Stylez White Answers Regular Season Bell

September 14th, 2010

During the preseason there were times when Stylez G. White was invisible, nowhere to be found on the playing field.

White, in so many words, said he’d be there when the regular season would roll around. Bucs coach Raheem Morris, perhaps not so playfully, referred to White as his Allen Iverson, a non-basketball association star known to disdain practice.

Well, as Joe has noted previously, White showed up Sunday. Big time. But maybe lost in the scrum of posts was just how well While elevated his game.

White’s superior play was not lost on eye-RAH! Kaufman, of the Tampa Tribune, who documented just how good White was in the second half.

Surrounded by Tampa Bay’s hungry youngsters, veteran defensive end Stylez G. White took on a Pro Bowler Sunday and didn’t back down in the trenches.

White won his share of the second-half battles as the Buccaneers limited Cleveland to only four first downs after intermission in a 17-14 comeback victory.

Second-year pro Roy Miller and rookie tackles Gerald McCoy and Brian Price filled the inside run gaps while young ends Kyle Moore and Tim Crowder combined with White to apply a steady edge rush against Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme.

White led the Bucs’ defensive line with five tackles. All while playing against Thomas, one of the best left tackles in the game. This is significant to Joe.

If White can do this against Thomas, he should be able to do this against lesser linemen. And the more havoc White can create, the more heat will be taken off rookies Gerald McCoy and Brian Price.

7 Responses to “Stylez White Answers Regular Season Bell”

  1. goodfellajay Says:

    we need sacks but my boy Stylez G is doing his thing

  2. Spirit of '76 Says:

    Our defensive line did play well as Steve White wrote earlier. Something not mentioned was who they played. Cleveland has a good O-line and we took it to them. I’d like to see it happen again and Carolina has for years had a very good O-line. This will be a good measure of how much our defense has progressed.

  3. McBuc Says:

    Spirit is right. People underestimate the Brown’s o-line. They are a very good group of players. The Browns are an improved team this year, and they should beat a ffew more teams than last year. They also have an underrated running game, and the Bucs did a good job of shutting it down in the 2nd half. I am looking forward to Blount getting into some games.

  4. jester Says:

    Ira and JoeBuc are right stylz played hard,don’t care about sacks as much as turnovers Constant pressure caused and forced those.As long as there hitting the QB.A sack is just a stat for someone to get paid.

  5. DRB Says:

    everyone always references “Brian Price and Gerald McCoy”………

    Our starting D tackles are “Roy Miller and Gerald McCoy”…….

    Roy had a good game against the Browns (except for 1 play). We didn’t get gashed up the middle like we used to…

    If we are going to control the Panther’s running game, it will start with Miller holding the point against the double team like he did this past week.

    He won’t get the media attention like Price and McCoy, but when you have a middle linebacker in Barrett Ruud who is a little “light in the tush” for a MLB- you need a strong nose tackle to keep the center or guard from reaching him….

    The dude gets his pads LOW and he is extremely strong in both his upper and lower body. Sometimes you can’t tell if he was in on the tackle untill the pile clears…….big #90 comes crawling out!!

    Don’t get me wrong, McCoy and Price are bad-ass…….but we have always needed a little “beef” up front that can still move and shoot gaps, and it looks like we found a long term solution for an “early down” nose tackle.

  6. McBuc Says:

    DRB…RIGHT ON! Miller looked good out there!

  7. topdoggie Says:

    Clevland come on strong the end of last year. I think we beat a better team that most give us credit for. If we do good against the Panthers O-line I might start to get giddy.