LeGarrette Blount Blunt About His Past

September 8th, 2010

The fact that LeGarrette Blount found himself on the Bucs roster is really no surprise, which somewhere, makes Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 smile.

Seems the Blount was on the Bucs’ radar prior to the draft and he was brought in to One Buc Palace for a sit down with Bucs executives, so reports good guy Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times.

“They trusted me when I told them it wasn’t going to happen again,” he said.

I think we all know what “it” is.

Blount was honest about his situation. He readily admits that he believes his violent post-game punch of a Boise State player last season while at Oregon is the reason he wasn’t drafted. He didn’t blame anyone for his predicament (like the media, for instance), which is a sign that he is willing to shoulder the blame. He’s more concerned about what lies ahead.

Look, Joe doesn’t hold it against him for punching that Boise State lineman. He was clearly provoked and no one knows what was said. If it was vile — which Joe fears it was — the guy deserved to get drilled.

Now here’s the key element: Blount is a bruising-type of running back. Do the Bucs really need that? They have Earnest Graham and Cadillac Williams, both plodders themselves. Perhaps it would have been better for the Bucs to grab a fleet-footed scatback?

17 Responses to “LeGarrette Blount Blunt About His Past”

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    Anyone that can get us that 3rd and 1 or 2 up the middle is ok by me. Huggy is enough scat back imo.

  2. Travis Says:

    How is Huggins not a scat back Joe? hes a water bug that runs a 4.3 40. How is that not a scat back?

  3. Chet Says:

    Joe will not acknowledge Kareem Huggins until he puts up 200 like CJ. Those are my thoughts exactly. If Graham were so good wouldn’t he still be at halfback? Cadillac is already on the downside and Huggy is clearly the scat-back. I love the Blount pick-up and view it as a bonus. If it doesn’t work out it costs almost nothing and the Bucs are in the market for a new RB next offseason. But if it works, it saves a valuable draft pick for another position. I don’t get the Huggins thing though…

  4. TD_Johnny Says:

    Cadillac is hardly a bruiser, he’s listed at 5’11” and 215 lbs, which means he’s probably really 5’10” and 200 lbs. His style is be as elusive as possible, and I can’t think of a single example of him bulldozing a defender in his career. Graham is a legitimate 5’9″ 225 lb back with a bruising style, but that’s not really a “big” back in this league anymore. Blount is listed at 6”0″ and 247 lbs, so even if he’s really 5’11” and 240, that’s a much bigger man than Cadillac or even Graham. I like the pickup because the Bucs have been missing that real bruiser since Alstott’s career wore down.

    As a comparison, one of the best running back tandem’s in the league is in Carolina where DeAngelo Williams (5’9″ and 215 lbs) and Jonathan Stewart (5’11” and 235 lbs) terrorize defenses behind that stout offensive line.

    If the Bucs can keep Blount from acting like Talib, then they may have found another gem like Mike Williams.


  5. Joe Says:


    Currently, the Bucs have three plodders and one scatback, though Joe believes Huggins more physical then a Willie Parker-type of guy.

    And no, Willie Parker should not be on the Bucs. He’s done.

  6. Chet Says:

    Joe, I disagree. I think Cadillac is more than a plodder – at least in the initial part of the season I think he could be a top 15 back, but will probably lose some burst later on and should be used in a rotation. I don’t think Cadillac should be considered the future back for Bucs and he has lost his elite abilities, but he is shifty and determined. I also think that Blount can be more than a plodder. He would have gone higher if he hadn’t gone psychotic at the end of that game with Boise State and not tried to attack coaches and fans.

  7. oar Says:

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but…..

  8. oar Says:

    Probally sell more tickets with a Blount/Talib cage match at halftime!

  9. Bucnjim Says:

    Cadillac Williams & Earnest Graham are ancient in football years. Graham is over 30 and Cadillac is getting very close to that. This could be the last year for one or both of these guys. All the Bucs are doing is lining up some potential replacements for them. I like the move because we are in serious need of physically tough players. It’s great to have good character guys, but then you’re stuck with a finesse team. This game is a war and isn’t meant to be played by Mr. Nice Guy.

  10. Gary Says:

    The org felt a strong need to add a big power back because they signed others like lumpkin besides blount. Take that how you will, but likely means they feel huggins is all the fast, scat back they need.

    This is a low risk high reward move, so worth a try.

  11. topdoggie Says:

    When my father was young he was taught violence was acceptable when someone said the wrong thing as in “If it was vile — which Joe fears it was — the guy deserved to get drilled.” When he came back from Vietnam
    he taught me that if you didn’t have a reason to kill you didn’t have a reason to fight. You fought to protect yourself, your family, your country. Not because you don’t like what someone said. If more adults taught their children this we might not have so much violence in out streets.
    Not to bitch Just saying.

  12. passthebuc Says:

    It all would be great if the O line would buy in and contribute.

  13. McBuc Says:

    Topdoggie, you have a good point, but young men sometimes do not think before they react. I hope this young man has learned a lesson…

    TD…I hope they get Blount to act like Talib on the field, if so he will be a beast! Talib has been good off the field since the cabby thing, so maybe it is time to give him a break.

    Gary…GReat points.

    You should all remember that the old days may have had athletes that got in just as much trouble, but we are now in a time of instant ,edia coverage of everything. Also, the news used to be a public service, TV news waa the price networks paid to use the airwaves we all own. Now in the age of 24 hour news networks and profit driven news shows, sensationlism is what sells advertising. I have heard stories av=bout the old Raiders teams and such in the 70’s. We simply hear everything from everywhere quickly in this day and age.

  14. MVPFreeman Says:

    Caddy and Graham are ‘plodders’ but they are getting older and thier cotracts are set to expire in the near future… im no fortune teller, but this looks like a great move for the future of the Bucs’ backfield.

    If Blount and Huggins develop into a reliable Bucs’ backfield duo, they may emerge as the next Williams/Stewart combo.

  15. Will the Beast Says:

    Everybody needs a blont object ask any cop they carry billy sticks right. No this kid is going to make people regret gaurd your grill and knuckle up. Pound the rock right talk to me

  16. oar Says:

    I question Fisher and the Titans. If Fisher/Titans were so hot on this guy, why couldn’t he beat out Javon Ringer for their 2nd string(they are only taking 2 RB into season) RB position?

  17. Nick Says:

    Joe you need to watch his You Tube college highlight video. This guy is 247 pounds and is NOT plodding. He outruns alot of defenders and the knock on him is not that he is slow but that he takes some time to get up to speed. Anyone that doubts me please check the video out. For his size this guy has speed trust me.