Caddy Says Don’t Forget The Money

October 7th, 2010

Bucs beat scribe Woody Cummings, of The Tampa Tribune, cruised around the Bucs locker room today sniffing for reaction to Derrick Ward blasting his ex-teammates via a New Jersey newspaper.

Among Ward’s comments was a line that basically said he’s wiped his time in Tampa from his memory.

Per Cummings, this attitude amused Cadillac Williams, who surely knows Ward gobbled up about $6 million from Team Glazer.

“How the heck can he forget about the Bucs?” said Williams. “He should thank the Bucs for the way they paid him.”

Raheem Morris took the high road during his afternoon news conference, simply repeating that he wished the best for Ward and saying it was pointless to talk about a player disconnected from the organization.

Joe’s still a little stunned that Ward said the Bucs’ offensive line wouldn’t block for him. That’s got to be one of the most ridiculous takes in NFL history. Talk about paranoid.

10 Responses to “Caddy Says Don’t Forget The Money”

  1. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    If Caddy is willing to put something in the media like his statement, that says alot about the non-productivity – team player-ness of Derrick who?.

    JMHO of course.

  2. oar Says:

    Oh yeah, thanks Ward for staining Dunn’s jersey number in ineptitude!

  3. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    lol oar

  4. Larry Says:

    This is the same guy who said Sunlife Field was not in good enough shape to run on forgetting that Huggins didn’t have that problem. lol

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Again, we will see Mr.Ward’s Lil fat ass again. He will get a chance to tell the Bucs how he feels, and so will they! Lol. Put the pads on, Derrick, we’ll be listening!!

  6. eric Says:

    But everyone loves Rah and enjoys playing for him………………………right?

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    That may just be the most intelligent thing Caddy has ever said.

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Joe’s still a little stunned that Ward said the Bucs’ offensive line wouldn’t block for him. That’s got to be one of the most ridiculous takes in NFL history. Talk about paranoid.

    I can actually understand that statement. Ward is better suited for a zone blocking scheme. That’s what he thought he was going to get when he agreed to come here. Obviously, it changed.

    Because our Oline is not suited to zone blocking, they could not provide Ward with the type of blocking he required. It wasn’t intentional, but I could certainly see why he would feel that way.

    I mean, after all…because of the return to the previous blocking style, in a way he has a point…they wouldn’t block for him…not the way he needed or wanted…because it did not fit their styles or the scheme.

    Question: Does the team he’s on have a zone blocking scheme? If so, you can see why he immediately saw success.

  9. passthebuc Says:

    he is confused about the offensive line not blocking for him. He thought it was personal. Now he finds out they cant block

  10. McBuc Says:

    Pete, I usually agree with you, but not on this one. Zone or power, he just was not running well here. Ward has had one good game in Houston, maybe he has ten mor but maybe not. Houston was on a roll, the entire team was kicking butt, let’s see how he does in the net few weeks before we say it was the blocking scheme. A good running back will excell regardless of how the holes are created, he will find them either way.