Your 2010 Bucs Captains

September 8th, 2010

The Bucs have elected their captains for the 2010 season.

No surprise on who was picked. One of the two defensive captains is the lone holdover from the Bucs glorious Super Bowl season, Ronde Barber. Also Joining Barber representing the defense will be Barrett Ruud.

Offensive captains are center Jeff Faine and quarterback Josh Freeman.

Andrew Economos will represent the special teams.

Just an update on tickets/blackout. Though it is not official, numerous reports suggest ample seats remain for the Bucs season opener Sunday against the Browns.

If the game is a sellout, it will be announced Thursday afternoon as the deadline is 72 hours prior to kickoff.

12 Responses to “Your 2010 Bucs Captains”

  1. Dr. Dave Says:

    Local businesses gonna step up-buy the last tix (and give ’em away?)
    Sorry, can’t make it to Ft.M

  2. Joe Says:

    Local businesses gonna step up-buy the last tix (and give ‘em away?)

    Apparently, wwwaaayyy too many tickets available for that option.

  3. Gary Says:

    come on people! If I lived in the area I would get some tickets. We can’t have the first game of the year blacked out!

  4. eric Says:

    Ill be there, but will get a “bye bye raheem” chant going if we are behind 17-0 at halftime…………..

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn, I wish I could go! I’ve looked foward to this for months . . .

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    This is going to be the new trend for professional sports. It’s just sad that it is starting here. First thing that happened about 10 years ago was the NFL priced themselves out of the blue collar fan. In the 90’s it was nothing for anyone to go out and drop $30 or $40 on a ticket and be able to have an entire day of entertainment for less than say $75. Now three season tickets cost $3,000 with parking, but nothing else. Walk up ticket’s are at least $79! Now that the NFL has priced themselves out of the middle class as well; there will be many unexpected teams facing the same problem. The Bucs will never find enough white collar fans that would be willing to sit out in the hot sun even when the product on the field does improve.

  7. passthebuc Says:

    Bucknjim has the nail on the head. 10 years from now, new stadiums will be 25 to 30,000 seats and all TV will cost. Prices for the stadium seats will rise significantly. One will pay $300 to $400 for a season TV pass and you still will have advertisements. If I am wrong, then the salaries will need to drop by 50 percent and I for one do not see that scenario.

  8. jesse j Says:

    Boycot the Bus! Go to the game, give your team an advantage. Its laughable that this site is promoting and profiting off a bus taking butts out of the seats of RayJay. Boycot the Bus! Joe, quit acting like its a damn charitable event your running.

  9. D-Rome Says:


    You are exactly right about the NFL pricing out the middle class. If I want to take my family to the Bucs game it would cost me well over $300. Why drop that money when I can watch football at home with my high def big screen, surround sound, comfortable chair, comfortable temperature, free food, no line at the bathroom, DVR in case I have to take a really big dump, ect….Besides, when I’m at home I can avoid drunk douchebags like Capt.Tim. The experience of watching the NFL at home is almost as good as it is at the stadium and in some cases better.

  10. McBuc Says:

    Bucnjim…You may be right. They already have college games on pay per view. I am low vision, so I only go to one game a year and still listen to it on my walkman radio. I like watching the crowd and the energy of the live game, but I can not see the game at all. The rest of the games I watch on my big screen HDTV. I would probably pay a pay per view charge if they offered it during blackouts.

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    To be honest; the thing I’m really going to miss the most is tailgating. This was the one opportunity that kept all of us long time friends together. Whether the Bucs won or lost it’s hard to put a price on the event itself. Hell; I may just go down to the park and tailgate then listen to mean Gene on the radio. It is sad though because until now the NFL has always been about the hard core blue collar fan who drinks beer and is loyal until the end. There are so many fans who bleed pewter and red and can only afford to go to one or two games a year. So many of the media are critical of the fan base while they get into the games for free.(not you Joe) These same guys wouldn’t be caught dead spending $4,000 on season tickets. This will be the first year I haven’t had season tickets since 1990 and I’ll tell you it’s been tough.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    It would be nice if they changed the stupid Blackout Rule or modified it with a Pay per view option, so at least you could go to the local sports bars to watch the games. It would go a long way toward helping local businesses too. I go to the games for many of the same reasons as Bucnjim, sitting with the same group each year with a few newbs, and I just love the Games. It is a tradition that I can’t find a way to give up yet. We all make sacrifices, but I just can’t sacrifice my tickets, so I find a way to pay for it, and it’s worth it. I feel for you guys that can’t be there, but I’ll be there for you in Spirit, and be as loud as ever.

    The Ft Myers gig is good thing, but keep JimBuc’s identity a secret so no one takes a swing at him. You might one to keep Mushy anonymous too.