“They Do Have To Play Well”

August 8th, 2010

As last night’s football carnival/practice kicked off, Mark Dominik was fielding fastball questions from Justin Pawlowski, of WDAE-AM 620, which had a live show airing from the event.

Joe will bring you various nuggets from Dominik over the next 36 hours. Some of them you do not want to miss.

Joe’s been a little down on the coming Bucs season because the team will be relying on so many rookies to perform. While it will be exciting to see what they can deliver, it doesn’t bode well for the W column.

Dominik ratcheted up the pressure when he told Pawlowski that Brian Price and Gerald McCoy must have success this year.

“They do have to play well,” Dominik said. “In his first practice, Price did wreak havoc. …And McCoy [in his first practice] in a [live drill] played with all three units,  McCoy went out and just dominated … and impressed the veterans.”

Joe can’t wait to see what these guys do when it counts.

It’s a disturbing reality, though, to hear the GM say two rookies (not one or the other) must to have strong seasons for the team to succeed.

Joe would be satisfied if McCoy or Price looks like a budding star this season.

18 Responses to ““They Do Have To Play Well””

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    McCoy says it doesn’t matter which one plays well, or who is better , they are both on the same team….

    Really a brilliant point of view , and don’t dare question it or he will call you stupid.

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    Radio…. McCoy was asked who is better, him or Price. His answer was “does it matter, we’re both on the same team”. What’s wrong with that? He’s not saying they both can’t be great (with one slightly better), just that it’s a team, and if one is better than the other, it’s not a bad thing, and it doesn’t matter which is better because they’re both fighting for the same thing… for the Bucs to win. You can question it all you want… and he can call you stupid if he wants… and in the end, one will probably be better than the other, and different fans will probably give different answers as to which is better, and there will be arguments about it and nobody will be exactly right. That’s why it’s stupid, it’s all subjective. That’s why he’d call you stupid, because you don’t understand that things are subjective to opinion and yours is not always right.

  3. eric Says:

    When Dom makes remarks like “wreak havoc” in reference to the first day of practice, I question whether he has the slightest idea what he is doing.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    No , bamabuc . He thinks it’s stupid, because he already cashed his 40 million, and put it in the bank. So , what’s it matter to him who’s better??

    To the Glazers though , who are paying his ridulously large salary , you damn well better believe it matters to them. He HAS to be better , to justify that salary and that draft pick. That is why I find his comment so humorous . He was being condescending , when actually he was the one being naive and stupid.

  5. McBuc Says:

    Radio, that is silly talk. First of all Bam Bam is right, and you misquoted McCoy changing the meaning of his quote. Also, it would not make for good teammates for one of them to publicly claim they are better than the other, regardless of money. I am sure if he came out and said he was better, you would trash him for being a bad lockerroom guy. And of course he is not going to say Price is better. He shook his head and said “who asks a question like that” or something along those lines. McCoy handled this fan well. You are just wanting to bitch about something.

  6. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    No he said , ” it doesn’t matter , we’re on the same team”.

    Any fool knows it does matter , because the NFL is a business.

    I don’t really care , I’m just making fun of McCoy’s naivity….if he doesn’t think it matters, let him see how long he sticks around if Price is better than him. They will shed his salary as fast as they can and move Price to Undertackle. Believe it.

  7. McBuc Says:

    He is saying it does not matter for him to answer such a question, it would make him come off arrogent. The part I was refewring to was after he said it does not matter they are on the same team. Way to pick and choose though.

  8. McBuc Says:

    In other words, if it matters or not a team player does not answer the question. Only guys like TO, Keyshawn, etc answer questions like that. He would have looked like an ass if he did not play it the way he did. Plenty of things are unspoken truths, I would expect anyone over the age of 17 to uinderstand that. The Bucs do not need guys that unbdermind the team, and you suggesting that he believes or does not believe anything based on his quote is Niave.

  9. BamBamBuc Says:

    Radio… he doesn’t “have” to be better. It is assumed he will be better, but it’s possible he’s not. There have been mistakes made in the first round of the draft before. Players thought to be the best at their position ended up not living up to those expectations. See Gaines Adams (RIP), Ryan Leaf, etc. It happens. I don’t think McCoy thinks he’s a bust, I doubt he thinks Price is better than him. But, he also probably doesn’t care if Price is better now, he (I’m sure) believes he will be the better of the two, no matter what people are saying, no matter who thinks what now. It’s a stupid question to ask. Of course he won’t say Price is better, he thinks he is. He can’t say he’s better, because that would make him look like a self-centered, egotistical, selfish guy instead of a team player. It’s a no win question for McCoy, so he said it’s stupid. I happen to agree with him.

  10. McBuc Says:

    Nicely put BamBam, I was trying to say the same thing, but you summed it up better.

  11. The D Says:

    It doesnt matter what this regime does. Even if they win a superbowl people like mushface will find something to complain about. To them, its better to be 9-7 every year than to rebuild and become a true contender.

  12. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    It is better to be 9-7 than 3-13 …yes that is true.

  13. The D Says:

    If youre 9-7 and miss the playoffs, you made it just as far as a team that went 3-13 and missed the playoffs. Only thing that matters is playoff wins and superbowls…..and not ones that happened 8 years ago.

  14. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Haters hate…

  15. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Radio Mushmouth just likes attention….lonely little guy

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree with Dominick.

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Poor mushy just can’t buy a friend! Now he’s got McCoy calling him stupid, it’s just all down hill for the Lil fellow! I feel bad for him. I hope somebody buys him a puppy or something! Lol

  18. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    McCoy called me stupid ??? That is news to me…