Bengals Lost To “An Inferior Club”

October 11th, 2010

The Bucs may have won the game yesterday over the Bengals but many national football experts believe it was the Bengals that lost the same game.

Some, including Adam Schein, believe the Bengals lost yesterday to a lesser opponent.

Discussing the game with his co-host Rich Gannon, heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio, the duo tore apart Carson Palmer for losing to the Bucs.

“After that game, who would you rather have, Carson Palmer or Josh Freeman on your team?” Gannon rhetorically asked. “I’ll take Josh Freeman, who is in, what, his 12th or 13th start?”

“You can’t lose to an inferior club,” Schein said, mocking the Bengals. “Look, Josh Freeman has the knack. Mike Williams is incredible. The Bucs took advantage.”

Gannon was especially hard on Palmer for throwing a pick-six to Bucs rookie safety Cody Grimm, claiming the play was all on Palmer’s shoulders, not Grimm reading the play like a book.

33 Responses to “Bengals Lost To “An Inferior Club””

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Schein is a d!ck. Define “inferior”, we were 2-1 they were 2-2, now respectively, 3-1 and 2-3. It may not be all pretty, but I’ll take 3-1 and the confidence it’s giving this young Bucs club.

  2. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Adam Schein is an idiot. The Bucs wanted it more ant took the risks that Cincy checked down on. Bucs were the better team this week.

  3. goodfellajay Says:

    thats what they say every time we win

  4. Pete 422 Says:

    Who is Adam Schein anyway?

    OK, I’ll play. Lets say Mike Williams doesn’t fumble on the 3 yard line (99.9% of the time he wouldn’t). Odd are we score a TD with first and 3. Freeman doesn’t force the ball into an INT in the red zone (something he hasn’t done all year). For arguments sake we kick a field goal. The Bucs win the game, no heroic needed.

    The Buccaneers “stole” a game they should have had anyway.

  5. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Where is our pass rush…. I know were young but were ranked 30th against the run and have 4 sacks… Bad scheme or underachieving players?

  6. goodfellajay Says:

    Atrain WD40 we are not underachieving….the DE are just not that good…

  7. mike56wesley Says:

    taking advantange of oportunitys if we were the patriots what a great comeback it would have been,they would say what a great job the coach did keeping the team focused,but we are just lucky.did anyone see the hits freeman took

  8. mike56wesley Says:

    if we were the patriots what a great comeback it would have been,they would say what a great job the coach did keeping the team focused,but we are just lucky.did anyone see the hits freeman took

  9. Pete 422 Says:

    I agree with goodfellajay. We need a good pass rushing DE. Our DT are young, but holding their own. They will get better. Hopefully there is a good pass rusher in the draft.

  10. Steve From Oregon Says:

    A few things to take from this game.

    1. Until we make it to the playoffs, we will continue to be viewed as a nothing team to the national media regardless of our record.
    2. We really really need to find a capable pass rusher off the edge, somebody that the defense needs to gameplan against…..I’m hoping Dominick has something under his sleeve…ala Kellen Winslow type trade.
    3. I don’t know if Ive ever wanted to bitch slap somebody as much as this Adam Schein guy…..right or wrong…..he is just an annoying human being

  11. Buc You Says:

    It will take many more wins to prove we are a good team. Right now we have a good record and are in a good position to make the playoffs.

    We really don’t need to prove to anybody we are good, the play should speak for itself.

    As a matter of fact the team doesn’t even need to be concerned with what the media says. Just go out and win and beat the other teams over the next 12 games.

  12. Bucnjim Says:

    When a team has better: Time of posession; first downs; third down conversion; passing yards; net yards; average gain per play and interceptions; then no on should be surprised by the outcome. Buccaneers could have dominated the game rather than having to come back and win. This was in no way a lucky win! They took advantage of our mistakes and we took advantage of their’s. Good teams make their own luck and make plays when it’s needed. That’s what this team is doing!

  13. Aldo Says:

    its funny nobody says lucky for the saints the way they won some games (including NFC Championship) …. but all people says “bucs are lucky and yada yada”…u know what, all people who belives we are lucky can SUCK IT!!!!!

  14. troxell8t8 Says:

    I really don’t have a problem with the national media bashing the Bungholes, in particular Palmer. Palmer gave the Bucs opportunities to take advantage, which they absolutely did.

    The one thing a lot of media is missing is how Freeman really plays his best football in the 4th quarter. To me, that show signs of a very good QB, not a “bust in waiting” (Sorry, Joe, like you I wasn’t thrilled with the pick, but I’m sure glad I’m proven wrong).

  15. Ben Says:

    Yeah, and Gannon would know a thing or two about losing to an “inferior” team because he threw too many interceptions.

  16. Al Says:

    I think schein is a tool and so is Gannon. But who cares?? Their opinions are totally meaningless. We watch our Bucs. We love our Bucs. Of course anything negative that is said will piss us off. So it will feel that much better when we prove all these ding dongs wrong. Yet, nothing they say really matters. They can keep their Cowboys and Patriots all they want. I’ll keep my Bucs.

  17. JimBuc Says:

    This is sure to drive Eric and the other Morris-haters crazy, but did anyone notice Grimm’s comments after the game about his pick? He gave Morris the credit stating, essentially, that they were ready for the play.

    If you listened to the post-game comments from the players and the press conference today, one thing that should be clear is that Morris is in charge of the game plan (Morris said today that part of the run defense woes related to their game plan, which was to stay in the base Tampa-2 and “let Benson beat them, if he could”). Billick made the same comment during the game. It was ugly, but it worked. The other thing that should be clear is that the players have bought in to Morris. Note the comments from Sabby on his interception. He also give Morris credit for the play call even though he has no love for Morris.

    Lot of Morris haters out there, let’s see if any of them will have a change of heart. Eric? Thomas? Tampa-2? Rah Dom the Racist?

    My guess is “no.”

  18. tcaviar Says:

    I agree with Pete 422 that game would have been easily won by us minus the turnovers. But we rebounded and still won the game. @ Atrain if Rah would leave our young D line in their regular positions they would grow faster and have a better impact. Whenever GMC is in the 3 Technique he requires a double team. And as for the respact from the press who cares what they think. Look at the sorry ass cowboys who the so called experts all picked to go to the Super Bowl. Wrong!

  19. tcaviar Says:

    Even when we won the Super Bowl that didn’t give us respect. They called it luck because Gruden knew their playbook. But I guess to the press it was luck and not hard work getting to the Super Bowl and winning. Or maybe they think Gruden knew Every single team’s playbook that we played that year. Buc em!

  20. jaytek74 Says:

    So, who cares what the national media says or thinks??? We are not a large market ie..New York and we are never going to get any love so lets just watch as the so called experts keep disrespecting us as we keep winning games that we are supposed to lose. We can fly under the radar all the way to the playoffs, now wouldn’t that be funny as the Adam Scheins of the world keep feeding the country how inferior the Bucs are. IMO it just shows how ignorant these folks are and exposes how lazy they are in doing their jobs since they obviously have spent no time truly analyzing any teams not located in the North East.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Listening to Schein makes me think of the phrase someone posted the other day. “Lie down with dogs, wake up with Fleas” or in Schein’s case a douche bag.

  22. bucfanintally Says:

    i wonder if anyone remembers how may wins adam and rich said we would have. Rich is mad at the bucs for them picking off 5 of his passes during the super bowl. after that game he bashed the bucs from day one. I’m glad we are proving mike florio wrong…. 3 wins over the next two years. Make him eat his words bucs.

  23. booty traps Says:


    Thank you for bringing the game plan up. It was evident that we were not going to let owens or chad beat us deep. That is why they [bengals] were able to run the ball.

    Its a game of choice; stop the run and you can get beat by the pass. Stop the pass and you can get beat by the run. I thougt morris had a good game plan going in and it was obviouse ALL the players were with the coach.

    Cedric Bensonm was just coming off
    Go RAH!!

  24. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Guys stop OD’ing on the Flavor-Aid ok? Take a few deep breaths and relax.

    Right now the Bucs are 3-1 and in 2nd place in the NFC South! Woo Hoo. I for one NEVER thought the Bucs would be in this spot – ahead of the Saints after week 5!

    Now for REALITY CHECK: Cincy gave this game to the Bucs. I totally give this game to the Bucs thanks to Marvin Lewis’s piss poor play calling and mistakes by Carson Palmer. Let’s face it the Bucs couldn’t stop Cedric Benson. The Bengels were too predictable and look what happened – Grim jumped the route and got a pick-6.

    Last year the Bucs would have lost this game – they would have given up. This year there’s a hunger and a belief that, yes they can. Team chemistry is something you can’t put a number on but you can see it in their play.

    The Bucs are still making too many mistakes (i.e., turnovers) and their defensive line needs to take some Viagra before the next game because they need to stiffen up and get some penetration!

    While I’m happy with this win I’m not drinking the Flavor Aid. I’m happy but still not convinced.

  25. mike56wesley Says:

    still very young and we know it,so instead of waiting for us to play a powerhouse or have a bad game,come on haters if you dont like this how can you even claim to be a you are mad because morris co ach and he is winning then you have other problems.if you think thatwe have such a winning history im glad you came aboard in 2002.i went through the no win season ,went through having nothing to play for by the 6th game if you are a gruden fan cheer for his comentating if you like dungy go to church or wherever he is [no disresoect]but im cheering for the bucs whoevers the coach

  26. tommy Says:

    i would like to see adam schein in an industrial accident! what a tool

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    I almost forgot!!! ( in my best “Cartman” voice) Fu+* you, Adam Schein!!, F^#k you, Rich Gannon!! Ah, I feel much better now! 🙂

  28. jaytek74 Says:

    How can someone who looks like Adam Schein be taken seriously anyway? The best way to beat him is to not support his show by not listening or watching. I am quite happy avoiding national shows and sticking with local media who actually can name some of the players on our roster.

  29. Patrick Says:

    Pretty simple: These guys get paid to be assholes

  30. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Cap Tina, it figures you’d pick Catwoman to emulate…LOL…LOL…

  31. ben Says:

    I’m not willing to give all the credit to Raheem / Grimm for that INT. Palmer, if he wasn’t trying to fool the safeties by looking down the middle of the field, would have seen Grimm running back into coverage. But those are the types of plays that you have to try to get something to happen in the NFL where mistakes aren’t commonplace. So props to Raheem / Grimm for calling and executing that play to perfection, regardless of the outcome.

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mr. Sucky- I wrote “CARTMAN”! Who’s catwoman? Yer fashion consultant?

  33. Ish Says:


    Grimm said the Bucs were ready for that play, that they were looking for it. They knew that they could “hide” Cody and that Palmer’s look-off would allow Grimm to have an easy pick. They anticipated Palmer’s actions and the Bengals walked right into it. That is totally on Morris’ coaching and Grimm’s playing.

    They deserve the credit for that play. All of it.