The Growing Legend Of Brian Price

September 1st, 2010

Joe has seen it. Others have seen it. When Brian Price can play, the rookie defensive tackle is a disruptive force.

Before Price’s gimpy hamstring gave out early in training camp, Price was a wild man on the practice field, even against the Bucs’ first string offense, causing havoc behind the line of scrimmage and chasing ballcarriers down from behind.

Against Jacksonville the few plays he had with fellow rookie Gerald McCoy, the Jacksonville offensive line was overwhelmed. Trying to adjust to Price, it left McCoy free to roam.

eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune noticed this as well. Posting earlier in the week on the TBO Bucs Twitter feed, Kaufman nearly salivated at the thought of what Price can do when healthy.

Bucs have a rookie DT who is exceptionally quick off the ball. No, not Gerald McCoy. Second-round pick Brian Price could be special.

Because of his hamstring, Joe doesn’t expect a whole lot from Price this year. It doesn’t help he’s also a rookie. But when healthy and with a little seasoning, this guy will be no less than a warrior for the Bucs.

37 Responses to “The Growing Legend Of Brian Price”

  1. Aldo Says:

    i wanted really bad we pick this guy, when we selected McCoy i was happy for Gerald but kinda dissapoiting bcuz i thought we never pick this guy, now we getting this 2 guys is just amazing!!! williams wall of minny can suck it bcuz this will be the new wall in defense!!!

  2. big007hed Says:

    Im excited but im not ready to compare them against some of the best dlines in football just yet…. let them play a few games and then i will be comfortable calling them amazing or whatever…

    I did think he was going to be a stud but i never thought he would make it to the Bucs in the 2nd

  3. Will the Beast Says:

    Warriors!!!! Yeah thats great because we need as many as possible hopefully eleven of them line up to get at the quaterback and make some plays this year oh yeah and stop some of those 45 yard gallops from happening

  4. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Price is one heck of a dominating force on the D-line! Once he stops having these hamstring problems, he’ll be UNSTOPABLE!

  5. Vince Says:

    Can’t wait to actually see us put pressure on the qb reguarly. Lord i miss the Simeon Rice days.

  6. jdouble Says:

    Price slipped because he has poor endurance. He gets tired easy and then ends up on the ground alot or resting on the bench. This is still real concern, but he improves his conditioning he has just as good a chance to be our next Sapp as McCoy does.

    We need a real threat at DE but i think this years draft with price and mccoy could end up being as huge for us as getting Sapp and brooks in the same draft was.

  7. CharlieB Says:

    I’m waiting to see how they do against the run. They’re both known for pass rushing. Being able to pressure the QB doesn’t mean jack if we get hit constantly for 5 ypc.

  8. javier n Wimauma Says:

    Bout Time Joe! It seemed like a while since we had some good news.

    I love Brian Price.

    Game tomorrow night!

  9. the_buc_realist Says:

    I heard that Brian Price once in practice put the ghost move on 3 different lineman. On the same play! Then sacked the quarterback!

  10. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I agree with CharlieB. I think it’s pretty obvious these guys will get after the QB. The question is can they stop the run , which they definitely haven’t shown yet.

  11. Trguy12 Says:

    Price actually invented the ghost move at 7 yrs old and subsequently passed it on to Warren Sapp.

  12. Matt Says:

    @Trguy12 lol, nice one.

    To Joe: Let’s just see it first. I’m not expecting too much out of him this year. If it were my choice, I’d hold him out of the first six games or so and let his hammy get to 100%. Then, 20-30 plays/game for the rest of the year.

    Starter in 2011? Sounds good to me.

    Let’s hope he works like hell on his conditioning so that he can become an all-game force by next year.

  13. Mr. Lucky Says:

    A Legend????

    Can’t we let them play a REAL NFL Game first??

    And you wonder WHY fans get so disappointed

  14. topdoggie Says:

    On paper Price would have been a top 20 pick in some of the past drafts. I sure hope he turns out to be the real deal.
    @ jdouble you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I’m not looking forward to another year of unstopped running up the middle.

  15. Blackmagic00 Says:

    I heard that when Brian Price takes the field all other teams are going to hand him the ball and let him score to prevent too many injuries.

  16. Cannon Says:

    he is the life of parties he has never attended…

  17. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Superman wears Brian Price underpants.

  18. Cannon Says:

    Police often question him, just because they find him interesting…

  19. Blackmagic00 Says:

    We should change the teams name to the Tamp Bay Brian Prices before they get a chance to change the National Football League to the Brian Price League.

  20. big007hed Says:

    Sharks have a week dedicated to Brian Price

  21. Blackmagic00 Says:

    September 12 is the Cleveland Browns vs. Brian Price.

  22. Jonny Says:

    To be honest I have always felt Price as a boom or bust kinda guy. In the few games I watched him in college, he was spectacular in some and totally invisible in some unlike McCoy whose hustle was always there no matter who the opponent was.

    I hope Price is always fired up and plays with a chip on the shoulder for dropping into 2nd round. I also hope he stays healthy for most of his career. There are so many athletes that never reached their true potential because of injuries (Caddy and Stovall on our roster), I hope neither Gerald nor Price are among them.

  23. eric Says:

    If the Browns agree to play with tackling dummies, were set!

  24. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Brian Price is such a legend that when he hits you, you have to fight the urge to thank him.

  25. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Joe maybe you can use this for Brian ‘the Legend’ Price:

    Alien abductors have asked him, to probe them

  26. Dave Says:

    Price and McCoy are going to cause alot of problems in there together. One of them is going to be one on one which is just too quick for most OGs.

    Against the run I can see them playing both along with Miller as a noseguard.

    If they can get a DE to step up (White, Moore or Bennett) and then add a DE next draft…. this could be the makings of a great defense for the next decade.

  27. topdoggie Says:

    Joe I guess you need to write an artical saying you can not say anything about anyone until the seasons ends. Then we will know what happens.

  28. Trguy12 Says:

    Four Words every person in America will be saying at the end of this football season: The Price Is Right, Bitch!

  29. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Doggie – don’t you THINK we should at least see how players play BEFORE bestowing them with great titles?

    I mean what’s next – electing people to the White House without any actual experience? Oh wait you all already did that didn’t you?

  30. Trguy12 Says:

    5 words…

  31. topdoggie Says:

    @Mr. Lucky Legend is a little over the top buts its ok to look for a little excitement. Opening day we are all in first place.

  32. ZeroExpectations Says:

    Brian Price will outlast Gerald McCoy as a year in and year out prow bowler on this team.

    He will outlast Raheem, which will be next year, and everyone will reap his destruction of offensive linemen on Sundays, the games that are not blacked out.

    Price’s legend will grow bigger during the games you don’t get to see him.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cautiously optimistic but still to early to tell. Last game was a definite improvement. We’ll see how they do against Carolina’s big O line in a few weeks and New Orleans a little later on. When you can throw those big guys around, you’re an elite talent. I fear it might take a couple years as has been said by many..

    I like GMC, but I was a Berry fan before the Draft. Berry and then Price would have made a nice combo as well, but I think McCoy is hungry and won’t let us down.

  34. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Brian Price doesn’t always choose to drink beer. But what when he does , he drinks Dos Equis .

    Stay Thirsty my Friends.

  35. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    lol at the Norrisesque comments…

    Miller, Price and McCoy are going to be the real deal. 3 hard nosed football players. I am so looking forward to the opener to watch these 3 cats live in some opponents backfields.

  36. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Rocket… mean watch the other team rush for 200 yards ??

  37. tha truth is... Says:

    @ Radio Mushmouth

    Lmfao, I was thinking tha same thing