Training Camp: Day 2

August 1st, 2010
cheerleadersweaty photo by Kyra Hallett

It’s another day of hard labor for Joe at the steamy, sweaty confines of Bucs training camp this afternoon. 

Everybody’s sweating out there! Today’s lone practice session starts around 2:30 p.m.

If you’ve been living under a rock and just joining today, scroll down and read the absolute boatload of training camp news, notes and photos you’ve missed. There’s quite a bit.

20 Responses to “Training Camp: Day 2”

  1. Formerbuc Says:

    Thought this was a nice tribute done on my boy DB I ran across. Thought I’d share it. See what you guys think.

  2. Formerbuc Says:

    I wanted to post this for Eric. He had blogged about Dungy not needing and coaching experience as a rookie about a week ago, but i couldn’t find it at the time. Great clip, and it really conveys how we sometimes felt as a unit back in the day. Enjoy!

  3. Dew Says:

    Enjoyed both videos. Thanks. Headed back out to watch our men practice again today. I’m ready for some football and have my season tickets for the first time.

  4. eric Says:

    “I’ve always told people this: If it wouldn’t kill me, I’d take a bullet for him without even thinking about it.”

    “He’s consistent. It didn’t matter what it was or how the day was going or the lows we had in Tampa. When I first got to Tampa, we had 13 consecutive losing season and 12 were double-digit loss seasons, so when you talk about turning around something like that, you need a rock and that’s what he was every single day.”

    Mr. Sapp on Mr. Dungy, for which there was only one.

    Rah aint even close to his league. It’s laughable that anyone would say he is, or ever will be.

    Warren Sapp on Mr. Dungy.

  5. eric Says:

    Whoops, that commentary concerning Rah is mine, not Sapps. left a sentence dangling………..

  6. Formerbuc Says:

    You know eric, I posted the clip… not to say ‘I’m right and your wrong.” It was posted to convey from our previous blog that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s how you address those faults and make changes that define you as a person. True in everything in life bro. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the clip right away. . I can clearly see this concept went way over your head and you are simply looking for conflict at any cost.

    If your making the assumption that I think Raheem Morris ‘is the next Dungy’ , i’d invite you to go back and look at every post i’ve made on this site and show me where that was written. What I did say to you is “I don’t know if Raheem will be a good coach or not, and neither do you.” But you don’t understand that because you’re thinking in only black or white. Right or wrong, and the thought that there might be shades of grey doesn’t exist to you. Your posts suggest Dungy was Jesus himself, and he walks over the bay to get to the stadium every Sunday. Coach Dungy himself would tell you he is human, and basically did on several occasions to us in the locker room as he grew through the years as a coach.

    You have a clear prejudice toward Raheem, and are not open-minded enough to understand that you may in fact be wrong. That he may grow from his experiences and be a solid coach. I have no idea if he will, but hope that he does. Then prejudice people who post negativity about the current staff will be forced to change user names after all the things they say OR admit they may in fact be incorrect.

    Would you tell Raheem Morris to his face that he he a poor excuse for a coach? I seriously doubt it.

    (For the rest of you reading this post, let me preface by saying that I have the utmost respect for coach Dungy, and would never intend to throw him under the bus as some may want to believe. But he is no longer our coach, and the current staff at the very least, deserves to be given a chance to succeed. High coaching turnover usually equals losing, and if this team continues to improve, Morris, at the very least, deserves his chance. What I say is not’s merely my opinion. At least I’m man enough to admit that I could if fact be incorrect!)

  7. eric Says:

    Rah needs to rise or fall on his own. To use Tony as an example to say “all rookie coaches struggle” and pretend Tony did is just plain wrong.

    Tony Dungy’s first yeear and Raheems first year are by no means comparable.

    IMO it is because Tony came to the table experienced, ready to lead, and be the rock Warren described from day one. Last years total debacle was not the same thing, not by a long shot.

    Let Rah turn it around and THEN compare him to Dungy. At this point the comparison is rediculous.

  8. BamBamBuc Says:

    In the same sense that you can’t compare Morris to Dungy because he hasn’t “turned it around” (based on only one year), is the same reason you can’t say Morris is a bad coach yet. You can say he made mistakes, you can say Dom made mistakes, you can say the Glazers have made mistakes, even the players have made mistakes. But based on one years worth of work, you can’t say Morris will or will not be a good or bad head coach. If he turns it around, takes the team to the playoffs regularly, and possibly gets us to a Super Bowl (much less wins one)… I think it’s fair to compare him to any coach we’ve had. If he fails miserably, makes the same mistakes year in and year out, drags us down to double digit losses consistently, I also think it’s fair to compare him to any coach we’ve had and show how bad he is in comparison. But we’re talking about one year. Good or bad, he’s our coach, and we won’t know if he can grow into something special as a coach or not until he’s given time. Base it on his inability to communicate well in press conferences, on a losing record last year, or whatever…. he still hasn’t had enough time to say if he’ll be good or bad.

  9. eric Says:

    Ok BamBam fair enough.

    Here we are in year two, and we shall see how it goes.

  10. Formerbuc Says:

    Ain’t no ‘pretending’ goin on here eric. Tony went 6-10 in his first year, which is still a losing record btw. Sooooo..because he had three more wins, one can’t compare the two first seasons?? Tony didn’t struggle? What’re you smokin!? Coach had his share of struggles eric. Believe me, you don’t change a culture of losing attitudes overnight.

    But you may be right about the whole apples to oranges concept. Coach Dungy had three future HOFers with us before he got to Tampa. (potentially four b/c ‘TheDragon’ really deserves his due.) If Morris becomes something, he may have to do it by drafting his guys.

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    I would agree, FormerBuc. A double-digit losing season is a double-digit losing season. They both had them in their rookie season as head coaches. Dungy had more in place when he got here than Morris did. I know, I know…. go ahead and scream that Morris had AB and got rid of him. I will say that Morris inherited Talib, Jackson, Ruud as core defensive players. To compare, Dungy had Nickerson as his aged veteran leadership, Morris has Barber. The O-line was in place pretty much for Morris (no one could foresee the Sears issue). I think where this group has done more is they’ve worked both sides of the ball. They’ve added defensive help, while adding a “supposed” franchise QB, two potential starting WRs (as well as trade/FA moves to get K2, Ward and Brown). The Dungy era brought us Riedel Anthony, Jaquez Green and Shaun King. Loved’em all, they were Bucs, but they weren’t terribly productive. Let’s hope these new young guys can achieve higher marks in their careers. I’d be happy if a few were considered HOF material in 10 to 15 years…..

  12. eric Says:

    Dungy went 5-3 the second half of the season. Look at the team stats and you will see they improved in every statistical category from the previous year.

    Rah’s 2009 squad digressed in every statistical category.

    Lastly, the 1996 season was Tony Dungy’s only losing season in the NFl, in 13 years of coaching.

    If you think Rah is going to match that, check yourself into the insane asylum.

  13. eric Says:


    Who are you?

  14. Formerbuc Says:

    Like i’ve said from the start eric, Raheem has made his mistakes with his staff and learned from them. I don’t disagree there. My jury is still out on Morris in general, but i’m not going use close-minded ignorance and tell people I can foresee someone’s failing future without giving them a chance. I couldn’t have told you Coach Dungy would have stuck around at the beginning. Hinesight is always 20/20. But it prob. helped that Coach Dungy had three hall of famers on the team from the beginning don’t you think?

  15. Formerbuc Says:

    What’s hard to explain to people is, there’s no replacement for raw talent. You either have it on your team or you don’t. I worked my a$$ off on special teams to stick around, then eventually got injured and was pretty much done. But make no mistake, I wasn’t HOF material and I certainly wasn’t a game changer. Those guys are more rare than you think. We closed out the year because our D played collectively and made plays. Other than Aqib, what did Raheem start with? Won’t know til down the road, but short of Hayes, Penn, and Davin Joseph, he’s got a lot to draft for . No disrespect to the current group, but you start a race with four studs on your Defense it’s a lot easier to take the lead, no?

  16. eric Says:

    Are you saying that coach Dungy had no influence on developing those guys into Hall of Famers?

    I think each would beg to differ.

    And, as Mr. sapp pointed out, the bucs had not had a winning season in 13 years. The 2009 Bucs were coming off back to back winning seasons and were division champs in 05, 07.

    But, as you said, time will tell. I make mistakes all the time. I could be mistaken here. I’m surely no expert, merely a fan with a take.

    But seriously, who are you? I never heard a Tony Dungy player say such things about him. Every player I have heard say Tony was the guy who turned this thing around.

  17. Formerbuc Says:

    Say what things about Dungy eric? I’ve said nothing negative here. Candid maybe, not disrespectful.

  18. eric Says:


    Ok, not disrespectful. Just that i always hear glowing remarks about Tony, like those from Warren.

    Look sir, when it comes to the bucs i deal on an emotional level. I just go with what is in my gut. In my profession I have to be rational, on i am decidely irrational.

    Thats the fun of it! I simply state what I feel at any given moment.

    Every buc season since 1976 has been a gutwrenching experience for me.

    If Rah turns out good, hats off to him.

    Since you are a former player, i concede you have way more insight than me.

  19. Formerbuc Says:

    Sorry for the delay brotha. One of my kids was about to strangle the other and had to intervene.
    Tony was an awesome man! In fact, if I post to you who I am i’d have about 50 posts and tweets from former teammates saying “what did you mean by this” or “I know you didn’t say that”. Part of the reason I love Joe’s site is that it allows me to say things I might get censored on other sites like the newspapers, and allows me to speak candidly. I’m pretty opinionated at times and that can get me in trouble. (Especially with the wife.)
    All I mean to say is..just give Morris another year, that’s all. Way too early to judge. I think he’s on the right track, but one way or another we’ll know where he’s headed this year. I do believe Dominik knocked this draft out of the park this year though.
    Later my friend!
    Also, agreed with you wholeheartedly BamBam

  20. eric Says:

    Ok Mr. Formerbuc,

    I will give him another year and try to pry my mind open a bit. Try being the operative word!

    I got the same problem with my wife!

    Nice talking to you. Check in during the season with your thoughts, id like to see what you have to say.