Why The Bucs Lost

September 26th, 2010

Veteran columnist Gary Shelton knows why the Bucs lost today. He summed it up in his very first sentence in this St. Petersburg Times video.

16 Responses to “Why The Bucs Lost”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I get it. But Shelton’s summaries are never really adequate. This was a game in which the Bucs simply shot themselves in the foot. First, it was earlier this week when Tanard Jackson got suspended for being a tool. If he’s on the field, that insane 1st TD catch is either intercepted or knocked down. Secondly, if Talib doesn’t volley his near-INT right into Mike Wallace’s hands, the Bucs get a turnover. If Mike Williams doesn’t fumble, we’ve got solid momentum and are driving down the field. My point is that the game wasn’t really anything like the Jets/Giants games in which the Bucs were totally inept at doing everything. They only beat themselves by dropping the ball and not making plays that were gifted to them. It was a mental loss more than anything. If these two teams in their current configuration played 5 times, the Steelers would probably win 3 of them.

  2. Aldo Says:


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  3. goodfellajay Says:

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  4. eric Says:

    Steelers would beat them ten out of ten times. 200 yards rushing. total domination.

  5. Aldo Says:

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  6. JDouble Says:

    I think most the first quarter plays that got us behind (the Talib gimme INT he bobbled and gave to Wallace for a TD, the Mike Williams fumble that went right into the defenders hands, and Sammie’s botched cath that got intercepted for a huge run back TD) were mostly just bad luck. It wasn’t a great Steeler team that caused those, it was us blowing oppurtunities and a little bad luck as far as the way the ball bounced.

    Once we got behind 28-6 though, our defense just gave up and we got dominated the rest of the game. Freeman played smart, but once we were forced to throw every play it was all but over. Only chance we had to come back was if our defense stepped up big time and scored some points. Instead the completely caved in.

  7. tommy Says:

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  8. Joe Says:


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  9. Eric S Says:

    This was a wake up call for the Bucs. As Shelton said, it was very similar to the Jets and Giants games from last year. Those 2 games, the Bucs were physically mauled. That is what happened here as well. Sure we can play the what if game all night long. The game may have been a bit closer if some of the breaks went the Bucs way, but I still think the Bucs would have lost. The Bucs needed every break to go their way to win this game. The Steelers are one of the best teams in the NFL. They probably have the best D in the NFL. People got delusional when the Bucs beat 2 teams that are now sitting 0-6. Let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t a playoff team yet. Help isn’t on the way until next year with the draft and free agency (God help us). A pass rushing DE and a stud RB would be the things they should target.

  10. goodfellajay Says:

    If future Bucs games are blacked out, O’Brien said he’ll continue to stream them live from the Internet. If the NFL or the government tells him to stop, though, he will.

    “If someone shows me we’re breaking the law, we’ll stop doing it,” O’Brien said. “I wouldn’t do it if I was going to be in trouble.”

  11. tommy Says:

    i have been a fan of your site since day 1 my friend and yes that comment was wrong,i do not consider that guy prominent, if they won that game he would have them in the playoffs….no more slurs from me, but that guy eric still sucks!

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I love this team as much as anyone, but this is one of the rare times I have to agree with Eric. I don’t know about 10 out of 10 (our awful team beat the Saints one out of two last year), but probably pretty close to it. There’s no tap dancing around it, they are just a better team than us. If we would have made those plays, I grant you the game may have been a little more respectable, but still not a win. Football is won in the trenches and they pretty much crushed us the entire day. It’s okay, we are young and have a tremendous amount of improvement ahead of us. I did get the feeling that even though we did get crushed, we still didn’t look lost out there like we often did last year. I still like the direction we are headed.

  13. nick Says:

    it will be ok and wow look at how hot devon james looks tampa bays number one porn star!!! go bucs

  14. AllMaddenMonkey Says:

    I think he’s wrong.

    The Bucs lost today because they are still a young and inexperienced team.

    The first TD the Steelers got demoralized the Bucs and you could visibly see the frustration. It triggers into a domino effect.

    They need to develop some mental toughness and grit and the only way is to go through these kind of games.

    You can also see how badly we missed Tanard. The Safety position is very important in our scheme. Take a look at the colts with and without sanders. Hell, look at the steelers without Polamalu. It makes a big difference.

    The defense just looked lethargic today. There was no second effort. They did not swarm to the ball. They were not playing fast. Once again it comes back to mental toughness and being professional.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    The steelers are a better team than us. They are ready to win the SuperBowl this year. We are a young team building to that point. We are 2-1. Tied for first place.it’ll be allright.

  16. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with AARON and Capt Tim, this was not like the Jets Game, Tampa was in this game until some things went wrong. You can’t fall behind these guys, their defense will not allow a comeback.
    Tampa simply met a better team is all that really happened yesterday, simple as that.