surprising that folks are a bit reluctant to believe things are gonna get better? The two dash one start is nice, but hardly enough to see the light. The total beat down at home last week did not help.

    I think the bucs have a lot of great fans, as shown by the number of people who care enough to post comments on here.

    Not sure the ownership group is as great as the fan base.

  39. Jonny Says:

    So there are a lot of bandwagoners in the bay area.

  40. d-money Says:

    There are a lot of people in the area who are bandwagon jumpers not only for the Bucs but also for the Steelers, Cowboys, Yankees, Sux and who ever else happens to be winning at the time.

    I mean how many Patriots jerseys do you see around town nowadays? Three years ago everybody and their mother was a Patriots fan. Now their down a little and you don’t see hardly any.

    But hey suddenly the Jets were the talk of the town this off season and boom Jets hats everywhere you go.

    I’d bet that more than a few of those fans wearing black and gold have been to Bucs games wearing pewter and red win they were winning.

    Face it Bandwagon jumping is what the casual sports fan does. They can t help it its human nature.

  41. RichinNC Says:

    You can list a hundred reasons and each of those will have a number of fans that are attached to it. Add them all up and there is the reason. Not just one thing.

    Sub-par play over the past few years mixed with no big names takes a few thousand away. Expensive tickets drive another couple thousand away. The economy hits another chunk of the fan base. Then there are the fair weather fans equaling a few more thousand. Gas prices, parking, having to work more than one job and usually the only open days to work are the weekends. The list goes on and on.

    It is not just one reason.

    DISCLAIMER: My numbers are not from any statistical database they are just a number I made up and are not exact figures and should not be considered fact.

  42. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Just wanted to say:

    Great post Eric. Now THAT’S not something you see around here every day!

    Also, this market has ALWAYS been plagued by fans of other teams…I bet many of you youngsters don’t remember being outnumbered by Bears, Packers, and hell…Even LIONS fans on occasion. It happened with regularity during the 70s and 80s.

    The players need to internalize it…This could be their ‘Gladiator’ moment.


  43. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Bravo Bravo Eric! That was SPOT ON!

    Eric said this and it is WORTH repeating:

    “Bucs fans have had to endure a lot. losing, losing, losing in the Culverhouse years. But lets not forget it was the voters of Hillsborough County that allowed that CITS to be built. And that vote occurred before the winning started. And the Glazers demanded those seat licenses also.

    Sold that place out for 12 years straight until this year.

    We are coming off one of the most horrific seasons in bucs history. Ownership spent no money in FA. The winningnest coach in history was fired and a no-name assistant was hired. The best and perhaps the most popular player in bucs history was unceremoniously and arrogantly released.

    That new regime is 5-15 so far. Is it really surprising that folks are a bit reluctant to believe things are gonna get better? The two dash one start is nice, but hardly enough to see the light. The total beat down at home last week did not help.

    I think the bucs have a lot of great fans, as shown by the number of people who care enough to post comments on here.

    Not sure the ownership group is as great as the fan base.”


  44. RahDomDaBest Says:

    sailortimmy, snorkling timmy, BLOW ME you *&%&.

  45. What a bunch of... Says:

    crybabies! The poor people of New Orleans have seen more struggle and hardship than any of you spoiled Tampa folks that think you have it so rough….yet the Saints sell out every home game. Hmmmm

  46. gitarlvr Says:

    Transplants suck!!I was one at one point 15 years ago two. But after having the opportunity to go to a couple games at the old sombrero my first year in Tampa bay area i decided to root for home team. I understand with NFL ticket that now people can move here and live here for 20,30,50 years whatever and still follow that team from that city they havent lived in in decades and then raise their kids to root for a team from a city they have never lived in. That’s cool. But what I cant stomach is the bandwagon jumpers. People in Tampa love to hate on the Bucs when they are down and their team is up, but then become Bucs fans when its the other way around. I cant wait for the Detroit Lions to have a couple great years and then we can see all the Michigan transplants who have been Bucs fans all these years that the Lions have sucked all of a sudden filling Ray Jay with Lions jerseys.

  47. Richie Says:

    Eric and other cheerleaders.

    The Bucs did not sell out last year. Did any of you go to games?? It was the Glazers who spent millions to put the games on TV and gobble up extra tickets. Now you could argue they chased the fans away, but lets’ not pretend anything sold out last year. They were obviously eating at least some tickets in 08 too.

  48. eric Says:


    Do you know how many tickets were “gobbled up”?

    I must confess i missed all the games last year. I have attended both home games this year.

    But i think they did some fan chasing before last year. That is when Chuckie was fired, Rah was hired, and Brooks was forced to walk the plank. Followed by disastrous performances some folks got a bit frustrated.

    Personally, I am still boiling mad about the whole thing! I do not think I am the only one! I suspect about 20,000.00 former season ticket holders got a strong whiff of fiasco – Glazer style……………..

    And those Cleveland/Panther victories aint changing the aroma! Still stinks!

  49. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Eric – Last year, for the incredibly hyped Ring of Honor Game honoring Lee Roy Selmon on a gorgeous fall day against the Packers, which have their own following, the Bucs’ actual in-stadium attendance was 53,599. That was, Joe’s quite certain, the best total of the season or a close second to opening day.

    Based on other numbers Joe’s put together. It seems the Glazers were eating 7,000 to 12,000 tickets per game in 2009. …Probably about 1,000 per game in 2008.

  50. eric Says:

    Ok Joe fair enough.

    But a thousand seats in 08 did not occur every game. I went to the Viking game that year and had trouble buying a ticket. And it was a bucs crowd big time.

    The Bucs were winless 0-6 or 0-7 for Greenbay.

    My point is a simple one. The actions of this ownership group is a big variable in the size of the crowds on Sundays. Pretty simple.

    Easy to solve, change your actions!

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    In reality, it is probably a combination of all the above mentioned reasons why attendance is the way it is. The economy is apparently really bad in Tampa, which I’m sure keeps a ton of fans out of the stands that would go no matter what. However, one can’t deny that the Bucs have a HUGE amount of fairweather fans. The level of negativity and impatience amongst many fans (many of whom are on this board) is appalling. I witnessed it when I lived in Tampa during the Dungy years, and it seemed to get worse each year until it exploded last year.

    Firing Raheem right now is about the stupidest thing the owners could do. First of all, if you don’t see improvement from last year, then you are a total MOW-RON! When was the last time a team changed coaches mid season and finished the year strong? It doesn’t happen. Now if this season ends with a bunch of losses like the Pittsburgh game, then I don’t see how people could argue with the organization going in a different direction. However, I would hope no Buc fan would wish for that. If you do, I got some breaking news for you – you are not a Bucs fan! Don’t say Raheem can’t coach or he’s an idiot, because you just sound like an idiot. Compared to him, none of us know jack s&%$ about football or coaching, so that makes your comments ignorant. If I want to hear someone talk out of his ass, I’ll just watch Monday Night Football and listen to Gruden. Those decisions are to be made by the people that actually get paid to make those decisions, not by know-it-all (or know-nothing) fans. Instead of bitching all the time, why don’t you tear down that Gruden poster you pleasure yourself to daily, buy a Freeman jersey, and cheer on THIS team.

  52. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Eric-You keep bringing up how RahDom dumped Brooks with the garbage but I never hear you mention how ChuckyBruce threw Lynch and Sapp out with the garbage.Guess that was ok because it was Chucky.

  53. lightningbuc Says:

    Eric said:

    The actions of this ownership group is a big variable in the size of the crowds on Sundays.

    I used to think that way too. But now I’m wondering if its not the other way around – that the size of the crowds on Sundays is a big variable in the actions of this ownership group.

  54. JimBuc Says:

    Eric, you believe this becuase it fits your world view:

    “The actions of this ownership group is a big variable in the size of the crowds on Sundays.”

    Attendance decline started in 07 when your guy was still at the helm. You know the “most winning coach in Bucs history” (who is barely over .500). The economy is the “big variable.”

  55. BamBamBuc Says:

    I was at the Bucs/Philly game in October 06. Although the stadium was pretty full, I must say a good portion that year were Eagles fans. Couldn’t go anywhere on Saturday night before the game without hearing an “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles, Eagles, Eagles” chant. During the game, the Eagles fans were as loud as the Bucs fans. We pulled that one out on a 62 yard FG with 4 seconds on the clock. Great game to watch, but the fan base was a disappointment even back then.

    The loss to the Giants at home in the playoffs in 07 was about the same. And that was a playoff game.

    The most cheering I’ve heard at a Bucs game was the Super Bowl in San Diego. But I think that was because it was in San Diego and everyone on the West Coast HATES the Raiders outside of Oakland. They weren’t Buc fans, the were Raider Haters.

    Again, I’m glad I live in Colorado, so I only have to deal with poor fan participation once or twice every year or so. I watched the game in Denver in 08, but at least I expected the fans to be cheering for the Broncos instead of the Bucs. Give me my couch and HD big screen any day… All I hear at my house is cheering for the Bucs.

  56. RahDomDaBest Says:

    You clowns feel sorry for Raheem, the Glazers and the losing Buccaneers of present.

    What about some respect for the only coach who won the Super Bowl for Tampa? You raheem lovers will never give the Super Bowl winning coach his respect.

    That Super Bowl winning coach deserves to be in the ring of honor too… what will you all say when he gets put in?

    “Awwwweeeee I always hated the only coach to win us a Super Bowl. To win more games than any Buc coach. To win more division titles than any other Buc coach. Awwwwwweeeeee I hate that guy.”

    All the while pretending you never supported the ex-Raheem Morris debacle post firing.

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Actually, I give great respect to Gruden. He won us a Super Bowl, and that can never be taken away from us (or him) and he deserves to be considered for the ring of honor. I have no problem with that. I will gladly applaud him if/when that happens. However, it seemed pretty obvious that his time was up in Tampa. He had a good run, but his personality is just not suited to be a long-term coach (for one team) in the NFL. That’s not a bad thing, because there is almost no such thing as a long term NFL coach for one team. He wore out his welcome, and it was just time for both parties to move on. There’s no way anyone can say him and Allen had us on the way to being a Super Bowl contender again with the way they drafted year in and year out. That may or may not be the case now either, but there is no doubt we have drafter much better since they left. We have an exciting young nucleus of talent that needs time to develop. There will be growing pains no matter who is the coach, I promise you that. That’s one reason why no big name coach will want this job for a couple years, because they know that. It’s up to Morris to help develop the talent, but there is no way anyone, especially ignorant fans, can tell this early in the game. Just got to be patient. If we get all crazy and blow things up, all we do is take steps backwards. I’m going to put this in all caps because some people just don’t seem to get it: WE ARE NOT GETTING A BIG NAME COACH ANYTIME SOON!!! If we get rid of Morris, expect another coordinator you have never heard of, and a lot more disappointed fans calling the Glazers cheap.

  58. BamBamBuc Says:

    Not that you deserve a response, RahDom, but I did support Gruden. I was there for that Super Bowl win in San Diego. I watched the trophy presentation after the game. It was a great feeling.

    Thing is, Gruden isn’t our coach this year. He wasn’t last year either. He had his run, just like every coach. I appreciate what he brought to the team. Of course, now Raheem Morris is the head coach. Doesn’t change the fact that I like seeing the team win. Last year was painful. This year, we’re 2-1. So, when you say the “losing Buccaneers of present”, do you mean last year? That’s not really present, that’s last year. This year, they are winning. This year, so far, is not painful.

    We don’t know what Coach Morris will do as the Bucs head coach in the future, but if he somehow wins more games than “the winningest coach in Bucs history”, if he somehow wins more division titles and a Super Bowl or two…. will you guys be there saying “We knew it all along”?

  59. Capt.Tim Says:

    Rahdomtheracist- we know you hate Raheem. We know it’s because he’s Black! We know you suck. As for your Lil comment at me. I know ifvwe ever met, your fake anonymous Bravado would disappear pretty quick 🙂 what I don’t know is why, after your numerous racially remarks, we still have to see your stupidity posted.

  60. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    D -Money, I think you pretty much said it all. People in Tampa want to be associated with a winner. Those Yellow Towel Bastards at the Tampa- Steelers Game were not all from Pittsburgh. They were from right here in Tampa. They knew the Steelers would win, and wanted to be associated with a winner.

  61. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    I moved to Iowa in 1997, in ’98 or ’99 i went to a bucs game at the metrodome, i was surrounded by Vikings fans in my red Alstott jersey, never forget how these beautful drunk girls tried to convert me to be a Vikings fan. They really couldn’t understand why I would still be a buc fan living in Iowa they weren’t assholes about it they were just clueless about loyalty.

  62. Joe Says:

    never forget how these beautful drunk girls tried to convert me to be a Vikings fan

    Given the same circumstances, if the rewards were available, Joe would have been a Vikings for a few hours (minutes?).

    In turn, it would have been Joe who would have done the converting.

  63. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    I hear ya Joe, only problem was my wife was with me!

  64. McBuc Says:

    @What a bunch…That is because they are winning. Back when they sucked I used to travel to the Big Easy and watch the Bucs play them. I never had trouble with a ticket, and the people working the French Quarter always wanted the opposing team to win, they said it was better for business. Now, that was right before and right after the teams started to play in the NFC South. I will say, since katrina the people of NO have rallied behind the team. I wonder if it will continue as the Saints decline and are forced to rebuild. I rememebr out numbering Saints fans at the Superdome in the 90s, or it was at least real close…much like then Steelers game.

  65. McBuc Says:

    Rahdom…I always give Gruden props…I also give Dungy props, in fact, if Dungy stayed for as many years as gruden he would be the coach with the most wins, I bet he is % wise. I agree that Gruden should be in the Ring of Honor, he won the Super Bowl. You simply piss and moan for no real reason. If Morris goes 9-7 this year, are you going to still hate him? If Gruden stuck around and had a couple more of those 4 and 5 win seasons, would you turn on him? You seem like a 15 year old, so would imagine you would.