Kellen Winslow Talks Bucs

September 21st, 2010

kellen winslowBucs tight end Kellen Winslow appeared on Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Blitz,” co-hosted by Rich Gannon and Adam Schein earlier today. Joe scribbled down the interview.

Rich Gannon: This Bucs team must be feeling really good right now?

Kellen Winslow: We have grown up a lot. We’re only going to get better. We have a lot of confidence. We’re a young an energetic team and we’re having a lot of fun out there.

Adam Schein: I was one of many who thought this would be a bleak season [for the Bucs]. Where did you get the confidence in this success that someone like me didn’t?

Winslow: With a guy like Raheem Morris, he’s an easy coach to play for. He gets on you both good and bad. He wants you to get better. To have a coach like that, he prepares us to get ready and that’s where the confidence comes from.

Gannon: How tough was last year?

Winslow: It was really tough. It was frustrating, coming from Cleveland, I wanted a new start. We got a new coordinator, you could tell we were getting on the right page and it built confidence for the following year and now you see it.

Schein: How bad did you want to beat the Browns?

Winslow: I did, I did. They are just another team and it’s your job but when you are released or traded or cut, you have a little vendetta against your former team. I’m lucky to be in Tampa. I couldn’t be playing for a better team.

Gannon: Tell us about Raheem Morris.

Winslow: He is calling the defense now. He has guys ready and rolling and they are showing how fast they are. They are energetic and causing chaos. He is the best coach I have ever been around.

Schein: Wow, elaborate on that.

Winslow: He has guys ready. He knows what he wants. If it’s not the right decision, he will [change] but he is usually right. It’s so easy to play for a guy like this. He keeps you going every day.

Gannon: Not many people realize that Freeman is playing with a broken thumb and it’s painful. Talk about the improvement from Freeman.

Winslow: There is so much stuff that goes on, it’s hard to concentrate on someone else that you don’t even notice it. [Freeman] continues to get better and you don’t have to tell him much anymore. He’s responsible for the protection and he and Faine and the offensive line are working well together. It will only get better with him but there’s a lot of upside with that kid.

Schein: Do you see similarities between Freeman and Ben Roethlisberger?

Winslow: Oh yeah, the way they are able to escape and make plays downfield. I would say they are pretty identical.

Gannon: Mike Williams, tell us about how great he is.

Winslow: Mike Williams is going to be good, man. We have some good receivers but he sticks out. That’s what we need to take the pressure off of our running game.

Schein: What kind of a teammate is Mike Williams?

Winslow: He will be fine. He just needs to learn this is not college but a job, an everyday job. He just has to be consistent. The young guys have to learn from the vets, how to take care of their body, how to study the game, how to watch film, all of that pays off in the end. He will be fine. We have vets around him who are leading the way, even Sammie Stroughter is helping him. That’s how young we are. It’s so much fun. He will be fine.

Gannon: How are things changing for you? Are you adding more responsibilities, trying to be more of a leader?

Winslow: I have. It’s more what is not said than said. The way you prepare yourself, the way you prepare in the film room, how you take care of your body. It’s more unsaid than said. Coaches will have them ready. I just have to lead by example.

Schein: You didn’t practice last week but you played well in the game [against Carolina]. How is the knee?

Winslow: It’s still OK. It’s just taking the toll of the season. The team decided [last week] to rest me and I had to get an OK and an MRI. Practicing would have made it worse but I’m not going to let my teammates down.

Gannon: Tell us about the Steelers.

Winslow: Coming from Cleveland, I am used to their physicality. They are the best defense I have ever been around. They get after the quarterback and I wouldn’t want to play against another guy than Troy Polamalu. I respect the hell out of him. He’s a great player. We will be ready.

27 Responses to “Kellen Winslow Talks Bucs”

  1. nick Says:

    Adam Schein: I was one of many who thought this would be a bleak season [for the Bucs]. Where did you get the confidence in this success that someone like me didn’t?

    Winslow: “I know what I’m talking about and don’t use “I’m not buying it” as some in depth “analysis”. douche.

  2. derf Says:

    Good interview Kellen. Keep up the good work.

    QUESTION: Why SPECIFICALLY did Mike Williams get mentioned? Did something happen?

  3. ac3 Says:

    derf: um he was a 4th round pick with 2 touchdowns in his first 2 games…

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    I hope we have a 6 sack day on Batch\Leftwich….bring it boys.

  5. RahDomDaBest Says:

    “Gannon: Tell us about Raheem Morris.

    Winslow: He is calling the defense now. He has guys ready and rolling and they are showing how fast they are. They are energetic and causing chaos. He is the best coach I have ever been around.”

    Shenanigans! I call shenanigans!!!

    No way in hell. Oh wait, Winslow was coached by the Browns.

    Better than your daddy Kelen??? Come on son!

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    RahDom the Klansman. It is becoming apparent that Coach Morris is a GREAT Coach, as I’ve said for Six Months . We all know you will never accept him, because you are a pathetic racist, and Hate Black People. You are a disgrace to this site, and to Buc Fans everywhere. You shouldn’t be allowed to speak in public forums, and should be treated as deseased. You need metal treatment, to correct your abnormalities. Not allowed to spred your contamination among intelligent people. Perhaps your real name and adress should be posted, so your views could be discussed in person!

  7. safety Says:

    Raheem is awesome.
    The team loves him, and they are building something good here. They look to him for leadership, and he gives it to them.
    Winslow wouldn’t say he’s the best if he didn’t think so.

  8. Trguy12 Says:

    Obviously Rahdom can’t see through the little eyeholes in his white hood. Do they even have TV’s at the cross burnings Rahdom?
    I like what we are seeing from the head coach…especially on the defensive side.
    Raheem has always been held in high esteem by the players he’s coached as well…great indication..

  9. TrueBlue Says:

    It’s obvious the team likes Morris’ coaching. They are excited and making plays. Sure they’re young and must go through a learning curve, but their opinion is worth something being they are on the front line. Unlike some haters that post here, these guys have the personal experience to be worth listening to.

  10. Jonny Says:

    When the players love their coach and the team looks to be fighting hard for him, you cannot ask for anything more.

  11. CharlieB Says:

    I’m more concerned about Winslow saying “[Mike Williams] will be fine.” It concerns me that he felt like he needed to qualify that he has a lot of work habits he needs to break. Isn’t that how Clayton got behind? He had all that first year success so he slacked in the following offseason.

  12. MOBucs Says:

    The entire team loves Rah and we are playing good football with him as head coach. Any real fan of the Bucs should be stoked. Real tough game this weekend, but if our offense can play mistake-free football, we have a real chance at going 3-0 into the bye. Go Bucs!

  13. McBuc Says:

    CharlieB…Not what I got at all…and Clayton always had a great work ethic. He is talking about the normal progression from college to the pros, more or less he is no longer the fastest best player on the field, like he was in many of his other games. Also, probably not to take things personla, since it is now a job. I would not read too much into it.

  14. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I must have missed something. I read RahDomDaBest’s comment and didn’t see anything racist in them. In fact, I really didn’t see anything of substance at all.

    As to Raheem…I think he’s a pretty good coach. Not the best in the laegue, but he’s learning and getting better. And everytime he learns a lesson, he adjusts to it. Can’t beat that.

  15. Patrick Says:

    Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and say Raheem is Vince Lombardi already. I’ll say he’s doing a good job so far, but it’s only 2 games and we still have 14 to go. He still has a lot to prove, but I like what I’m seeing so far.

    I wish the best for Raheem Morris and believe me, I want him to succeed. But he has a long way to go to make up for all the screw ups and pathetic decisions he made last year.

    The first half of the Cleveland game was looking real ugly. We were looking just as bad as last year’s team, but Raheem made some good half time adjustments and we completely owned the Browns and Delhomme in the second half.

  16. Ash Says:

    You know I never understood the hate on Raheem even last year. Me and my circle of buc fans expected what we got last year so it was no big deal. You have a guy though talented and a up and comer was promoted to early into the position. What did you expect? You should have known there would be growing pains. There was only 2 things you could have judged Raheem on last year

    1) Was the team playing better at the end of the season then the begining? Yes

    2) Did he ever lose the locker room and did the players play hard for him? Yes

    If you expected anything else your not realistic. Raheem is the MAN!!!! Glad I have been a supporter the whole time. Sucks asking for spot back on the bandwagon

  17. Ash Says:


    Did he lose the locker room, NO and Yes they played hard for him. But you knew what I meant

  18. christopher Says:

    How were the decisions last year pathetic?

    1)None of the veterans released had any sort of impact in the NFL afterwards.

    2)McNown was unproven, & Freeman wasn’t ready, hence Leftwich. But Leftwich was so bad, he had to be replaced, & gained valuable experience for our long-term backup(Johnson), as well as frankly gained us a draft position to get the fulcrum of the new defense(McCoy).

    3)Jags called plays for Green Bay very successfully before a very good run @ BC. Who the hell was to know he would be so bad we had to ax him?

    4)Carolina was destroying us on the ground, Monte was gone, & it looked like the Tampa 2 was on the wane—hence the Bates/Tampa 2 hybrid. It didn’t work, but it was at least logical.

    & then we discovered maybe we’ve found very good coordinators(Olsen & Morris)& a very good QB. Last year, strange as it sounds, was a success in rebuilding a foundation…

  19. bucsrthebest Says:

    Ryan Clark on twitter: “Watched film on the Bucs. Cadillac’s running hard, Winslow is balling, & Freeman & his wr have good chemistry! I’m excited now! Challenge!”

  20. NegativeExpectations Says:

    Wow, last in spending again.

    The Glazers are eating the cake, going for seconds, and drinking a milkshake to boot on this one.

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Come on now. There is no denying that last year was a shambles. The only bright spots were the 3 wins and the draft class results. Anyone could make a huge list of the screwups from last year. You just cannot deny those without coming off as ignorant.

    That said, the GM and Coach have adjusted well, and made proper corrections. Learning on the fly seems to suit them both. I’m happy with the way things are going, but let’s not lie to ourselves about last year.

    Even the players have admitted things were a mess.

  22. Pete Dutcher Says:

    They own the team, they are allowed. Quit whining because someone makes more money than you, crybaby 😉

  23. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Well I guess I will list some things. Denying mistakes doesn’t get them fixed, and it doesn’t erase them either. This time last year, I could not stand Morris.

    1) From the start, he chose the wrong staff; both the DC & the OC eventually got fired.

    2) Under his watch, T-Jack got suspende

    3) Under his watch, Talib smacked a cabbie and eventually got suspended.

    4) He signed a horrible kicker and let go of a great kicker.

    5) He let go of a horrible kicker and signed a horrible kicker.

    6) He signed a decent kicker and let go of another horrible kicker.

    7) He tried to switch to a defensive scheme we didn’t have the talent for.

    8) He tried to switch to an offensive scheme we didn’t have the talent for.

    Need I go on? The simple truth is that last year, this team was an embarrassment, and THATs why it is so hard for it to sell tickets for the games. A lot of damage was done to the fanbase as a result, and it is going to take time to heal that rift.

    Right now, I’m one of Morris’ biggest supporters, but I’m not going to sit here and lie or rewrite history to make a point. Last year was bad.

    The way he recovered from those mistakes. Morris admits his mistakes and corrects them, unlike either Gruden or Dungy. Both of our previous coaches had their plans from the start and refused to adjust them.

    Morris DOES adjust…in his plan AND in games. How many times, in Dungy’s reign, for example, did we yell at the screen that the Bucs needed to adjust at halftime, only to see them come out and stick with their plan?

    And Gungy was a good coach, don’t get me wrong. The fans of Tampa owe him a lot. But great coaches adjust on the fly, and make the right calls when they do.

    That’s Morris.

    He’s not great yet, but he has the potential to be. Yes, he’ll make more mistakes along the way…everyone does…but how he recovers from those mistakes will determine his greatness.

    AND, ironically, this team is well on it’s way to becoming great…without spending huge amounts of money. Just like the Rays. There will come a time when the media will hold Tampa up as an example to how to build a long term winning team.

  24. RahDomDaBest Says:

    So now Raheem is better than Gruden AND Dungy?

    If that’s not a reach then I don’t know what is anymore with you tools.

  25. Ash Says:

    @ Pete

    I agree about the schemes changes and the DC /OC.

    All teams have players get in rouble. Its not Raheem’s fault that TJAX didnt show for a piss test. Gimme a break there. I guess its Rex Ryans fault that Braylon Edwards was driving at twice the legal limit also? These are grown men that make thier own choices.

    3 of your 7 other points are about the kicker.

  26. d-money Says:


    It also says the Redskins and Cowboys have the highest payroll. How have the Redskins high priced free agents worked out for them the last few years?

    How many SuperBowls have the cowboys been to lately? How have their free agents been working out for them?

    The amount of a teams Payroll has almost nothing to do with the product on the field.

  27. McBuc Says:

    d-money is on the money again!