Veteran Free Agent Experience Now Heralded

August 25th, 2010

Boy, it’s confusing sometimes to be a Bucs fan.

The regime publicly cherishes youth yet now comes out and trumpets Keydrick Vincent’s 10-year resume as a massive intangible and among the reasons he’s the starter over Jeremy Zuttah at left guard.

Joe could understand if Raheem Morris just flat out said Zuttah (6-4, 308) is too small to be a starting guard in the NFL, or even too weak. But the head coach isn’t saying that about his 24-year-old, third-year man.

Here’s what the defensive mastermind/head coach had to say during his Tuesday news conference:

“I think Vincent provides us a more physical presence on that left side to run the football. What Zuttah did in this preseason, if you go back to watch tape now, is pretty good. You know he was locked on blocks, he’s sticking on blocks. It’s just the bigger man, that’s been in this league for 10 years,” Morris said.

“You know we’re not talking about a guy we picked up on free agency off the street. We’re talking about a guy who’s played in this league for 10 years, played under some great coaches, you know, from Hall of Famers and everything else.And been on football teams that have run the ball consistently well that he’s going to be able to give to us. And he’s going to be able to teach, you know, Zuttah something. You know Zuttah’s turn will come around again. Zuttah is a third-year player, I believe. Don’t kill me if I’m wrong. But he’s a third-year player that’s played a lot of football. Started a whole season last year. Started four games the year before. And really came in here and just given everything thing he’s got. He’s got a chance to still get better.”

So the head coach loves Vincent’s size, physicality, age and experience.

And now the rebuilding Bucs have a 24-year-old guard with 20 starts, who the head coach says looks good on film, gives his all and can still improve, with his butt on the bench in favor of a 32-year-old on his fifth team. How exactly will that help build a “lasting contender?”

Joe might have an easier time swallowing this if the head coach just came out and said Vincent looked much better in the preseason games and in practice and won the job.

For now, it feels like Vincent’s resume and measurements got him the job. Joe thought the Bucs and Mark Dominik weren’t rolling in that direction.

41 Responses to “Veteran Free Agent Experience Now Heralded”

  1. Larry Says:

    He isn’t going to throw the guy under the bus.
    Zutt did play pretty terribly.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Larry – He threw Sabby under the bus, so how could you say that? Last year, Raheem said he had to “fix” Sabby in the offseason, and there were other comments.

  3. Tampa2 Says:

    “…..We’re talking about a guy who’s played in this league for 10 years, played under some great coaches, you know, from Hall of Famers and everything else….”
    This just tells us just how far Vincent has fallen! Geez, from Great Coaches to Raheem the Dream.. poor guy!

    Yup, last year the excuse was everyone was too old and we are going with youth at every position! You never know what excuse or lie they will use to justify their moves.

  4. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    How come this sounds awfully familiar to a Nixon speech? It sounds like he’s trying to hide something from us, because some things aren’t adding up to well.

    “I am not a crook.”

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    The reality is Zuttah isn’t good enough for the Guard spot. Vincent provides a stop gap until next years draft.

  6. Travis Says:

    Joe, saying Sabby needed “fixed” is not throwing him under the bus. Its a true statement, Sabby needed of “fixed” another word that could be used inplace of “fix” is “coached” saying Sabby needed “coached” is not throwing him under the bus by any means.

    Larry is right on this one, Zuttah played like crap. McCoy has been throwing him around like a rag doll all training camp. Is that what we want McCoy getting used to? Throwing around weak guards? I don’t think so, because come gameday McCoy is going to be in for a rude awakening when hes no longer chucking guards around like children, and actually facing good guards.

  7. Joe Says:

    The reality is Zuttah isn’t good enough for the Guard spot. Vincent provides a stop gap until next years draft.

    Zuttah may be best on the right side of the ball. But there’s a logjam there.

  8. Larry Says:

    Piscatelli’s issues were more blatant. Blown coverages and long runs due to miss tackles, you can’t hide those. With OL, he can hide behind the veil of “good tape” and most will just look past it because most fans don’t watch or know how to judge OL.

    Like you said, Zuttah is young. If there were not any issues or if he was actually playing solid, do you think Vincent would have been brought in in the first place?

  9. eric Says:

    Free agents are fine under the plan, provided they are not very expensive and are marginal journeymen types.

    Really good FA or RFA players are totally out of the question! Fools Gold!

    That would ruin everything!

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    “Zuttah may be best on the right side of the ball. But there’s a logjam there.”
    Maybe, but in no way is he better than Davin Joseph.

    At this point, he’s better served as a backup. I do like his versatility and think he makes an excellent backup for just about any spot. Hopefully he can pick his game up a little more.

  11. Earl Says:

    I think you’re parsing his words too much. The emphasis is always to win now and Raheem is trying to do that. I think his explanation doesn’t make perfect sense because there is no way to hew to that plan with all 22 starters. This may simply be a compromise along the way to winning consistently. Maybe he should have said it that way.

  12. Lakeland Bob Says:

    First you guys complain we are not signing any free agents and now you’re complaining because they’re marginal players.How do you last 10 years as an offensive lineman in this league if you’re a marginal player?

  13. eric Says:

    Well, I think if the man had really distinguished himself he would still be a Raven, Steeler, Cardinal, or Panther.

    But if he plays well more power to him.

    Rah’s remarks make a lot more sense to me than normal.

  14. jvato24 Says:

    Zuttah seems to be better off at Backup Center and Guard for now .. Now at practice he can get reps at both and be ready if we need him later on which we probably will .. He gives the Bucs much better depth and allows the Bucs to possibly keep one less OL on the 53

  15. DRB Says:

    He’s the starter because we have a young qb and rookie recievers……..

    We need to run the crap out of the football to compete week in and week out…….

    Vincent can teach these guys(a line which regressed last year) about what it takes to run the ball consistantly……..

    He is clearly an earth mover, and more physical than Zuttah………

    We are back to the man on man blocking scheme, Vincent is better suited for that at this time than Zuttah……

  16. The D Says:

    Bottom line is that we need to protect Freeman, both with a good run game and pass protection. Dont know if KV is a better pass blocker than JZ but apparently hes a better run blocker, which is what we need. Especially since Freeman hurt his thumb.

  17. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “And now the rebuilding Bucs have a 24-year-old guard with 20 starts, who the head coach says looks good on film, gives his all and can still improve, with his butt on the bench in favor of a 32-year-old on his fifth team. How exactly will that help build a “lasting contender?”

    I’m siding with Joe on this one folks. If Vincent were 28, it’d be a different story, but it makes no sense to put in a 32 year old guy that will likely be injured before the 5th game.

    If Zuttah isn’t the answer, then fine…go out and get someone who is….that is a long term solution.

  18. eric Says:

    Perhaps Rah got a look at that 30K in attendance and figured he better try and win a game or two.

    I am quite certain the Glazer boys took note.

  19. McBuc Says:

    Pete D…I am not disagreeing with you or Joe, but I have not heard Vincent has an issue getting hurt. Did I miss something? Plenty of quality players play opn multiple teams. Free agency set that up, so Eric’s point does not hold water to me. I would like to see Zutt play and improve for the long term, but man I want to see the Bucs win some games as well. I beleive the run game will be key to that this year. At times you have to modify the long term plan to meet the short term goals. All and all wins with help these guys out.

  20. bob Says:

    so your not allowed to have a short term answer until then?

    theres just no winning with some of you morons. if they didnt sign vincent there would be very little depth at the OL. if you people could read between the lines, you would see that they are saying that zuttah is not apart of the long term goal here. but raheem (just like every other coach in the nfl) is not going to say that because we need him to keep his head up and provide much needed depth to this OL. and since hes not apart of the long term, coach will play the better player. some of you act like zuttah is good or that hes owed something. ?????

    seems to me like joe is just putting out another post to cater to his raheem haters. keep catering joe, keep catering. after all, it is a business

  21. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Bob, don’t be a moron (your word). Vincent was an awesome intelligent signing. However, Joe just doesn’t get how he’s a starter, key word starter. ..Hope he plays great. But him starting seems a bit off “the plan.”

  22. Lakeland Bob Says:

    I coughed up the cash this week.I cannot handle back to back blackouts.Listening to Gene and Dave just doesn’t cut it.Besides the deals you can get on tickets are amazing.

  23. eric Says:

    Rah should be careful.

    Remember “if you think short term ill think short term (meaning firing him), if you think longterm, Ill think longterm”.

    The build a dynasty/lasting contender plan is the Glazers. Rah just goes along with whatever they want – which is why he was hired in the first place-along with the manchild GM.

    He is an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill. To that extent, he’s in a hell of a mess not of his own making.

    Can’t blame him for a bit of desperation and starting Vincent.

  24. JimBuc Says:

    Joe is OBSESSED with Zuttah. LOL.

    Joe said:

    “For now, it feels like Vincent’s resume and measurements got him the job.”

    JOE: Zuttah got Vincent the job. THE BUCS WANTED ZUTTAH TO WIN. Open invitation to anyone on this board (including Joe): provide one good reason why the Bucs would NOT want Zuttah to win?? Of course the Bucs wanted Zuttah to win. Zuttah being beaten by Vincent means that another draft pick will have to go to the line.

    Joe said:

    “And now the rebuilding Bucs have a 24-year-old guard with 20 starts, who the head coach says looks good on film, gives his all AND CAN STILL IMPROVE . . .”

    JOE: How do you know that Zuttah “CAN STILL IMPROVE”? Doesn’t the fact that Vincent starts this season mean the opposite? In other words, doesn’t it mean that the Bucs view Zuttah as limited to being a utility player or a back-up or . . . wait for it . . . a CENTER? If not, then why would they bench him. At a minimum, can we all agree that the Bucs coaches are better situated than Joe to detemrine is Zuttah “CAN STILL IMPROVE”?

    Joe, your OBSESSION is impressive. Maybe Zuttah is actually Joe’s love child? Yeah. . that’s it . . that’s the ticket . . . that’s why Joe is so hurt that Zuttah is on the bench. (j/k Joe)

  25. radmin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – Sorry to burst your thunder, but it’s Raheem saying Zuttah can still improve. See the last sentence of his quote above. I’ve talked to you before about reading comprehension. 😉 …And no, I think, for some reason, the Bucs’ don’t want Zuttah to continue his development at left guard. Can’t give you a reason other than what the head coach is spewing above.

  26. bob Says:

    can someone please explain how filling 1 roster spot (of need) with a seasoned, proven, and cheap free agent is considered straying from “the plan”? am i in the twilight zone or something?

    thats a serious question !! i want somebody to answer that.

    try to keep a straight face

  27. bob Says:

    apparently zuttah IS owed something. cant keep that HUGE contract on the bench

  28. McBuc Says:

    I have to do what my boss tells me to as well.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Bob, totally agree with you. This whole topic is stupid. There is one reason and one reason only Vincent won the starting job, because he is better. If they think Zuttah is a stud in the making, he would be the starter. I don’t see why everyone isn’t thrilled that we are going with the better player, instead of the younger player. Yes we are under going a youth movement, but I’ve never heard them say older players can’t get playing time. Last I checked, Ronde Barber has been around for a while and he’s still a starter. Derrick Ward runs like a 40 year old running back and he’s still expected to get a lot of playing time.

    Like Larry said, he’s not going to throw anyone under the bus. Sorry Joe, but I totally disagree with you that he threw Sabby under the bus. If he called him a farm animal, that’s different. He just said he needed to fix some things. Anybody disagree with that statement? He didn’t say he sucked or had no chance of being a good player. He never blamed any losses on him, so I don’t get the basis for that argument. There’s a big difference between trying to motivate someone to make them better, and throwing them under the bus. Besides, if that comment hurts Sabby’s feelings (which I’m sure it didn’t), then he really isn’t cut out to be an NFL player.

  30. oar Says:

    JimBuc, You seem to be obsessed too! An obsession of this whole left guard thing. You left cause of it and you came back cause of it! Couldn’t handle the post being closed(thank goodness Joe can do that, cause it was getting OLD and still is!) and then couldn’t wait to get back to bust Joe’s balls about it. Now who is obessed?

  31. eric Says:

    We need more information about this Zuttah situation!

  32. oar Says:

    eric, What would really be interesting is, if there was a debate about him and his position? Nah, nobody would join in that one! What hell was I thinking?!

  33. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    More experience, better run blocker and stout.

    I see no issue as Zuttah playing backup guard and center.

    Actually makes more sense this way.

  34. JimBuc Says:

    Joe said:

    “And no, I think, for some reason, the Bucs’ don’t want Zuttah to continue his development at left guard.”

    Carefully crafted Joe. You may be right, the Bucs might not “want Zuttah to continue his development at left guard.” They might see him as a center. But, that is A LOT different than not wanting Zuttah to win the battle against Vincent. Can you think of any reason for that?

  35. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    No use analyzing what Rah does…..the guy is a moron and there is absolutely no method to his madness.

  36. JimBuc Says:

    oar — I have come back to comment on this issue because I am fascinated by Joe’s stance, which is nearly unique, not because I am obsessed with LG. Curious why Joe feels the way he does, if he really does. I could care less who plays LG.

  37. BamBamBuc Says:

    Has anyone stopped to consider that the Bucs might feel they can still continue to develop Zuttah at LG, RG, C (wherever) in practice and as a backup, meanwhile play Vincent as the starter with the better chance to win games? That’s sticking to the plan (youth movement, develop players), while playing the best man that gives us the best chance to win. Why does it always have to be one or the other? Why can’t it be both? They’re grooming Zuttah, in hopes of future returns from him, but playing Vincent in hopes of more wins now.

  38. McBuc Says:

    BamBam = BINGO!

  39. JimBuc Says:

    BamBam= BINGO (x2)!

  40. Irony Says:

    Joe its quite astonishing the man crush you have on Zuttah. Seems like you just need to accept that Zuttah IS going to back V up. Rah
    never threw anyone under the bus only Sabby when he publically took a shot at Rah. What makes you think he’s gonna blatantly say “sorry Zuttah sucks V is starting.” He is being his coach and instilling hope in him despite the demotion. Forget about Zuttah and your perception of ‘the plan’ because in the end it’s Rah’s and the FO’s plan and they can do whatever they want with it lol. Seems funny to me that people are acting as if the people carrying out the plan weren’t the very ones that CREATED it lol. And no, just because they are building through the draft and happen to share that with us doesn’t mean that they have to follow our perception of their own damn plan.

  41. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Its a good thing I had something else better to do today. Because this whole subject is a complete waste of time.

    Come to think of it, JimBuc is also a complete waste of time too. JimTroll I meant… still trying as hard as he can to suck Joe into the comment blocks.

    Newsflash Jimbuc, Joe gets paid for website hits by his advertisers. If he needs to boost hits by entertaining your obsession, then he will play the flame Joe card, through you. Sucka!