The Frightening Jake Delhomme

September 11th, 2010

It seems Derek “Old School” Fournier, of, has heard people say how Cleveland quarterback Jake Delhomme will lead the Brownies to a win over the Bucs. “Old School” is revolted by this comment and can barely contain his outrage in this video.

20 Responses to “The Frightening Jake Delhomme”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Nice breakdown Derek

    My only problem is you used the words “if” when discussing the Bucs WAYYYYY to much.

    Agree with you about the outcome and the fans…darn it you do and darned if you don’t

    I only disagree with you about Raheem – he’s NOT holding back it just isn’t there.

  2. NoMoreDelusionsBoutRah Says:

    Raheem Morris is a complete joke.

    This team won’t even be prepaired tomorrow.

    With all out alleged talent, losing will be SOLELY on Raheem’s shoulders. No way would it be fair to blame tge young inexperienced players, players they chose to go with. Losing is on Raheem’s chest.

    Delhome is gonna kick Tampa’s asses tomorrow thanks to Raheem’s POOR coaching.

  3. TJ Says:

    thank you I live in Columbus and how can the Brown s say they think they are better with Delhome 19 int s with a great not good but great running game and one of the best WR in steve smith and now you put him on the browns who have Cribbs and Robiske, and Massiquio come on

  4. eric Says:

    name should be “old school homer”

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Eric – stop being so hard on Derek he isn’t a homer, just LOTS of wishful thinking.

  6. Jonny Says:

    I am sure a good number of Browns fans are more confident about Bucs winning than you pessimistic morons are.

  7. New Era Bucs Says:

    The hate on these boards is absolutely ridiculous sometimes. Its sad that Tampa has so many fair weather fans. Go get’em Bucs

  8. Dew Says:

    Good stuff. Thanks. I agree. Freeman will outshine Jake. And I predict Huggy will be the star tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  9. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    Hate happens. As for ‘homer’ claims I make no bones about my allegiance and passion. I see through Pewter (previously creamsickle) colored glasses. That being said, I try to keep it from my analysis. If you would like to contend that I am incorrect, I would posit you could provide some data. It is a time tested method far more effective than angst and aggression.

    For Mr Lucky, I know that is a common stance. I base my position on watching him as a position coach for quite some time and what I saw out of his modifications last year. I also believe I pointed out that it was a hope and a feel and man do I hope I am right.

    @Delusional, even when a franchise CHOSES youth, the downside of youth is just as present as the upside. That is what maturations is about.

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Derek – thanks for the response. I just SERIOUSLY don’t know what to make of the Bucs this season. I mean look at the facts:

    1. Josh Freeman has only played 2 quarters of pre-season and has a busted thumb. Sure he looked good but he’s STILL a rookie

    2. Talib won’t be playing

    3. The offensive line of the Bucs is the same as last year – an obvious weak point.

    4. We know what Caddy can do but look who’s the #2 back – Huggins???

    5. Everyone talks about the offensive weapon Captain Winslow – WTF? How much has be played his year? Didn’t he have ANOTHER knee surgery?

    There are just too many unknowns for the Bucs for me to get excited. Does that make me a hater? Hell no. I’m a REALIST.

    what does make me angry is the “fans” who just puke out crap about “haters” because they disagree with me about FACTS. What I HATE are the intellectual immature minions who aren’t smart enough to discuss facts so they toss around cliches like ‘HATERS’ ‘RACISTS’ etc.,

    It’s been pointed out that Jake has won multiple times against the Bucs but the idiots who cry ‘haters’ can’t state why tomorrow will be any different. Then these same idiots wrap themselves up in a Pewter flag and claim to be a fan without knowing anything.

    Yeah that’s what I hate… 🙁

  11. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Oh and Derek – You’re NOT a homer. Your analysis was pretty fair and reasonable but you did tinge it a lot with Bucs hopes. I don’t begrudge you for that at all. I like that you used the stats of the QB’s last year but Jakes with a new team so his stats don’t really count.

    Unfortunately for the Bucs I’m not any happier with their O-line this year than I was last year.

    I’m just afraid that the Browns are going to pound the ball up the middle of the Bucs or do a LOT of cutbacks with misdirection. In the preseason our DE’s got burned continually.

  12. Jdouble Says:

    Josh Freeman…2nd year guy, 9 starts, injured thumb, 8 snaps in preseason, two practices in the last three weeks, with no experience at the WR position…will still be better than Delhomo tomorrow.

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Nice Video Old School! I always enjoy watching, and usually agree with your breakdowns, This time I think you are severely underestimating Jake DelHome Boy ?
    He has lit up the preseason with Cleveland. I don’t like him, because he played for Carolina, but I do respect him. I have watched him beat Tampa before. I just hope he don’t do it again. I think you are right about the Browns wanting to run us over, but I think out 3 young tackles will not run out of gas. I see us stopping their running game, but a pass rush will be needed, or Jake is gonna pick us apart. My son and I will be leaving Brandon to tailgate, and attend the game! I see Tampa winning, but don’t think it will be a cakewalk either.

  14. Derek "OldSchool" Fournier Says:

    I totally agree that the lack of snaps in preseason for free is a concern. Caddy/Huggins do not concern me (and with all the begging for Ward to be cut and Huggins to get PT, I would think we would all be happy to get a chance to see if the kid can perform out of preseason). Winslow is a known quantity in my mind and a workout machine. He had his knee scoped to clean it up. I am not concerned with that (but I am no Doctor either :-))

    On Jake, he has talent. He has, in the past, been very good. But like Hasselchicken in Seattle, I dislike him and feel he is predictable and easy to bait into mistakes.

    I definitely paint a picture colored with love for the team. No doubt. We will know only a small amount more after Sunday. Like I mentioned, a win for the Bucs and we hear it was over the equally hapless Browns. A loss and, well, you get the point. It will take a few quality wins to raise an eyebrow.

    As for tailgating, you guys are welcome to join us for a great time (tailgating ya pervs). Family style and fans from both sides:

  15. thomas Says:

    They better win this one sheep! I have predicted that they win, for no other reason than as bad as rah is – we are talking about the browns led by delhome and mangina. this might be the one org i wouldnt completely trade with – although I will take mangina over rah all week and twice on sunday.

    I predict a: 13-10 bucs win. Capt Dim and Jimbuc will screan dynasty and Rah is the greatest!! I will be rooting hard for rah, if they do win, I will need someone to translate the post-game interview for me.

  16. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Thomas I hope you’re right. I took the Bucs in the pool.

  17. NoMoreDelusionsBoutRah Says:

    In all my pools I chose rhe other team because Rah is the coach.

    I will do this all year long, because odds are against Rah to win any games.

  18. Patrick Says:

    Until Rah wins any games, he’s a complete joke as a coach.

    I think it’s a joke that Kareem Huggins has gone to #2 in a matter of a couple of weeks. I think it’s a joke that Raheem chooses to before Earnest Graham, a guy who’s proven to give us an excellent ground game in the past and take it to the house. Raheem would probably even use Lumpkins before Graham. Yes, Kareem had a good preseason, but damn, be realistic.

    Many of the stuff he does is just questionable. And don’t even get me started on his speech skills. Mr. Run on sentences.

    This team could have been much more competitive this year and could’ve done more to excite the fans and give them some real hope for the season. Yeah maybe they had “the draft” this offseason…..but so what? All 32 teams in the NFL have a draft. It’s nothing special. Every team has young talent come in during the offseason. The team just didn’t really provide a spark to the team or the fanbase in my opinion. No proven players and an inexperienced roster led by an inexperienced coaching staff…..I mean how is that supposed to get people on their feet? It’s completely understandable why fans feel the way they do. I feel the same way. This team has really gone too far down too rock bottom.

  19. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    Other than witnessing the macro results of his head coaching, have you ever watched him coach? Ever listened to him coach? While I agree that at this level, he will ultimately be judged at the macro level (this is the question of leash and time for a young guy to mature into a head coach), it seems hard as someone who has done the above to support your claims.

    I don’t actually disagree with the Graham comment but I find it ironic that Raheem has short circuited the exact same process EG was forced to toil through for another promising preseason back. The irony is bitter that it is EG being shelfed for the young guy, but if Olson can get him some touches from the FB spot, the offense is better with 2 of those three on the field IMO.

    We had more ‘experience’ on staff last year and yet our defense improved when we got younger.

  20. TrueBlue Says:

    Derek, these guys are just looking through the prism of win/loss. There is no depth to their complaining. None of them do anything close to the in depth analysis that you do. This team had to be rebuilt no matter who took the head coach job. It’s totally unfair, and even a sign of ignorance, to judge with any certainty this early. Let’s see how the Bucs are doing in the second half of the year at minimum after the rooks get a little experience. Next year will be a much more conclusive indicator however.