Raheem Morris Blames Self For Panthers’ Score

September 19th, 2010

Caught as he was exiting the field at halftime, as the Bucs led 14-7 over the Panthers, Bucs coach Raheem Morris shared his thoughts with the Buccaneers Radio Network. 

In short, Morris blamed himself for the Panthers’ score, a Steve Smith special over the middle, without going into detail.

“It was good that the offense is doing a great job for us,” Morris said. “If not for me [on the Panthers’ touchdown], we will really be doing some good things there.”

But Morris is not content. He fully believes John Fox and the Panthers will thrown the kitchen sink at the Bucs in the second quarter.

“We have to keep the pedal to the metal,” Morris said. “This team [Carolina] is not going to quit.”

One Response to “Raheem Morris Blames Self For Panthers’ Score”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    In retrospect, they did not quit, they just got their butts kicked, helpless to beat us. I can see the Bucs are well on their way to being a contender. Thank You Mark Dominik, for rebuilding Tampa!