Great Time To Get The Saints

October 14th, 2010

No Reggie Bush. No Pierre Thomas. And the Saints are on back-to-back road games.

On top of that, the Saints are struggling at 3-2.

What a lucky time to get the Saints, if there is such a thing? The football gods are shining on Raheem Morris.

If you’re wondering what the heck is wrong with the Saints and how they could lose to a rookie quarterback in Arizona last week, Joe suggests you check out this intense Times-Picayune look at the Saints’ troubles.

Turnovers and field goals are to blame, Payton asserted. The latter rear their stunted head in the team’s red zone performance. Normally a strong suit for the Saints during Payton’s tenure, the team has slipped to 24th in the NFL, scoring a touchdown only 36.8 percent of the time on trips inside the 20-yard line. The Saints have more field goals, eight, on such drives than they do touchdowns, seven.

Unfortunately, the culprits are more readily identified than rectified. While the Saints’ accomplished roster does not require a return to square one, Payton said there would be additional emphasis this week on fundamentals such as ball security in the red zone. That could mean spirited practices, especially on Friday when the first team offense and first team defense go full-speed, full-contact in red zone drills.

There’s a lot more to the story. Again, Joe suggests you check it out. Good stuff.

For Joe, absolutely the best news for the Bucs is the putrid Saints running game, led by Ladell Betts (good four years ago) and fumbling rookie Chris Ivory, and now newly signed Julius Jones (good four years ago, too).

Joe doesn’t expect the Bucs’ rushing defense to get fixed in a hurry, but there’s no Cedric Benson on the other side this week.

19 Responses to “Great Time To Get The Saints”

  1. Travis Says:

    Ill take Cedric Benson all day rather than Brees

  2. Derf Says:

    Travis wrote, ‘Ill take Cedric Benson all day rather than Brees’

    REALLY? Not me.

    Cincy played DUMB last week. They should have stuck to the run game because they were killing the Bucs. Two picks of Palmer and a great throw by Josh killed the Bengals.

    If Brees puts the ball in the air a lot look for Talib to get his picks – Remember 2 INTS by the Bucs and they win 64% of the time!!!!

  3. MOBucs Says:

    Very winnable game! Did you watch the Bucs-Bengals game last Sunday Travis? Benson was averaging 9 yards per carry and could not be stopped. The Bucs secondary is the strength of the defense. On top of all that, Brees has looked very pedestrian compared to last year.

    You’ve got to love when the Bucs are winning! I haven’t seen a Raheem hater post in quite some time!

  4. Travis Says:

    MOBucs: Yes he WAS averaging 9.0 ypc, but ended with 6.3, which is still ridiculous, but 50% of the starting backs in the league are capable of that against our defense, lets admit it, were soft against the run, and it has alot to do with Rudd.

    BUT all the qbs we have faces thus far are very mistake prone, Brees is arguably the least mistake prone qb in the league.

    Ill take getting run over all day, by Benson rather than Brees flinging it around the field like hes playing flag football

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Stopping the pass has been our strong suit all year long . We win this one! Looks like Saints are keeping tha NFL South tradition alive and well! – 1st to worst!

  6. JimBuc Says:

    Uh oh, this is what happens. Bucs fans on an emotional whipsaw. One moment we are the worst team in football, the next we should beat the World Champions. Easy people. Very young team.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’ve called everyone right so far- in writing, on this post ! And I say Tampa Wins!! 24-17

  8. JimBuc Says:

    I hope you are right CT!

  9. Derf Says:

    Captain Morgan’s at it again! Have to say I HOPE you’re right…just holding my breath

  10. ADAM FROM NY Says:


  11. Derf Says:

    Travis, I STILL don’t get your point….Sure Brees is accurate but our secondary is the defens’s strength. All it takes is 1 INT to change a game. When the opposing team pounds the ball down the Bucs throats they get tired, our offense goes cold and the Bucs ‘usually’ lose; as would any team getting the snot beat out of them!

    I just have too many flashbacks of past Carolina games where Stewart and Williams each get 100+ yards and the Bucs look pathetic.

  12. Derf Says:

    Why would I feel bad for Ruud? Because he didn’t get a contract extension? The way he’s performed this year do YOU think Barrett deserves a contract extension? By the looks of things you’d think Ruud was getting paid for the yards tackled downfield…

  13. gitarlvr Says:

    Well if the Bucs run defense is able to shut down the bums the Saints have at running back then we will see an example of how bad running backs can fail to get a lot of yards even behind great offensive lines, which the Saints line is widely acknowledged to be. I bet the Saints would love to have an Earnest Graham on their team right about now. Seriously this is just the type of game the Bucs need to have a big day rushing to win. If the Bucs don’t produce a 100 yard rusher they won’t limit Brees opportunities and it will be real hard to win. I really hope we see Raheem use his “Insurance policy” to grind out a win on the ground Sunday.

  14. McBuc Says:

    Steve White tends to point out Ruud is doing well, and that he is doing his job.

    Hey Capt, where are all your buddies? They still have not posted?

  15. gitarlvr Says:

    I hope we re-sign Ruud. He is playing….. average. And I would rather see an average player re-signed instead of letting him walk and spending a high draft pick at that position when there are other more pressing needs to draft for. Does anyone know what kind of money he is looking for? If he is looking for pro-bowl money then screw him.

  16. booty traps Says:

    Trap game?

    The way you beat the Saints is by keeping Brees on the bench. We NEED to run tha ball ALL day. They are one demensional but that doesnt mean Brees cant beat us.

    This will be a good game for us. This is NOT the Benglas people, they are still the Saints…a dangerous team even without all there fire power.

    GO BUCS!!

  17. Travis Says:

    gitarlvr: word has it Ruud is looking for money similar to Lofa Tatupu’s contract (6yr, 42 mil)

    Sorry Ruud, Tatu is a much better backer (when healthy)

  18. Will the Beast Says:

    Blount object up the Gut gash these lames cut someone’s throat this is a jailbreak game shank your cellmate

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Alright I’m stoked and can’t wait to get to the Game. This should be a good one, but I hope we just blow them out and win by about 4 TD’s. Blocked punt(partial) last week. I see special teams as paramount this weekend and possibly the deciding factor.