Glazer Seems Unfazed By Blackout Backlash

September 25th, 2010

BryanglazerMuch like his head coach, Bryan Glazer seems very committed to his core beliefs.

On Thursday and Friday, Team Glazer took heat on the local sports radio airwaves, and from various national pundits, for not buying up what appeared to be only a few thousand available tickets to Sunday’s Steelers-Bucs game in order to avoid a local television blackout.

Also on Thursday, the Glazer family hosted a gala event to celebrate the opening of the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa. The Glazers gave more than $5 million for the project, which has been many years in the works and will become a destination attraction for the city.

Bryan Glazer shared some thoughts with Tampa Tribune NFL writer eye-RAH! Kaufman, who apparently attended the gala.

“People will look back and see the things we’ve done,’’ said Bryan Glazer. “I’m not worried about whether everyone likes me or doesn’t like me. We’re the team owners. We’re never going to be loved, but our family goes to bed thinking that we give back. We’re proud of what we do.’‘

Joe finds the “we’re never going to be loved” line from Glazer a little odd. Why not, Bryan? You can be loved. You probably would have been hugged and kissed all over town after the Super Bowl victory.

Regarding Sunday’s blackout, Joe’s going to wait until Monday before issuing a complete opinion after seeing how many tickets are actually sold for the game. There are a lot of unknown elements to this blackout story that Joe is working on clarifying.

It’s easy to say the Glazers should have gobbled up the remaining seats, but that may not have been the smartest move. From a business standpoint, it really depends on how they plan to handle future Bucs games that come close to being sold out.

For Joe, it’s easy to tell the Glazers to spend money on players, but buying up tickets, that’s another animal.

22 Responses to “Glazer Seems Unfazed By Blackout Backlash”

  1. Larry Says:

    I can’t fathom any business plan that alienates a fan base. Personally, I believe Tampa Bay has a rotten fan base (look at the Rays attendance) but I believe that the Glazer family are really rotten owners. Wouldn’t it be nice for DeBartolo to buy them out?

  2. goodfellajay Says:

    i never hated them…and i hate blackouts even tho its so ez to see the game online…but i have to say hes a a$$

  3. Kevin Says:

    Its the Economy stupid. (NFL) LOL, remember that line? I make a pretty good salary but I just dont have the cash this season due to my pension contributions and health insurance increase. When the economy comes back so will I. I am willing to bet 90% of the folks are in same boat (Pirate Ship)as me.

  4. FloridaGirl Says:

    Why should they buy the tickets? If the fans don’t want to crack their wallets for their own entertainment, why should the Glazers? There’s a lot of talk out there about how bad they are for not purchasing the tickets and allowing it to be shown on TV – they did that all last year and still no change. Yes the economy is bad, but it’s bad everywhere. You’ll spend more in a sports bar on beer and wings than a seat in the stands. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 5 years now, through good and bad. The stadium isn’t packed this year, but the fans that are there had the stadium full of energy last week and will this week too. Stop complaining, get off the couch, buy a ticket, and come watch some football.

  5. Joe Says:


    You’ll spend more in a sports bar on beer and wings than a seat in the stands.

    With all due respect, that’s wildly inaccurate. If someone is going to rack up $45 just on beer and wings, that’s a bar Joe would never go to.

    Also, said bar generally doesn’t charge $25 to park either.

    Now people not going to Rays games, a team arguably the best in baseball, for a fraction of what it costs to go to Bucs games, there’s an argument there. But dropping a car payment on a Bucs game is a different story.

    And no, the economy is not the same everywhere as it is here. That’s just flat wrong. Please check the unemployment figures.

  6. pete I Says:

    See I told you the ticket prices are just to high, even the Glazier’s can’t afford them! 😉

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Kevin amd Floridagirl are spot on. A LOT of people are either unemployed or making a lot less money than were. That isn’t the Glazer’s fault, nor is it the Fans fault. There is a bigger issue the NFL will have to deal with soon. Technology has reached a point where it is a near “real life” experience to watch from the comfort of your home- and that’s not even considering the emerging 3-D technology. Hot stadium seats vs comforts of home. That’s a tough one. I don’t blame the Glazers for not buying up all the tickets. They did that all last year. Can’t do it forever. I really think Bay area businesses are the missing element. Teams depend on corporate involvement and sponsorship. It’s not happening this year. With a 2-0 team, community corporations should ‘ve ralliying to the team. Supporting an NFL shouldn’t fall just on the fans and the owners shoulders. Big business sure takes advantage of having the team to shmoos their customers, and love to throw the Buc logo on their ads to draw our support! Time to pitch in with a Lil of the profits fellas!! Hard times- bay Area business is a great source of cash. And the PR for buying up tickets and preventing a blackout- that would get me shopping in their store!!

  8. goodfellajay Says:

    FloridaGirl ill say almost all the ppl on this site go to 1-2 games a year but its hard to go to every game plus its better on tv …my tix for game opener was over 300$ for 2 if i go to the game i want good tix..not the 40$ ones cant see that far so like i said your crazy

  9. Rican Says:

    Nice Take FloridaGirl.
    Goodfellas I think she’s referring to those people that complain yet do nothing for their situation.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Had 10 season tickets (6 mine) from ’90-2009. When those 6 tickets came to $6,000; that’s when I had to call it quits. These were 3rd level row u so it wasn’t like I had club seats. Just regular seats up high! Basically all seats now are $89. Plus tax; plus service charge; plus parking. This is without buying one single thing in the Stadium or Tailgating. The average season the last couple of years was running about $9,000.

  11. FloridaGirl Says:

    My tab last weekend at the Pressbox was around $50, so it’s not that outrageous, and there’s lots of parking for less than $25 Joe… does involve a walk, but that’s the way it is. I just think that there’s a lot of folks out there who have been so used to the games not being blacked out that they won’t spend their own money to buy a ticket and are just grousing about it. Stop complaining and go to the game

  12. Richie Says:

    Got my 10 year old son every weekend. Single dad. If we go to games, we buy them in advance so we can enjoy the whole day and get there early and have them warmup. …I did opening day for us for $145 with parking and 2 sodas and 2 beers and pretzels and a hot dog.

    Sorry but I can’t afford it on Sunday. We’ll do the next game, and this week I’m just going to be pissed off and bitter. Feel bad for my kid who loves everything Buccaneers.

  13. TicketMister Says:

    Ok, here you go.

    For a Rays Game:
    270, 155, 150, 115, 80, 60, 45, 35, outfield 24, upper deck 18 (these are truely nose bleeders too)…. plus convienent fees, and surcharges from ticket master.

    And that’s PER GAME. If you don’t live in St. Pete, then yes gas.

    Bucs games… all are expensive. Sit in the upper deck sun and you are still gonna drop a 100 bucks easy.

    Now people may have 150 lying around, but people also have a choice. Why spend 100+ dollars on an event if it will end in a few short hours? And you have to sit in the sun in Florida, at 1 pm baking… you are really walking around from 11 am – 1 to find your gate ,seat, the parking trip… you are basically in the hot sun all day. Then you watch the inexperienced coaches and product on the field.

    I think the Glazers are trying to prove a point. And that is soley to give them more bargaining power come the collective bargaining agreement.

  14. pete I Says:

    Those who don’t have NFL ticket or go to a pub will not be seeing any FB at 1PM on Sunday.

    WTSP seems to have announced that they will not put another game in the BO Bucs game. And Fox was not scheduled for a 1PM game.

    So no 1PM football sunday at all on regular TV.

    The Orlando CBS station will be showing the titans/giants game instead of the BO Bucs.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Why do so many fans whine about sitting in the Sun. It really isn’t that bad. If you want heat, go spend time in 29 Palms or overseas with our troops. Too many Americans are spoiled and want everything handed to them on a silver platter. It’s all in your head, mind over matter. There are things you can do as well. Where a hat, and get it wet in the Men’s room, or wear a wet t-shirt under your jersey, or a wet washrag under your hat, or a wet scarf. Don’t wear jeans. Wear Columbia PFG Shorts that stay dry and don’t chaff. I am truly amazed at the constant negative outlook on everything.

  16. JDouble Says:

    I hate the NFL for keeping this stupid blackout rule, not the Glazers.

  17. Joe Says:


    Would love to see you go to a Bucs game for less than $50, including (cheap) parking, ticket and concessions.

  18. Bucnjim Says:


    You really hit the nail on the head and probably didn’t even know it. When your ticket prices have hit a point where only the yuppy white collar crowds can afford to go; then that is what you get. Whining and complaining! Your blue collar fan or even a middle class family would be more than happy to sit in the sun and enjoy the game. They would be very appreciative of the experience as well.

  19. Ash Says:

    They mentioned how much they give to charity to Ira Kaufman? If you truly are charitable you dont talk about how much you do. That means they are doing it for the wrong reasons.

    Reminds me of the Curb your Enthusiasm episode, “Anonymous”

  20. Pete 422 Says:


    You dropped $50 at a sports bar? Good god, what did you eat/drink?

  21. tommy Says:

    its really not that bad, there are way many markets hit harder than tampa and still sell out!!! i truley love all of our true bucs fans we are few and far between, to many haters and not enough tru fans, those that are i will see you at the game!!! all you others that post on tbo and here under silly and creepy names…try this GET A LIFE

  22. Tiffany Says:

    Lovely how the Glazers seem to ignore the fact we are in a recession and many fans who have lost their jobs can’t afford to go to the games anymore. Brian Glazer isn’t “concerned” about the backlash because he is a greedy, selfish, unprincipled individual who doesn’t give a damn about the community, only about how much gold is in his own pockets.