Does Raheem Have A Doghouse?

October 2nd, 2010

Now every Bucs fan knew Chucky had a doghouse. And it was a pretty busy kennel at times.

Joe remembers Michael Clayton and Joey Galloway fighting for kibble in there with Dexter Jackson and Michael Bennett, as they all stared at the Kenyatta Walker pictures on the wall.

But could player’s coach/master communicator Raheem Morris have a doghouse?

Anwar Richardson, of the Tampa Tribune, says Morris does and Sabby Piscitelli is getting his mail there.

In this latest TBO Video Blog, Richardson and Bucs beat colleague Woody Cummings talk about Piscitelli, and whether the Bucs are hurting themselves by playing Cody Grimm ahead of him at free safety.

Joe won’t spoil it for you. Check out the video.

33 Responses to “Does Raheem Have A Doghouse?”

  1. G.jay Says:

    god i hope not

  2. Chargedcbh Says:

    You know I live in the MD/DC area, the media here and the fans here don’t judge players by one game. They don’t proclaim players are “Bust” before they actually get into a game. I have NO idea what the problem is down in Tampa, seriously. Is it you jsut have to write something and/or your just trying to start a conversation? This team was 3-13 last year! We are 2-1 now and after 1 loss all I hear and read are what there doing wrong. Honestly you guys don’t deserve a franchise, this is INSANE!!



    Yeah, the brilliant citizens of D.C. re-elected Marion Berry.

    Florida produces the third most NFL players behind California and Texas (states that have double and even triple the population that Florida has). So watch your mouth before you start telling fan bases that they don’t deserve a team.

    -Bucs season ticket holder since ’93

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Charged- sadly, you are right

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I like Cody Grimm, and feel he plays with a lot of heart, but he’s a linebacker, not a safety.
    He simply lacks the speed Tampa would like in a safety. It is said that insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over, and expecting a different result. One has to wonder if the Steeler’s would have done to Sabby what they did to Grimm ?
    God, whatever happened to the good old days in Tampa, when we had an excess of safety’s ? Perhaps we forgot what Tony Dungy taught us, that defense wins games ? I seldom remember any Tony Dungy defense giving up these kinds of back breaking plays, do you ?

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I found this about Sabby, and let’s not forget he turned Tampa on to Sammy Stroughter either ? But, he was not drafted by this regime, he was a Gruden Guy.

    Piscitelli exited Oregon State a projected mid-round draft pick before he blew the doors off the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine by running it in 4.47 seconds at 223 pounds to rapidly elevate his stock.

    That’s a 4.47 40 guys vs a 4.67 for Grimm, and Sabby is 6 ft 3 too, vs 6 ft for Grimm.

  7. BamBamBuc Says:


    Many times, instincts can more than make up for 2 tenths of a second in 40 time. I’m not saying Grimm is better than Sabby or Sabby is better than Grimm. But, if a player has better instincts, gets a quicker jump on the play, they will arrive at the right spot at the right time more often than a guy that is blazing fast.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah apple, but here’s the rest of the story. The scouting report on Sabby( which I still have, and am looking at) stated the following. ” lacks basic ball insticts, doesn’t have a natural feel in the Passing game. Not a reliable tackler, and frequently takes bad tackling Angles to the ball”. These are the same problems that have his butt on the bench. No one but the Raiders or Gruden/Allen had Sabby rated higher than the Sixth round. He was yet another terrible pick/ player they stuck us with. We should have cut him already, as he will NEVER get any better. And those of you that know me, know I try to never be that negative on a young player, but Sabby’s insticts are terrible!!! Grimm is exactly the opposite. He has the insticts to suceed. He measurables look like John Lynch’s. He actually played very well last game. As Raheem said -” better than Tanard Jackson’s first start”! Grimm was in posistion on the first touchdown. He had the guy WELL covered, he just turned ta look for the ball at the exact second it was over his head. After watching him, I think he CAN play safety! But next year, we draft a free safety, and Grimm slides to Strong safety, where he will upgrade that spot( sorry jones)

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    apple, you just feel into the biggest trap that many draft evaluators fall into making. measurables and “potential” dont trump real life football instincts. never ever judge a player by his 1st game.

  10. Patrick Says:

    What about Corey Lynch? I think he’s a much better option right now than Sabby or Grimm. Cody Grimm is not ready to start. He is going to be the difference in whether our defense is just mediocre or if it is solid/top 10 unit this year. In the first 2 games, our defense looked awesome. I feel if we can get the safety situation under control, this defense will be in great shape.

    I know Grimm was a 7th round pick ( yeah a 7th round pick starting this early) and that he’s a rookie and that it takes time for players to develop, blah blah blah…. But I don’t care. This is the NFL and we have to win games!

    I feel either starting Lynch or bringing in Jermaine Philips are our best options right now. Even with Philips’s fragile arms, he’s still a hundred times better than Sabby. We always had a great defense with him starting.

    Look, I’m not saying Grimm can’t be good. We just need to develop him slowly over time and groom him instead of throwing him in too early and letting him get beat on pass plays from 3rd string QB’s. Right now he’s not the answer if we want to keep this promising season going.

  11. troxell8t8 Says:

    Really, what about Sabby’s play can he point to as a positive from last year. In his case, the film doesn’t help his cause. Grimm played one game, can he play or not nobody can judge right now. Sabby has I believe started around 20 games and really hasn’t distinguished himself.

  12. Patrick Says:

    what we need to look at probably to determine really what kind of safety Sabby is is how his play in the Jim Bates defense was compared to when Raheem went back to the Tampa 2 later in the year. Look closely at every detail.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Patrick- ok, I’ll break down sabby’s overall performance and growth , both in Bates, then Later Raheem’s defense. I’ll factor in all turn offs, as well as splash plays. I’ll then deduct for missed tackles and completed pass plays. I’ll also judge him by grading his performance against The 386 other safeties who have played here. Here goes- in the Failed Bates defense= sucked. Later, in Raheem’s return to the Tampa 2= sucks. In this preseasons Tampa 2.1= sucks. When judged against every other safety who has played here= sucked. My analyasis does allow for a .03659 margin of error. Sadly, this is another wasted Gruden Pick, like all the rest. If we had any heart at all, we’d cut him and put him outta his misery. He’s just suffering now!

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    ChargedDcbh- did you notice that the guy who was defending Tampa fans screen name was “Fire Greg Olsen”, as if to prove your point! I’ve been all over America, and have never seen as much hatred directed at their own team as Tampa. It is like an insanity here!! It’s embarrassing listening to the stupidity. I was listening to sport radio Thursday, and could not believe the host and callers trashing the Rays coach! I don’t watch Baseball, but know the Rays were tied for the best record in baseball. The host and numerous callers were saying the Coach was clueless, didn’t know how to work hhis pitchers, misused his players. They called him an idiot- I couldn’t believe either the stupidity or the arrogance of these fools. It’s like half the fans in this area think they are applying for a Shock Jock job! This is the best site I have ever seen for Team info, but all summer anyone who said ANYTHING good about this team was absolutely attacked by a group of the stupidest, most hateful people I’ve ever seen! I named them the “Slow Squad”. They are all just about gone now, but made life Hard on Buc Fans! I think most of us are good fans, but as I’ve said before, I’ve never seen an area hate on it’s own teams like here. I think we haveta get more Philadelphia on them, and punch em in the snout!

  15. Pete 422 Says:

    Every coach has a doghouse (I know I did), but it shouldn’t be misused unless the tenant not trust worthy. I think that may be the case with Sabby. he also makes bonehead late hits/15 yard penalties.

    I’m curious who the guys were that the Bucs brought in for a look. I’ve also wondered why Cory Lynch didn’t get a shot at the FS spot. One way or another, they will fix the problem hopefully simply by Cody Grim playing well.

    I also want to see more of that Angry running by Blount next week! I actually wish they stuck with that last week even being behind. Just smash him in there, what fun!

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I have to agree with Charged and Captain Tim. I’ve been all over the country and I’ve never seen fans jump the gun the way Tampa fans do. First of all, I loved Tampa when I lived here and in a perfect world I would live in Tampa during football season. But we do have some of the worst fans I’ve ever seen. If a player has a bad game, cut him. If the coach doesn’t win every year, fire him. If the owners don’t overpay for free agents, boycott the games because they are cheap. If a rookie wide receiver doesn’t grasp the playbook immediately and start, he’s a bust. Or my personal favorite, if a fan disagrees with you and thinks the team is headed in the right direction, he is an idiot. Hell, I went through the University of Hawaii having an 0-12 season and there wasn’t half as much negativity as I experienced from the Tampa fans at the Cleveland game, a game we won! What’s truly funny is that the one thing everyone agreed on was Sabby shouldn’t be playing. Then Grimm has a couple bad plays on his first game and people are blaming Raheem for being upset with Sabby and not playing him!!! It’s a no win situation for the entire organization with (some) fans. And now I hear people saying all we need is a REAL coach like Cowher. If you believe that Cowher would come here with the amount of fickle fans Tampa has, you should check yourself into the same clinic as Tanard Jackson. As a fan of the team, you don’t have to agree with everything the organization does. However, if you disagree with everything they do, then you have to ask yourself – are you really a fan???

  17. goodfellajay Says:

    we need win

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    Quiero Taco Bell…

  19. George C. Costanza Says:

    Anwar said the Bucs, by not playing Sabby, are effectively telling him, “We want players out there who want to be there.”

    This is illogical as I’m fairly sure the whole point of Sabby’s complaints are that he indeed wants to be out there playing and thus far he is not.

    Know what I mean, Joe?

  20. BamBamBuc Says:

    Okay, George, but finish the thought. “We want players out there who want to be out there AND do what needs to be done when they’re not out there to get out there. We want players that correct their mistakes and get better, so they can earn their way back on to the field, instead of just sit back and whine and complain about the team benching them.”

    Is that logical enough?

  21. thomas Says:

    Does rah have a doghouse? of course not, that is completely contradictory to his weed-smoking, cabby-punching, girlfried-assaulting, motorcycle-riding, hanging-out with players and coaches approach! where there is no discipline there is no dogouse, confuciuos say!

  22. thomas Says:

    how has the no doghouse program helped the d so far? face it guys being a buddy, not a boss leads to – suspensions!

  23. goodfellajay Says:

    cute dogg

  24. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Hey Capt Tim,

    I’m 6’2″ 250lbs.

    Any time you want to “punch me in the snout” come to Section 123 row U, Seat 24

  25. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Your right goodfellajay, that is a cute dog.

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    FGO- sorry, forgot to include my disclaimer” despite the odd Screen name, FGO is a fan, not a hater”. Absolutely didn’t mean to sound like I was including you with the haters. You have never been included in that bunch. I have called out and listed the “slow squad” on numerous occasions. You’ ‘ve called them out a time or two also. If you read the responses to the post directly below this article, you’ll see Thomas of the “Slow Squad” in action. Those are the people that Charged, Hawaiian, and I were discussing. They hate all things Buccaneer, and have NEVER said anything but hateful trash about this team. That was who we were talking about.

  27. Miguel Grande Says:

    Doghouses are what Gruden was fired for. He’s still on the payroll though.

  28. Bucnjim Says:

    There is perception and then there is reality. The reality is Sabby was the worst safety in the NFL last year. (#1 in all NFL in missed tackles: Fact) Also a fact is he did not improve during the off season. (Which was his 5th!) Perception is that Grimm is worse than Sabby. (That’s crap!) First Grimm was in position to make the play in the endzone and couldn’t get his head turned around fast enough. Fact: he wasn’t 15 yards behind the play. Another fact: Grimm was number two on the team in solo tackles (something Sabby can not do). Ahead of Ruud, Jones, Black, Hayes, and Talib! Old Man Barber was #1 with 8 Solo tackles. So the real reality is Grimm can taclkle (Sabby can not!)

  29. McBuc Says:

    Bucnjim is bucnright!

    FGO…FL is thr 4th largest state, and the climate allows for year round football. Just sayin

  30. jacg Says:

    Grimm will be a good player but I don’t understand why you would start someone that has never played safety…..but there is another free safety on the team that they have not given a chance that knows the position….Corey Lynch. He has proven that he can play.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    If you play Corey lynch at Free safety, with Grimm as his backup, then Sabby is the backup to Jones. Right now, Lynch is a Floater between safeties. I think they would rather have lynch/Grimm start than Sabby/ lynch. Think they don’t want Sabby starting at either spot.

  32. mike56wesley Says:

    how can u call yourselfs bucs fans?ive been sitting here reading all my fellow bucs fans post on how our young coachhave this young team winning games that the so called pros said we arent suposed to win.i saw a young team panick when we played pitts.i saw us loose a game that noone gave us a chance to win.i saw us loose agame making mistakes that we havent made this year.i saw mike tomlin take advantage of a coach and defence that he knows well.we lost t.jack,arguebaly our best defensive player,remember wat happen to pitt. last year when they lost troy.but somehow u fans dont expect progress this year u expect playoffs .i am a real fan .im glad u all are not from dallas or we would never know how good jimmy johnson was

  33. George C. Costanza Says:

    Good grief, Joe, the video viewer should not have to “finish” the thoughts of a professional reporter’s video offering. Overall, I find the TBO gang’s video takes tiresome and uninformative, but I still watch them because I’m an avid consumer of any media coverage of Bucs football. The other thing I don’t understand about the Tampa Tribune’s Bucs coverage is their spotty blog updates. They’ll go for days and days at a time without anything on their blog. At least the St. Pete Times tends to their blogging on a regular basis. Now, I know you’re partial to the Trib since you once worked there, and I’m not saying this to make you mad, but I’d like you to try and get those Tribune guys to step up their game. Thanks, Joe.