Joe And Ines Sainz

September 17th, 2010

OK, Joe just can’t stay silent about this subject, even though it has nothing to do with the Bucs but it has something to do with the CITS.

By now, Joe assumes you may have read about the notorious Ines Sainz of TV Azteca, a Mexican sideline princess who last week got various members of the New York Jets aroused by her revealing attire.

Joe and Ms. Sainz’s paths crossed not quite two years ago, however brief. Sainz, a former Miss Universe contestant, seems to enjoy wearing jeans that appear to be spray painted on, and not-so modest tops.

Joe sees nothing wrong with this. She works in television which, Joe assumes most people know, is a visual medium. As the late Chicago Tribune columnist Mike Royko once wrote, “When I watch TV I don’t want to look at ugly. I see ugly every morning in the mirror.”

Is it fair that people that are not born with Sainz’s, um, features, can’t get a job on TV, no matter how qualified? No more or less fair than someone with a voice like a table saw can’t get a job on radio.

At any rate, at Super Bowl Media Day when the Steelers played the Cardinals, Joe was able to get a few shots of Sainz. She noticed Joe shooting pictures of her — hell, Joe stood right in front of her at one point shooting photos — and clearly she could care less and actually seemed bored by it. Joe was hardly the lone person getting pictures of her, there were hundreds of photographers on hand doing the same, not to mention the members of both Super Bowl teams ogling over her.

Joe even framed a photo to make sure she was in the background, which is a critical element in photography.

Sainz was working on such hard-hitting journalism, such as measuring players’ biceps.

Joe’s going to take a stab and suggest Sainz doesn’t know the difference between a down marker and a field goal post. That’s not her gig; that’s not what she does. She’s not Erin Andrews, who actually works at her craft and knows the sport of football, in addition to being a magnet for men’s eyes.

Sainz’s craft is getting reactions. She does this quite well.

In another picture, featuring Sainz’s most noted feature, you will see a dork in sunglasses and a cheesy goatee in the background. This guy was her producer and he went after Joe seconds after the photo was shot, nearly threw a punch at Joe for taking a photo of Sainz’s famous, um, feature.

Joe basically told the guy to shut the hell up and if Sainz didn’t want a photo of her, eerr, asset taken, she wouldn’t be wearing a second skin disguised as jeans.

Having got what Joe wanted (photos), Joe walked away, pleased with himself, laughing at Sainz’s producer for being so naive, having the gall to try to protect a swimsuit model from dudes with cameras.

Now if Sainz actually did her homework and really knew about football and asked intelligent questions about football, somehow Joe doesn’t think we’d be hearing anything about her and the Jets.

But Sainz played the part of a provocateur — beautifully, Joe might add — and the Jets played along, as if it was scripted.

This whole episode is no more complex than that.

29 Responses to “Joe And Ines Sainz”

  1. NegativeExpectations Says:

    What took JoeBucsPervert so long to post this story? Scared?

    I saw Steve White had a good write-up about this the other day. He had a real nice close up of it.

    Is Steve cleared to redistribute thosr pictures?

  2. Sebring Smitty Says:

    Did I see toe ??

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, I remember all of this well, and you did an excellent job of covering her during the Superbowl Week. She was a highlight on JBF, and the ASSet shot was the epitome of Hard Hitting Journalism. Peter King eat your heart out.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    @Sebring – ROTFLMAO

  5. Joe Says:

    What took JoeBucsPervert so long to post this story? Scared?

    I saw Steve White had a good write-up about this the other day. He had a real nice close up of it.

    Is Steve cleared to redistribute thosr pictures?

    Joe was hardly scared!

    This isn’t a Bucs-specific issue so Joe held back. But Joe received several requests to feature Ms. Sainz, some of which came from the Bucs press corps.

    Of course Steve White is always welcome to use any of Joe’s photos!

  6. Flagg Says:

    “Sainz’s craft is getting reactions. She does this quite well.”

    Quoted for truth.


    “Sainz defended her appearance at the practice session, insisting she dressed modestly. “Jeans and a white button-up blouse [are] in no way inappropriate,” she tweeted, while posting a photo of her attire.

    Jeans so tight I can read her lips are not in any way, shape or form “modest.”

    Now, I’m not an expert in that strange field of biomathematicolology, but let’s see if I can put this together:

    Smoking hot girl
    + clothing to HEAVILY “accentuate” her assets
    + locker room full of men where men are being men
    = … completely rational and respectful behavior will ensue.

    Nope, doesn’t add up.

    By the way, when was the last time male reporters were allowed into women’s locker rooms where the women could be walking around all nekkid and the like? Just wondering.

    Again, I’m not an expert so I may be wrong, and this may be construed as blaming the victim, but at some point during this whole thing she or her handlers SHOULD have realized this WAS a possibility, and there WAS some blame on her part. It’d be easy to play the culture card here (and that likely does have some bearing), but still, if you’re putting yourself in this sort of situation it’s your job to act in such a manner as to elicit the reaction you hope to receive from the environment into which you’re entering, not the other way around.

    Then again, maybe she DID elicit the very response which she sought, just at a higher level than she’d anticipated.

  7. Joe Says:

    Thanks Flagg!

  8. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Her jeans are so tight that if she farted, she will blow her boots off. She just don’t do it for me, not my type. Give me Jenny Dell any day of the week.

  9. Derf Says:

    Bogus crap…look why are ANY reporters allowed in the locker rooms in the first place? Men or Women – NO ONE should be allowed in the locker rooms – don’t they have media areas for interviews?

    You come into MY house and get surprised that I’m in the buff? Get read lady!

  10. Foghorn Leghorn Says:

    Boy, I say, boy she makes the sun rise earlier than it’s supposed to now! Makes me wanna head south of the border. I sure could brush up on my aztec history, among other things, ya hear?

  11. KFC! Says:

    She has one of the hottest ASSes i ever seen!

  12. Cannon Says:



  13. Joe Says:

    Boy, I say, boy she makes the sun rise earlier than it’s supposed to now! Makes me wanna head south of the border. I sure could brush up on my aztec history, among other things, ya hear?

    Good to see Coach Bowden’s still reading Joe!

  14. snook Says:

    I don’t get all of this. She wears those clothes because they look good on her body. Right? But people can’t look? Such hypocrisy. If you don’t want people looking at your ass, then don’t wear jeans that show it off. Her ass looks good. Being that SHE can’t see it without a mirror, then who’s supposed to be looking at it?

  15. Sgt Mike Says:

    FLAGG made a very good point. When was the last time you saw men reporters in the female locker room of any team or activity where they may have been naked? The last female locker room we saw were some Eagles or Jets (one of the green teams) cheerleaders and that was a sneak peek interview. Don’t imagine the response would have been any different had it been scheduled and announced. Double standard plus let’s just think about this. Most of these men are over six foot probably average 6″5 or so given they are proportional and the fact that they are all jacked up on testosterone from the game and quite a few have been the star there whole life with women all over them. Did she expect to not get a rise from the crowd? (Pun intended)

  16. oar Says:

    She got exactly the “rise” she was after, people talking about her for a week. She knew what would happen and I’m sure she wants to get in on and put her “tramp” stamp on the NY media market. I’m sure she wants a job here in the states.

  17. Posey99 Says:

    #1. If she considers herself a proffesional, then she needs to dress like one. Clothes that revealing in any proffesional work place would not be tolerated. #2 Women, do not, under any circumastances, belong in a mens locker room- equal opportunity or not. If its creating a problem then the NFL should give a alotted amount of time for the players to dress and what not before they are interviewed by reporters. I think its inappropriate to take video interview of these guys half naked anyway- How would these go over if there was men reporters in say a WNBA locker room? betcha they aint allowed in there why the ladies are changing! double standards if ya ask me.

  18. Dave Says:

    I posted this on another site: She is all about attention, not football. She is not a real reporter. Story over.

  19. oar Says:

    Posey99 and Dave, Bingo! I agree!

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    You ignore these guys Ines,honey! I love ta see you at your WORST behavior! Lend me some sugar, Girl, I AM your American neighbor!!! And let the Capt. Welcome you WARMLY to the neighborhood! And it’s always all good in the Capt.’s neighborhood. Let the haters hate! Just remember ta let da lovers love! I am suddenly a big fan of Mexican TV!

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    And, I don’t know if I should say this, buuut, I’m starting ta worry about you guys . . . You look at a picture of that ass, and start bashing the poor girl!! Wow . . That wasn’t at all what I starting thing about ! ” I don’t think she’s a real sports reporter!” well, neither is Peter King- and I’d push him in a meat grinder jus ta get close ta Ines’s assists. You guys aren’t ALL starting ta turn gay, are ya?? Lol

  22. Posey99 Says:

    That reason for the bashing is because this girl is dressing like a slut, in a place she shouldnt be, And complaining about remarks made to her with the outcome surely a big check signed by the jets front office.

  23. Vince Says:

    The unimaginable things I would do with her assets are too numerous to count.

  24. oar Says:

    “I am suddenly a big fan of Mexican TV!” Careful, dem mexicans have a different word for everything! Plus, I’m not sure they have mexican mermaids!

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Posey99, what did ya stop for? Still waiting for ya ta get to thee problems. Ya still listing da good points!!!! DONT CRY INES! You keep being who you are ! F^*# you, NY JETS! F%}^* you, Jelous haters! You can bank your assists on my Boat anytime! I’m ALL about international relationships! AND southern hospitality! I volunteer to be our ambassador to start the new Mexican sugar trade!

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    I wouldn’t mind bashing her asset a time or two hundred.

  27. BuzzSaw Says:

    Just one comment: She never complained, in fact she said she wasn’t offended at all by the Jets’ players attention to her. This is another story that was generated by the “politically correct” male sports writers. To whom I say: Guys, get back to writing about sports or else get a job at TMZ.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Buzzsaw- -xactly!!! They should all lay off the girl. It’s obvious that that should be my job! Come here Ines, back it up, I’ll console ya! 🙂

  29. oar Says:

    Maybe those male reporters were trying to do real sports reporting, but all they got were a bunch of drooling players to interview and couldn’t. You really think this story is about her bitching about the cat calling?