Don’t Point A Finger At Cody Grimm

September 29th, 2010

Perhaps it’s “The Professor,” John Clayton’s Pittsburgh bias, but in this BSPN video, Clayton believes Cody Grimm has become a scapegoat for some in the Bucs’ loss to the Steelers Sunday.

One Response to “Don’t Point A Finger At Cody Grimm”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Any secondary is going to be exposed w/o pressure or sacks on a QB. Batch had all day at times to hit his receivers. Cody Grimm was a linebacker, and at times it shows. His Instinct is to stop the run. Once he bites on the run, he simply lacks the speed to recover, the way a faster athlete would. Guaranteed, if Jackson was playing last Sunday for Tampa, things would have been different. You either pressure the QB with dominant athletes, or lacking them, crazy blitz packages designed to make up for your lack of dominant defensive linemen. I don’t see any Tampa defensive lineman being dominant, YET.
    But remember, it took Mario Williams of the Texans a few years to emerge ?
    Suh is showing signs of dominance already. So far, I see a Tampa defense obsessed with stopping the run, and forcing teams to pass. That’s all fine and good, IF you can stop them from passing ? Charlie Batch just showed the entire NFL the blueprint to kill Tampa! Raheem and Dominick better do something , and quick, especially Raheem if he wants to keep his job! It is clear he will not be around next year if we do not have a winning season. The Glazers are desperate to fill Tampa Stadium, and need a scapegoat. I just can’t see Tampa beating Cincy in Cincy, unless Blount just runs them over, and keeps their offense off the field. Not with this secondary, and D Line. I hope I am wrong…….