Cody Grimm Starts At Safety; Sabby Sits

September 23rd, 2010

It doesn’t get more official than this:

Bucs coach Raheem Morris officially named rookie Cody Grimm as the new Bucs starting safety as reported by the official Twitter account of the Bucs this afternoon.

Coach Morris just said rookie Cody Grimm will step in as the new starter at free safety.

Joe likes this move. Grimm showed in just a handful of preseason games to have more football instincts and savvy than Sabby has in two years.

And let’s not forget the dumb penalities Sabby has made not to mention the 19 missed tackles Sabby had last year, which led the NFL by a wide margin.

86 Responses to “Cody Grimm Starts At Safety; Sabby Sits”

  1. KJ Says:


  2. Dew Says:

    Wow. I’m surprised. But I hope he plays great. He has the pedigree. I like we’re building a young team. We could be building a dynasty for years. Go Bucs.

  3. Earl Says:

    I’m fine with it. Now get him ready and let’s go.

  4. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Excellent Choice.

    Good luck Cody.

  5. McBuc Says:

    Bring on the REEPER!

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Mistake. Lynch has more experience – good luck kid.

  7. Gatorbuc15 Says:


  8. Posey99 Says:

    thumbs up

  9. Matt Says:

    Look, I’m all for this over Sabby, but let’s not act like this isn’t still a HUGE risk for the rest of the season.

    Hoping for the best…

  10. KJ Says:

    Why is it automatically a “mistake” because Lynch has more experience? Maurice Stovall has more “experience” than Mike Williams… should he be starting instead?

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    The Grimm Reaper Cometh!! I think this is the right move!! Sabby is just more of the same- bad character, bad discipline, more headaches!! Grimm may not have superstar numbers, but we can count on him to work hard to help his team. Did Gruden/Allen draft ANYONE who isn’t a loser or a head case?? I say we cut ties to Retard jax and Sabby. Just finish flushing the toilet, and get it over with!!

  12. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Lynch has more experience at ST’s and should stay focused there…

    Grimm has going to really have to step up.

    Good luck Reaper. (No way do you get away from that nickname.)

  13. christopher Says:

    1)Staying true to your depth chart. I like it.
    2)Another fairly successful Domanik pick. I was confused when people were calling for his ouster so soon, as the “Jr GM” & all that…this is a guy who had a chance to learn from the successes & failures of the guys who built a Super Bowl winner(Dungy, McKay, Angelo, Ruskell, & somewhat Wyche). & if you saw the draft footage of Cody playing, he looked damn good in a major conference.
    3)Revisionist history is fun, or, “This is why Bruce Allen has only been allowed to actually pick the players for 2 years(in Tampa, of course).”
    —The thought was the Lions wanted our #4 overall plus our 2 2nds in the Calvin Johnson draft to move up to #2. We balked, because logically, 3 players can be better than one.
    But then you spend your picks on a soft, “ok” pass rusher, R.I.P.(subtitled, “Don’t let your old defensive coordinator make your pick for you.” The last time an assistant was so high on a pick, we had Chris Foerster “choose” Kenyatta Walker)…a college tackle/guard who gets Depressed when you move him to guard full-time…& an athlete(i.e., not a football player)with a name no star in the NFL would ever have(ha), who *possibly* due to subconscious pigmentation issues, you wanted to be John Lynch III.
    Calvin Johnson + Mike Williams. Yum.
    But then again, why do that, when you have a 6-4 “he could play safety if we wanted”/blocking tight end you drafted in the 1st round a couple years prior.
    I didn’t like the Clayton Or McFarland picks when they happened(I wanted D.J. Williams(MLB!)& Jevon Kearse)…so, um, no more 1st rounders from LSU, yes? See, Dominik can learn from this! ;o)

  14. nick Says:

    Wow! He better play like Bob Sanders. Does he have the size to stick his nose in the box and stuff the run?

  15. McBuc Says:

    Chrisdtopher…You are smarter than me, I liked both picks at the time. Based on ther college play they seemed solid, and at times were in the NFL. I really like the last two years of picks though, and maybe I have learned as well.

  16. Amar Says:

    Good job Coach!!!

    Grimm=The Sammy Stroughter of 2010!

  17. Joe Says:


    Exactly. Experience does not equate better play.

    Speaks volumes that a rookie seventh round pick gets the nod over a not-so-savvy Sabby, doesn’t it?

  18. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Welcome to the NFL. I like it. Good luck Grimm. Batch is going to running away from our defense all day long.

  19. bucfanjeff Says:

    I hope it works out ok and Grimm did “ok” in the preseason. There were many times he took bad angles. I hope he works out, but he’s a 7th round pick for a reason and is on the small side.

    @KJ, Mike Williams has “it” to go along with the obvious physical traits and talents. A 1st round talent that fell. Grimm is not even on the same level of discussion.

  20. d-money Says:

    We don’t need him to be the next John Lynch just as long as he’s not the next Sabby.

    I’ll be happy if he just makes solid tackles and smart decisions.

  21. Spirit of '76 Says:

    Best of luck to Mr. Grimm. And yes instincts wine over athleticism. And don’t worry him sticking his nose in to stop the run, he was a former LB.

    @ Christopher – very good post. Cleaning house of all the horrible draft choices of the last regime and building thru the drafts. i like what we are doing and where we are going. We might not have a winning record this year but the progress over last year is quite noticeable.

  22. Jamie Says:

    I think it’s a good move, but I shudder to think what will happen if anyone sends a tall receiver deep. I mean, 5’11 200 lb Cody Grimm vs someone like 6’4 230 Marques Colston? That’s a catch every time…

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    Could we be so lucky as to have Cody Grimm develop into a great starting free safety? That would just amaze me! No more issues with retard jax pothead ways, and a young talented guy cementing the seconday!! The one good thing is that Tard hasn’t played that well this year- probably cause he was stoned- will lessen his loss!

  24. Posey99 Says:

    4th fastest among all LB’s

  25. Joe Says:

    We don’t need him to be the next John Lynch just as long as he’s not the next Sabby.

    I’ll be happy if he just makes solid tackles and smart decisions.

    Post of the day!

  26. bucfanjeff Says:

    @Jamie – Exactly. Though they have Grimm listed at 6’1″ – that’s a stretch.

  27. d-money Says:


    I see where you’re coming from but Tanard Is only an inch taller. Ronde Barber is an inch shorter and 15 lbs lighter and he’s done pretty well over the years against those big receivers.

    I think his size won’t be a huge problem so long as he is in position and takes the proper angles on tackles.

  28. d-money Says:

    Woohooo post of the day!!!

    Now what do I win?

  29. lakeland bob Says:

    Cool video Posey-kid has some game.

  30. christopher Says:

    McBuc…I dunno about “smarter”…I just saw Kearse play @ Florida a ton, & even though his career petered out after he got the big money with the Eagles, I thought he was an athlete/player you just don’t pass on. Imagine him in a system(Tampa)where it was based on speed & not holding your ground & getting pounded on.
    Clayton just always seemed(before that draft)in that “Rod Gardner/Rashaun Woods” school of 1st round, big, not-that-fast WRs who are just damn uninspiring. Everyone was looking for Jerry Rice, but Rice had absolute football speed…he wasn’t some semi-lumbering 200+ lb guy.
    & like someone said—if Dominik can keep hitting on 60-70% of his picks, we can clear out the Gruden/Allen chafe damn quick. It’d take us 4-5 drafts to get what Dominik seems to get in 2.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    D-Money- a Retard Jackson jersey, and the never ending respect of your Fellow JoeBuc posters!! 🙂

  32. KJ Says:

    @ bucfanjeff… Well how did Tanard’s career start? Oh that’s right, they started him as a rookie. A 4th round pick out of Syracuse. Totally under the radar, no “it” factor, no experience. but they started him and he blossomed into a hell of a player on the field. I’m not saying Grimm will be great, or even good, I’m saying that just because he has no experience doesn’t mean he’s a bad choice. Sabby stinks. We know that. We don’t know about Grimm. Give him a chance to start as a rookie like Tanard got. Not a mistake starting Grimm AT ALL.

  33. Nick2 Says:

    I would rather see Lynch as I looked over Grimms career and as we all know it was as a linebacker. I think he will help on the run but he had very few interceptions in his career. Thats what i liked about Lynch in the preseason was that he made huge splash plays. Now one thing that I could not believe about Grimm- He forced 3 fumbles in the 1st four plays against N C State I think in his junior year. That was an NCAA record and I can’t even believe that happened. So…. I support this move and pray that Cody delivers!! Bring on the REEPER!!!!!

  34. Aldo Says:

    i dont get it, oficial page have grimm listed as 6-0 200lbs, its kinda same chit that pot dumber jackson, and no matter if he played in just preseason, he looks smart, well field position, tackling ok, and after all if raheem took biggers last year and is showin us why, well he know why he take grimm, good luck cody

  35. JDouble Says:

    I’ll give Raheem props for continuing to move on from the past. I’m sure Sabby felt like the safer pick, but going back to Sabby would seem to be a step in the wrong direction.

    With that said, I don’t like this move. It’s not that I don’t like grimm, I very much do. I just think this is the wrong move for a few reasons reasons.

    One. Not only is he a rookie, but he was a LB in college. He isn’t even as experienced as rookie safeties that actually played safety in college.

    Two. He shouldn’t even be a FS. He should be a SS. While SS cover mostly TEs and come up to stop the run, which would fit Grimm as he is a short sticky ex-LB…FS are like CBs, just slightly bigger usually and better tacklers. They have to be able to run with WRs and excell in coverage. I think this is an example of cramming a square peg in a round hole.

    I’m just afraid Grimm is going to suck as FS and then we’ll move on to Lynch or Sabby, and that will be the last we hear of Grimm. Which is a shame because I think he could be a very reliable starting SS for us eventually.

  36. Nick2 Says:

    JDouble one more thing I did read about him was that he ran a 4.48 40 at the combine which is pretty decent speed but I hear ya about the safety experience I would rather see him at SS too.

  37. McBuc Says:

    Christopher…Good point! I was not looking at who we did not draft, but at who we did draft. I think you are right that everyone wqas after the big WR looking for the next Rice, and I am not sure if there will ever be another Rice.

  38. JDouble Says:

    He ran a 4.64 which was 4th best for LBs, but pretty slow for a safety. That’s why I think he’d be better covering TEs and RBs as a SS. I think he’ll get burnt by WRs.

    Also…If I hear one more person say he is too small I’m gonna freak out. He was to small to play LINEBACKER in the NFL, but at 5’11” 210lbs he is the prototypical size of NFL safeties.

  39. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Raheem’s bread and butter is coaching the secondary, who am I to question him…..he obviously knows and has seen something in Grimm.

    I heard somebody post something about defending a 6’4 receiver, it won’t matter if they are pulling his shoulder pads or helmet out of the guys rib cage.

  40. JDouble Says:

    I think 40 times are pretty useless to be honest. He has good instincts and his reaction time is lightning fast. That gives him good football speed. Only time 40 times matter is when he’s asked to keep up with a WR thats running a streak route deep. That’s where I think he’ll be in trouble as a FS.

    He does have some speed though. Check this out…

  41. McBuc Says:

    Jdouble said…

    “Also…If I hear one more person say he is too small I’m gonna freak out. He was to small to play LINEBACKER in the NFL, but at 5′11″ 210lbs he is the prototypical size of NFL safeties.”

    Amen brother!

  42. JDouble Says:

    Covering 6’4 guys doesn’t seem to be a problem for Ed Reed (5’11” 200lbs) or Polamalu (5’10” 207lbs) They are the best in the biz and both under six foot tall, so Grimm’s size really is a non issue.

    Speed on the other hand…well we’ll find out soon enough.

  43. booty traps Says:


    Agreed! Just play well. just play better then sabby.

  44. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    I am just happy Sabby isn’t starting so you clowns don’t put Raheem’s failures on Sabby.

    Wheew… Raheem doesn’t have a scapegoat now.

  45. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I agree with most of what you said, except that Grimm is another successful draft pick. Simply put, it is too early to make that claim. Let’s actually see him succeed first.

    Grimm is listed at 6’1″…but John Lynch was listed as 6’2″

    I doubt a 1″ difference will mater that much.

    They started Tanard as a rookie, yes…due to injury, didn’t they? Wasn’t that the year half the team was falling to injury? Or am I mistaken?

    Very good points.

    I have to wonder if this choice was made with the pure intent of stopping the run, in which case it IS a good move…sort of. Personally I thought Lynch would be the better choice, but look at it this way…Lynch will have to earn a starting position, and that’s always a good thing.

    And, if Grimm does poorly, Lynch will have less pressure if he get’s the nod.

    Another thought is this: Getting Grimm experience as a starter could prepare him for SS, because Sean Jones won’t be there long term. In all likelihood, he’ll be injured at some point, and Lynch will need to step up…or Grimm could shift over and Lynch can start at FS.

    As far as Tanard…
    “I will tolerate you until I can replace you.”

    He’s toast asap

  46. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Javier n Wimauma
    You momma wears combat boots 😉

  47. McBuc Says:

    Javier, why do you keep saying that? No one blamed the entire season last year on Sabby. His stats do not lie, and you can look them up on several different sites. Not to mention if we wanted to blame one guy, we have 52 other players on the roster. Why do you keep posting the same stupid post over and over? Do you really think Sabby was a great safety last year? How about preseason, was he great? Please enlighten everyone on why Sabby should start?

  48. Dew Says:

    Don’t be surprised to see them sign Flip soon. They still haven’t replaced Tjack on the roster and Flip’s charges were dropped. He’s only 31 and a very good player.

  49. McBuc Says:

    Pete Dutcher breakin out the old school burns!

  50. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Flip’s charges were dropped, but he might still face suspension if he tries to return to the NFL.

  51. Pete Dutcher Says:

    hehehe 🙂

  52. JDouble Says:

    “Don’t be surprised to see them sign Flip soon. They still haven’t replaced Tjack on the roster and Flip’s charges were dropped. He’s only 31 and a very good player.”

    We already have four strong safeties on our roster, what we need is a free safety. Flip is a washed up strong safety with bones of glass. Raheem won’t be taking any steps backwards. Flip signing ain’t gonna happen.

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I stood right next to Grimm in street clothes before the Cleveland game (my daughter was getting autographs), and I swear I thought he was a ball boy. He looks like he’s about 17 years old, and considerably smaller than all the other players, with the exception of the kickers and backup QB’s ( I don’t think he’s 5’11”, and if he’s 210 then he must have heavy bones). Then I saw him play on the field and I realized that he plays like a man out there. All of a sudden he didn’t look so small. I think he’ll be fine. I’m sure he’ll be tested regularly and have his share of mistakes, but what rookie doesn’t?

  54. JDouble Says:

    The combine page, which you would think would be the most accurate, has him at 6’1″ 203lbs. Most other listings have him at 5’11” though. I think alot of people are thrown off by his face. He doesn’t look like he could grow facial hair to save his life and resembles a sophmore in highschool. Baby face means nothing though. He definetly plays football like a man.

  55. Miguel Grande Says:

    I don’t understand why a coach would favor a player he drafted over an existing player. Doesn’t make sense. Tanard Jackson was a good player, Just cause he was drafted under the Gruden regime doesn’t mean he was tainted. A good coach works with the tools that he has. Besides, neither Raheem or Chucky had complete control over the draft. Chucky didn’t choose Gaines Adams, it was shoved down his throat.

  56. KJ Says:

    Ummm no that was the year we won the divison actually.

  57. JDouble Says:

    Barry Church went undrafted…wish we would have picked him up.

  58. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    I am going to start Mendenhall againstthe Bucs sorry run defense this week. I can’t wait to score a lot of points in yardage and touchdowns!

    Go Mendenhall !!!

  59. passthebuc Says:

    Only time will tell

  60. bucsrthebest Says:

    @ JOE: Why haven’t the Bucs signed someone to the 53-man roster yet? (only have 52 right now)

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You’re a true fan! Just keep up the hatin’, it’s working out pretty good for us so far. Why don’t you tell me all your starters in fantasy, so I can proceed to do the exact opposite.

  62. christopher Says:

    KJ, you’re right. Tanard was a corner @ Syracuse, hence the 4th round grade, & Cody was a linebacker @ Va. Tech, hence the 7th round grade.

    Pete, you’re right…but i said “fairly successful” draft pick ;o) …the fact that he’s a starter does mean something…something a lot of high round picks can’t say right now(including Mr. Benn).

    The Tanard thing sucks, sure…but it’s only “devastating” if you’re a mentally weak team. Pittsburgh didn’t really seemed that phased losing Ben for 6 games(now 4), because Tomlin(& Cowher & Noll before)built up & maintained their confidence & mental strength…something Mr. Morris has taken from Dungy & Gruden, & added his own youthful flair. I think this is why they’re 2-0 when the whole thought they’d be 2-14…that’s why they beat the Saints last year, & won 3 of 4. Raheem is saying “Cody, Sabby, & Corey, you’re a part of the team…just the spotlight got turned on.”

    1 guy out of 22 starters. Do the math ;o)

  63. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    “Mr. Morris has taken from Dungy & Gruden, & added his own youthful flair.”


    That is probably the most underrated comment of the year.

    However, how did he take anything form Dungy if the guy never coached with him? Seriously.

    “Mr. Morris has taken from Gruden, & added his own youthful flair.”

    That’s a more accurate quote.

  64. Posey99 Says:

    That’s weird about the guy who posted the comment about being 6′ when the video I posted earlier in this thread from the NFL combine had him at 5′ 10 205lbs and a 4.6sec 40

  65. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hope he plays well. This should make his dad, Russ, very proud. I wonder if his brothers will fly down for the game. I bet they will. Let’s go Cody. It’s your time buddy.

    I also like Steve White’s idea of having Ronde play Safety, because Biggers can then play corner and Ronde knows the assignment from years of practice. Either way, I like giving someone other than Sabby a shot, although Sabby has played pretty well so far on Special Teams.

    Go Bucs!

  66. Capt.Tim Says:

    Javier is a psychic!! I was just think that this post needed the stupidest person around to post something totally Idiotic- just for comic relieve! Then “BAM” – there’s Javier posting-right on cue. Thanks Javier, we appreciate you taking time away from Blowing Zerointelligence’s kazoo long enough to post some really stupid stuff!! Thanks! We’ll be laughing at you for hours!

  67. christopher Says:

    Gee, Javier…maybe because he learned from Mike Tomlin, who learned from coach Dungy, as well as he’s running *Tony Dungy’s defense*! Facts before flippancy, my friend.

    & the thesis of the post was the winning tradition both teams have developed. Mike Tomlin never coached under Bill Cowher or Chuck Noll, but you can bet he’s upholding key components they developed, such as “Our starting QB is our…*shrug*…we’re the Steelers.”

    It was the #1 reason Dom & Rah were hired…they truly are the last vestiges of the only philosophy that’s ever won in Tampa Bay. Before you tore the whole thing down & give it to an established coach, the Glazers wanted one last shot at continuity.

  68. christopher Says:

    “Our starting QB is *out…”

  69. Nick2 Says:

    Javier if Sabby were starting you could start Mendenhall and expect a Hall of Fame type day with the bad angles the guy had. How do you coach a guy not to do that? Its basically intelligence and common sense which apparently Sabby does not have.

  70. JDouble Says:

    Cody Grimm
    Sammie Stroughter
    Earnest Graham
    Kareem Huggins
    EJ Biggers
    Michael Spurlock
    Donald Penn
    Stylez G White
    Elbert Mack
    and either Blount or Lumkin

    That’s 10 guys that were 7th round picks or undrafted that will be dressed and active this Sunday. Crazy huh?

  71. Capt.Tim Says:

    JDouble- wow,that is crazy! Bet we are the only team in the NFL with that distinction!

  72. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Wow. When you list it like that, it’s pretty impressive!

    And Morris/Dom are responsible for 4 of those.

    You had better explain what “thesis” means, otherwise Javier might have problems responding. That’s not a common word…and even those he often gets wrong.

    Of course, I always get “the” wrong (I always type “hte”)

  73. Jameson Says:

    “I don’t understand why a coach would favor a player he drafted over an existing player. Doesn’t make sense. Tanard Jackson was a good player, Just cause he was drafted under the Gruden regime doesn’t mean he was tainted.”

    Miguel… Tanard’s suspended. Did you miss that? He failed three drug tests… he may not be tainted, but his urine sure is.

  74. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Very impressive list JDouble. Lot’s of Tampa no names. I wonder if Pittsburgh has this number of free agents/low round draft picks ?

  75. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Actually, that list is a reflection of why we will slide on a 3 game losing streak starting Sunday. Pathetic.

    When all you have is 7th rounders to rely upon while your nit wit GM trades away 3rd rounders and 5th rounders while wasting a high sixth on a punter that doesn’t even make the practice squad… then you know you have f—-n issues.

    I wonder how long will it take for Peter King to flip flop back to the negative on the Bucs?

  76. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Javier you’re an idiot….someone call INS

  77. BigMacAttack Says:

    Javi, nothing is funnier than you calling someone a nitwit.

  78. dave Says:

    Very surprised it did not go to Lynch.

    No surprise that Sabby did not get it.

    Either it says they all are doing bad so why not go with the rookie OR……
    Grimm is doing very good and outplayed them since training camp and deserves the spot.

    Probably a little of both.

  79. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Actually, Javier, your comments are a reflection of why GM’s and coaches should not read fan blogs, because the stupidity might affect them. Can you actually with a straight face believe half the things you write? However, I have to admit I’m starting to enjoy your posts, because I love a good comedy show. And you know how they say we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you … This is not the case with you.

  80. Jameson Says:

    The only thing I can say negatively about this is that I’m mildly upset Dominik and Raheem didn’t immediately support Grimm as the new starter. The depth chart exists for a reason. What changed to make him worse than the spot he earned on the depth chart? But they made the right decision in the end, to go with the depth chart they had before. Now, we get to see how good Dominik really is… if Grimm fills in capably, is Dominik the best GM in the league?

  81. Patrick Says:

    Wow, Grimm is starting?!?!? Just great. Sure is nice how we have a promising start to the season and this happens. We go from pro bowl caliber T Jack to a 7th ROUND PICK being inserted into the starting lineup. What a joke. Chances are, Grimm will struggle and we’ll be getting burned downfield!

    THANKS A LOT T JACK FOR LETTING US DOWN!! Why don’t you go smoke some pot with Chris Simms now, ok?

  82. christopher Says:

    See Patrick, that’s what i’m talking about—this area(Tampa Bay)just goes to the “WOE!” card too quickly, too often. Again, 1 out of 22 players…we missed a player better than Tanard, Aqib, for a game…how’d that work out?

    Giants don’t have Phil Simms? Jeff Hostetler wins a Super Bowl.

    It will be fine…

  83. Capt.Tim Says:

    Javier-lmao- how does it feel to have half of Tampa laughing at you, calling you an idiot. Pretty bad, huh, especially since you know it’s true. You and your “special friend” zerointelligence have been rediculously wrong on every word you’ve posted since early summer! Well, at least you two simpletons have each other(yuck!)! I. Imagine there must be some sad Kazoo solos getting hummed around you two’s house. Well don’t blame me! I told you back in June that you both were gonna end up looking like total idiots, but you didn’t listen. Now- you’ve become the laughing stock of thousands!

  84. Capt.Tim Says:

    Patrick- since when did you get to be “us”. You weren’t feeling that way this summer!! It’s ok, alway room on the bandwagon’ lol

  85. Rican Says:

    lol @ Javier!! I retract all belief in you as a Buc fan. I would think most of us would feel that you arent.

  86. Capt.Tim Says:

    Remember- the steelers do not want to pass. They want to run! Grimm was a LB! Better run support than a stoned t jaxoff! Could be a good thing.