Dicey Outlook For Brian Price

October 20th, 2010

Ryan Sims, pull up your pants.

Brian Price didn’t practice today and Raheem Morris said Price is hardly a sure thing for Sunday, per the Bucs official Twitter feed.

DT Brian Price has a pelvis injury and is considered week-to-week. He may not be able to play on Sunday vs. the Rams.

First it was a hamstring injury for Price that limited through the preseason and early in the regular season. Now he’s got a pelvis injury. Years ago, Joe knew a wild 180-pound woman, so Joe knows those pelvis injuries can take time.

Joe was hoping/praying the Bucs would find a way to slow down the running game against the Rams on Sunday, and Price would get several chances to rush on 3rd-and-long, what seems to be the strongest part of his game.

Looks like he’ll be on the shelf a while. In the world of NFL teamspeak, the “week-to-week” designation is always worse than “day-to-day.”

35 Responses to “Dicey Outlook For Brian Price”

  1. Travis Says:

    good thing we got Alex Magee then huh?

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m going to guess he will be active and MAY play based on how the game is going. I hope his injuries aren’t a continuing trend into next year.

  3. Michael Says:

    I don’t think Price has been in great shape since he was drafted. Not saying the injury is because he’s not in great shape, but it very well could be. He came here late because of some nfl rule regarding his college (I think)…he’s had hamstring problems…he’s been winded during games it seems…

    If he’s indeed not in great shape, I really hope he becomes committed to getting himself in great shape in the future. There was talk that his conditioning wasn’t great in college. Regardless, we really need him (even though he’s a rookie) because Miller had a terrible game and Sims clearly isn’t too great himself.

  4. pewterpirate99 Says:

    Hey Joe whats up? I just tried to post a reply that speaks truth and you don’t allow it on? You only let the nice rosy nice post on here? So you’re no better then the ass kissers on pewterputzes.com ? NICE!!!

  5. pewterpirate99 Says:

    Yeah real good thing we picked up ANOTHER Kansas City Chief bum cast off that they didn’t want to join the all world, all pro Ryan Sims that has been sooooooo dominating for the Bucs. Why do they keep making these dumb ass trades that never pan out?! Does anyone remember the whole Reggie Brown deal ? Another great move, they trade a draft pick for him and they try to sell him to us all off season and then they cut him. Great move! So they give away a draft pick for a guy and then they cut him. So they pretty much just gave the Eagles a FREE draft pick for nothing. Great move!!
    I know, I have to give them credit for trying to do something, right? WRONG! That’s exactly what they want you to do. I’ll give them credit when they go out there and bring in some GOOD experienced free agents to help these rookies learn the game. Not to mention some better coaches. And don’t tell me that when you rebuild you have to do it with rookies. Anyone remember a defensive stud by the name of Hardy Nickerson ? He was an experienced free agent that was brought in here to help the rookies/young players at the time Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, etc. You know, the cornerstones of the first “rebuilding” movement. So why can’t they do that again? Oh yeah that’s right, because it entails spending money on quality free agents and that is NOT part of the awesome Glazer “plan”. I get so tired of hearing about how they have a plan. You know what Gen.Custard had a plan too, and we all know how well that went for him.

  6. pewterpirate99 Says:

    Never mind Joe, I understand now why you didn’t allow it on. I’ll do my best to keep it G rated.

  7. B.D Says:

    pewter pirate99 I totally am with you on needing some veterans. dont know about the owners being cheap though, I think they have a plan. they just dont know what it is….oh yeah save MONEY!!!!

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    He’s a UCLA pussy – need we say more?

  9. JDouble Says:

    I liked Price more than McCoy in the draft, but my major concern was his ability to stay on the field. Between his horrible stamina and his constant minor injuries, he doesn’t seem like he is going to be a very dependable player for us.

  10. Gavster Says:

    Alex magee time!!!

  11. eric Says:

    We should really reserve judgment on all the rookies until Cowher has had a chance to put them through OTA’s , training camp, and pre-season next year.

  12. Tampa2 Says:

    You are right Eric! And I would add that I bet some of these good young players will be grateful to actually be taught by a real Coach!

  13. JDouble Says:

    If Cowher took over next year we’d be starting from scratch and have another horrible year. Wether you like Rah or not, you should cross your fingers he works out and these guys all get to stay in the same system with the same playbook.

  14. JDouble Says:

    I think what we need is better line coaches. Maybe we could offer marinelli a job as our DC next year. I think he’s just the line coach in Chicago. Russ Grimm might come coach here to be around his kid :0)

  15. eric Says:

    I am willing to take that risk Mr. Jdouble.

    I don’t think Cowher would have the worst run defense in the whole league two years in a row if he had to play Joe at nose guard.

  16. Tampa2 Says:

    JDouble, I’d be happy to start from scratch with a real coach rather than wallow in misery with an amateur playing a coach. We are on the bottom in defense now. So starting from scratch should be an improvement.

  17. Phil J> Says:

    You guys crack me up. If Morris goes 4-2, he’s done a hell of a job and you’ll all disappear til the next loss.

  18. Buc You Says:

    “We are on the bottom in defense now. So starting from scratch should be an improvement.”


  19. JimBuc Says:

    Look at all the freaks that come out to play after a loss!

  20. JimBuc Says:

    Someone might want to tell PP99 that Hardware was here before Sapp and Brooks

  21. eric Says:

    Hey Jimbuc, we gotta get our shots in before Rah goes on another winning streak.

  22. JDouble Says:

    I’m still hoping Rah ends up doing well. I’d much rather one of our own lead us to the promise land, than chase after some other franchises hero. Cowher will always be a Steeler.

  23. eric Says:

    I see your point JDouble,

    But doesn’t at least part of you like the idea of seeing the chin on the sidelines. I could just picture him chewing some ass if we played like Sunday on defense.

  24. BamBamBuc Says:

    So, you can see us playing like w did Sunday on defense even with “the Chin” on the sidelines??? Otherwise, how could you “just see him” chewing some ass? If that’s the case, why bring him in at all? Sheesh, what a waste of money and time that would be.

  25. eric Says:

    Well anybody who wouldnt want Bill Cowher coaching their team, and would prefer sticking out this Rah disaster is totally out of their mind, IMO.

    But its the same mindset as those who didn’t want Brandon Marshall.

    Love misery and losing I suppose.

  26. JimBuc Says:


    The Dolphins were supposed to be a serious playoff/Super Bowl contender this year so they took Marshall and gave up 2 second round picks. Right now, the Super Bowl contending Dolphins have the same record as the Bucs and Marshall (who is an incredible talent for sure) has 2 fewer touchdowns and only the same average as Williams, our 4th round rookie with a rookie QB throwing to him and a poor team. Plus, the Bucs have Price and their 2nd round pick last year. Probably no better talent at WR thna Marshall, but that does not mean you sell the farm for him.

    You are like many Bucs fans, enamored with personalities. Like the NFL is fanatsy football.

  27. Buc You Says:

    Anybody think Raheem will get a job as a TV host after he moves one from coaching the Bucs…….. next year?

  28. eric Says:

    No I am enamored with having one of the best wideouts in the league on my team.

    Two number 2’s is hardly the Farm. Plus its not a win now move, Marshall is 26.

    Marshall is 3rd in the league. Williams, although a nice rookie, isnt close to that.

    And Benn was the selection we could have used for Brandon, still higher than the one Miami gave up.

  29. McBuc Says:

    You guys are such downers…please come back next week if the Bucs win and eat some crow. Oh yeah, you all stay away from here after a win, and then some of you change your screen names to seem like a new hater instead of admitting that you have nothing to say after a win…

  30. OAR Says:

    JimBuc, True! Nickerson was here before Sapp, Brooks, etc. Maybe pp99 should have said, at least Dungy didn’t release Nickerson(9 yr vet at that time) so he could be that veteran those rookies Dungy drafted needed.

  31. Tampa2 Says:

    Buc You Says:

    October 21st, 2010 at 12:49 am
    Anybody think Raheem will get a job as a TV host after he moves one from coaching the Bucs…….. next year?

    Maybe on the Cartoon Network! I’m sure that his runstuffing, violent defense would be “G” rated at best. Or comical, as it is now!

  32. McBuc Says:

    Dungy did end up cutting Hardy though, it was a sad day in Tampa Bay. Hardy was also playing at a very high level when Brooks and Sapp were rookies.

  33. McBuc Says:

    The thing the Bucs need is a Hardy type guy though. he came in and ripped into guys, and inspired them to play better. They need a loud vocal leader like hardy.

  34. Joe Says:

    Dungy did end up cutting Hardy though, it was a sad day in Tampa Bay.

    It was McKay, but it was also a salary-cap related move, and a smart one. Nickerson didn’t do much if anything after he left the Bucs. Shelton Quarles played just fine.

  35. McBuc Says:

    Joe…agreed, but it was still a sad day for fans. By Dungy, I meant the Dungy regime I guess. It is the GM that makes the cuts. I was a huge Hardy fan.